Utillian 651 vaporizer

Utillian 651


Gold Utillian 651 vaporizer

Utillian 651


For the Slick Connoisseur

One button operable, 3 temperature settings, unique flask design and 3 hours of non-stop vaporizing are just a few way the Utillian 651 vaporizer oozes discreetness.

Black Utillian 651 vaporizer
Utillian 651 Vaporizer Colors


Exterior Finish

Anodized Aluminum

Temperature Settings

196°C l 204°C l 212°C

Battery Capacity

18650 Lithium Ion. 2150mAh

Available Colours

black color swatch
silver color swatch
gold color swatch




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Classic Look, Edgy Vaping

Giving you that added charm. Time to look mean and clean. OG style.

Utillian 651 during use

Customer Reviews

“Great value! I highly recommend this vape! Super easy to use!” - Endero

“This is my first ever vape, and I couldn't be more happy with my choice. Super discreet, easy to use, and does the job oh so well. Battery life is great.” - BeaverTweeter

“Definitely does the trick and looks real slick in gold! I would definitely recommend this vaporizer to any DJ that wants something discrete to have on them during their set.” - Grump

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