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Utillian 420

The Utillian 420 features 4 pre-set temperatures, a digital display, and a glass mouthpiece to provide hands down the best budget vaporizer experience. It’s a perfect unit for beginners or for those looking for a cost-effective backup vaporizer.

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Performance Specs
  • 7.1
    Vapor Quality
    Vapor Quality
  • 7.3
    Manufacturing Quality
    Manufacturing Quality
  • 7.4
    Temperature Flexibility
    Temperature Flexibility
  • 9.1
  • 8.0
  • 6.7
    Battery Life
    Battery Life
  • 8.0
    Ease of Use
    Ease of Use
Overall Score 7.0
Technical Specs
  • Manufacturer
  • Origins
  • Battery Life
    1 hour
  • Heat time
    20 seconds
  • Heat style
  • Temperature
  • Compatibility
  • Warranty
    1 Year Hassle-Free with TVape
  • Versions
    01/2018 (Current)
  • Materials
    Anodized Aluminum Shell
    Ceramic Heating Chamber
    Glass Mouthpiece
  • Key Features
    Digital Display
    4 Pre-set temperatures

How to

How to
How to use

Let’s have a look at the Utillian 420. This unit is a value-based vaporizer from the Canadian-based manufacturer Utillian and offers a digital display, a glass mouthpiece, and a nice small shape for maximum portability.




Inside the box you’ll find:


-          The Utillian 420 Vaporizer

-          1 mouthpiece

-          1 USB cable

-          2 screens

-          1 cleaning brush

-          1 packing tool





The first thing you’ll want to do with the unit is sterilize it. To do this, press the power button on the side of the unit 5 times quickly to turn on the unit. Hold the power button for 2-3 seconds to cycle through temperatures and let go when reaching the highest temperature, which is 220 degrees Celsius. The Utillian 420 will automatically begin to heat, so let the unit sit and run through a full cycle.  After 5 minutes, the Utillian 420 will turn off to conserve battery life, so to re-engage the unit, press the power button 5 times quickly again and the unit will start heating again. Repeat this process 3 more times to complete the sterilization. This will get rid of any of the manufacturing oils which may have gotten inside the unit as a result of putting it together.


Get Started


Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to load your unit with freshly ground botanical.


To grind up your botanical we always recommend using the ZEUS bolt grinder. The bolt grinder has been calibrated to grind up your botanical to the perfect consistency for vaporization. This means it's fine enough to be properly vaporized inside of your unit, but not so fine it flies through the screens.


To load your unit, unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber. Using your ZEUS scoop, load freshly ground botanical into the heading chamber. Pack the herb down tightly, screw the mouthpiece back on and you are ready to vaporize! 





  1. The Utillian 420 vaporizer has 4 temperature settings as indicated by the LED displayed on the top of the unit, which can be cycled through by holding the button down until the next displayed temperature flashes. Release the button once you have selected your temperature, and the unit will begin heating to this setting. The four settings are 190°C, 200°C, 210°C, and 220°C; for best results, we recommend starting at 200°C and going higher if you want stronger vapor.



07 Features


To wrap this unit up, I’d like to tell you guys about some of the key features of the Utillian 420  which make it such a stellar unit.


The first is the Utillian 420's four temperature settings. This unit offers a range of temperatures designed to maximize your vaporization experience, and the one-button control makes it easy to cycle through the options


The second is the Utillian 420's ease of use. This unit features a simple one-button operation and a crisp LED display. It’s easy to load, clean, charge and its simple functionality makes it the perfect vaporizer for both beginners and true connoisseurs alike.


The third is the Utillian 420’s portability. It's a small and light device with great battery life and an inconspicuous look, and you can even put the glass mouthpiece in the bottom compartment for safe travel.


The Utillian 420 is an excellent unit for those looking for a convenient, high-value vaporizer which is easy to use and offers efficient, satisfying vapor time after time. 


Utilian 420 Cleaning Video


What’s up guys, this is Mike for TVape TV. Solid choice getting the Utillian 420! Let’s go over some quick cleaning tips to ensure you get tasty vapor with this unit, every time. First, we’ll go over the materials you’ll need, then we’ll get into cleaning and maintenance.


1)      Materials Needed


Before you start cleaning your Utillian 420, make sure you have:


-          The ZEUS Purify cleaning solution; diluted 40% with water

-          Fresh water

-          Paper towels

-          ZEUS grime sticks; and

-          ZEUS Bristle Pipe Cleaners



2)      Cleaning


The Utillian 420 is really easy to clean; all you need to do is care for the heating chamber and mouthpiece.


