Easy Valve Replacement Set - Volcano

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This set is designed to replace the balloons and mouthpieces that were originally included with your EASY VALVE Starter Set. These balloons are made of food grade plastic, designed to be used with a vaporizer. To use this set of balloons, you will still need the full EASY VALVE system with EASY VALVE filling chamber. If you currently have the SOLID VALVE System, you need to purchase the SOLID VALVE Balloon Pack instead of these. If you do have the EASY VALVE System, you may also be interested in purchasing the XL Replacement Set which features balloons that are approximately 3 ft long! As intended by Storz and Bickel, these balloons are disposable and will require no cleaning. Each balloon should last approximately 1 to 2 months before needing replaced, depending on how frequently you use them.


  • VOLCANO Vaporizer with EASY VALVE System

Package Contents

  • 6 x Replacement balloons with EASY VALVE mouthpieces
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