Utillian 421 with stones

Utillian 421


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Utillian 421 with stones

Utillian 421


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For the Penny-Wise Connoisseur

Airflow control, 6 pre-set temperature, accurate battery readings, a glass mouthpiece and ceramic heating chamber are just some of the ways the Utillian 421 offers the best on a budget.

Black Utillian 421 vaporizer
Utillian 420 Vaporizer Colors


Exterior Finish

Anodized Aluminum

Temperature Settings

180°C | 190°C | 200°C | 210°C | 220°C | 230°C

Battery Capacity


Available Colours

black color swatch
silver color swatch
titanium color swatch
gunmetal color swatch





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Value Driven, Feature Packed

Giving users quality components, great features, and excellent vapor at a modest price.

Utillian 420 with high end silver watch

Customer Reviews

“The Utillian 421 was my first vaporizer and I have to say that I love it. Can’t believe this unit has a digital display and a glass mouthpiece for the price I paid. What a bargain.” - Bert Q

“Got the Pulsar APX and had that for a while, but really didn’t love all the plastic and silicone, then I found the 421, it has better heat settings, an actual digital display, and the glass mouthpiece that I have wanted. Very Happy.” - Randy M

“This is the perfect vaporizer to have as a backup in case my daily driver ever randomly kicks the bucket. Its also perfect for taking with me on trips when I’m worried about losing my more expensive unit. Vapor is pretty great, so I don’t mind taking it with me instead of my main.” - Josh T

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Utillian 421 on stone surface