To clean the heating chamber, take a ZEUS grime stick, snap the top, let the alcohol drain to the bottom and swab the inside. To ensure no alcohol particles are left behind, after letting it sit for a few minutes, turn the unit on, set it to the highest heat setting and let it run through a couple heating cycles.


You can clean the mouthpiece by taking it apart and soaking all the pieces in a jar of your diluted ZEUS Purify Solution, for about half an hour. Then use the ZEUS bristle pipe cleaners to dislodge any remaining particles. Next, rinse and towel dry.


3)      Maintenance


For good care, we recommend you brush out your heating chamber after each use with a ZEUS bristle pipe cleaner. This’ll help get rid of any extra particles and prep your Utillian 420 for your next session. And that’s it!


We hope you enjoy your Utillian 420 and thanks for watching! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a shout. Cheers and as always, keep vapin’!






First vaporizer

Review by Brando

On 2018-07-05

Used a few other vaporizers, and decided to get one of my own. Being my first I didn’t want to break the bank, Teriffic value for a nice little vaporizer! Fast shipping!




Great Vape

Review by kaptainklingon

On 2018-05-08

My first vape and it works real good.I've never used a vaporizer before and after some looking around I thought I would try the Utillian 420. It's easy to use, great looking and fits my hand without being too noticeable. Great Vape!





Review by StargateSG1

On 2018-04-11

Purchased this Utillian 420 and within my first use, I knew we would get along just swimmingly. I'm new to this and this vape made all the difference. No coughing, No sore throat and I find the onset of the herb to come on a lot nicer than other means.. The guys/gals here at TVAPE did a great job at getting out my shipment very quickly. I ordered on Saturday and received my vape on Tuesday. Granted I'm local but, if that's not fast customer service, then I don't know what is. Thanks for everything TVAPE! I'll be ordering from you in the future. Cheers




First time vapor...luv this little machine!!!

Review by Isabel

On 2018-04-08

Highly recommended and being my first time using, did not know what to expect. luv it!!!!
Questions asked and answered by the makers very timely....I do thank you for that!




Works great

Review by Coryyp

On 2018-04-04

Just got my utillian 420 in the mail. Great price. Fast shipping. The ultrillan does the job that's for sure. I recommend this product for sure




The best quality and value

Review by Joseph HB.

On 2018-04-02

The 420 is definitely worth buying. Solid and stylish. Great features for the price. You won't be disappointed.




No Vape - Lots of dissappointment

Review by Trakum

On 2018-03-03

Well I'm quite disappointed in my first vape experience.

No matter the type of product I used, the quantity or the heat setting , I could not get any vapor

By the time I think I saw vapor the screen was clogged

Maybe I have a dud and everyone gets great clouds , I get nothing.

Will be returning it




Almost perfect!

Review by Tom

On 2018-03-01

To start off, I’m a total newbie. I started with normal blunts, then small bong to a dry herb pen that lit my stuff (non-vape)
The Utillian 420 was my first experience with vaping my favourite stuff.
The material quality was great, very easy to use and clean. While smoking, I felt it took a couple extra minutes to get to my peak relief point of feeling good, but it was also much more intense and lasted longer than I’ve experienced before, by about an additional hour. I do however have 1 complaint.
The Utillian 420 auto shuts off every 5 minutes or so, sometimes it feels sooner than 5. It cuts me off in the middle of a smoke session, and I have to turn it back on 1-2 additional times until I’m finished.

That aside, I totally love this unit. I’d happily buy it again and recommend it to my friends.




Amazing and very discrete

Review by 420 God

On 2018-02-13

I live on a university residence, and am able to use this on the daily, i find for the price that this is an amazing dry herb vape. Very discrete and heats up in an instant, only draw back is that you will have to clean out the screen every couple days, depending on use, not a big deal though, I love this thing.




Two thumbs up

Review by JC

On 2018-01-29

Customer service through the website was great prior to purchase.

Delivered to South Dakota in a reasonable amount of time.

Battery life is my one and only complaint. Maybe I'm spoiled by high end batteries in my other hobbies... I've never gotten more than 6 uses out of a charge. Even fewer if I take it riding or hiking in the winter.

Easily stowable, and at the price, I don't worry about taking it mountain biking.




Got it one day after ordering and it works prefect

Review by Alex

On 2017-12-29

Got it one day after ordering and it works prefect. Had help online and it was great. Awesome service. Wasn't expecting one day delivery even though I live within a few hours.




