Bo Plus near a keyboard

Bo Plus

New-Age Vaping

Bo Plus near a keyboard

Bo Plus

New-Age Vaping

For the future-proof Connoisseur

French design, 1.5ml prefilled pods, 800mah battery, USB-C Charging, and auto-puff technology are just some of the ways the Bo Plus pushes vaping into the future.

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Exterior Finish

Anodized Aluminum

Heating Modes


Battery Capacity


Available Colours

Bo Plus Black
Bo Plus Champagne



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Hassle-Free, No Nonsense Vapor

No watts, no ohms, no learning curve, rich vapor is just a draw away.

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Critic Reviews

“I love the idea of pod vaporizers but wanted something with better battery so I wasn’t constantly charging it. The Bo Plus fit the bill perfectly, 800mah of power is more than enough for a day or 2 of vaping before I need to charge it, and with the USB-C charger topping the battery up is quick and painless.” - Richard L

“I made the jump to the Bo Plus immediately, I got tired of constantly changing coils, leaking juice, and figuring out wattages. The Bo Plus takes all that hassle away and leaves a very pure and simple vaping experience. Plus there are tons of flavors to try but my favorite flavors right now are from Jücee.” - Tom J

“Absolutely love this little guy, so much easier than my big mod to slip into a pocket for the night, plus you don’t look ridiculous using it. It’s simple, sleek and full of flavor. I tried the Jücee pods and they taste really great! Can’t wait to try more!” - Jeff S

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