Can't beat the value

Review by Rustezeman

On 2017-12-22

Hits top heat setting in less than 30 seconds, provides a satisfying smooth vapor (almost as good as my primary unit, the tabletop Arizer Extreme Q). Stylish looking, feels durable in hand and is fairly discreet. I've used this unit for approximately 20 sessions and it's still going strong. A short session (2 consecutive on - auto off cycles) takes about 12% battery power. Only complaint is that the screen can get clogged quickly so it requires frequent changes (about every 8 sessions). For the regular price this is definitely tough to beat...On a promo price with no shipping (or pick up) this thing may be the absolute best bang for your vaporizer buck.




Great Beginner Vape!

Review by Jonny

On 2017-12-04

What an amazing vape! Digital screen and good vapour quality.




Makes me happy

Review by Lenorenny

On 2017-12-01

I've never owned my own vaporizer before but I have used one other one, I don't know what it was it was a pen style. I've used this one once it is amazing. It may not have all the features some of the more expensive ones have, but because I'm not really aware of them it doesn't bother me but it does amazing - good flavor, good heat, easy to use, and it came from Toronto to Saskatchewan in like 2 days, I got it before it was expected to be delivered. So happy with this company too.




Best budget dry herb vaporizer. You probably won't need anything else!

Review by Jirv0id

On 2017-10-30

First vape I've bought, package came quick, battery life is acceptable but be prepared to carry a portable charger if you plan on using it 6+ times for the full 5 minutes especially when it's cold outside but it charges very quick. Only downside is I tend to clog the mesh with ground herb and need to clean the screen half way though otherwise usage is perfect. Stirring isn't required but recommend. I run mine at 200C and it doesn't make me cough or burn my throat, 210C is quite hot though it does cause throat burn for me. I am 110% satisfied with my Utilian 420.




For the price you can't beat it

Review by RobertP

On 2017-10-28

I really like this vaporizer.
The Utillian is a small vaporizer that fits easily in you hand or pocket.
The LED display is very nice and the glass mouth piece is really nice to have.
The vape resistance is a little high but if you open the bottom cap, you get much better flow.
The vaporizer components are housed in an aluminum case.
IMO, build quality is very good.

A very good value.




Good first vaporizer, but mouthpiece came apart within a month

Review by GingerG

On 2017-10-22

So this is my first vaporizer, and I realize you get what you pay for, but I'm sad that after less than a month of owning it, the glass mouthpiece has come apart from it's stainless steel base that fits into the heatsink. It was obviously glued in there during manufacturing but I'm worried about gluing it myself and inhaling toxins. I am going to order a new one but am worried the same thing will happen again.

Otherwise, I love the portability and convenience. I don't have any other vaporizer to compare it to, but taste seems pretty good for the first several draws. I think it's a pretty good vaporizer for the price, but I'm worried about the design of the mouthpiece and if it will be worth replacing it. I will report back on how that goes.




Rest easy newbs...This vape is for you!

Review by micru

On 2017-09-14

I think that the 420 vape is the best overall. I bought my first vape (not Utillian) from a store several weeks ago. It was a complete dud from the box. I tried to send it back after the first day but the company and the store were not helpful. Basically, I had lost the money I needed to buy groceries.

Needless to say, I did more research and decided on the 420. First, as a single parent who cannot work due to illness, I needed something economical. I also needed something very user-friendly, durable, portable and discreet.

The Utilian fits the bill on all fronts. Not only that, but TVape has unparalleled customer service! You can chat online with an agent who will help you choose the right product and then rest easy in knowing that your order will arrive quickly and ready to use.

I got mine in a couple of days. Mine works great!

Thanks, TVape!




Really good vape for beginners

Review by arsh25

On 2017-09-11

I've had the Arizer Air and Pax 2, but I got this because both my vapes were with my brother and I needed a cheap vape in the meantime. I got the 420 and was really impressed by the strong and durable body of the vape. The vape quality is also very good. The only big difference between my Pax and the 420 are the features and that's it. If someone is looking for a first vape I would highly recommend this one.




My first vaporizer: Utillian 420

Review by Marlene

On 2017-08-05

I've never used a vaporizer before and after some looking around I thought I would try the
Utillian 420. It's easy to use, great looking and fits my hand without being too
noticeable. I would buy it again.
When I received the package the mouth piece was damaged. I sent an email to customer service and they sent me a new one within a few days.
This company stands by their products.




Super cheap

Review by Green Goblin

On 2017-06-15

I bought this as a backup Unit cos it is sooooo cheap.

Now I use it everyday cos it works great and is super durable.

I recommend this for anyone who is just getting into vaporizers or anyone who needs a cheap backup.

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