V2 Pro Series 7

V2 Pro Series 7

Crafty Cartridges

V2 Pro Series 7

V2 Pro Series 7

Crafty Cartridges

For the Well-Versed Connoisseur

Exceptional quality vapor, superb battery life and a swappable magnetic tank system are just a few ways the V2 Series 7 provides a flexible vapor experience.

v2 Pro Series 7 side view
V2 Pro Series 7 frontal picture


Exterior Finish

Anodized Aluminum

Temperature Settings

390F, 415F, 440F (Dry Herb Cartridge)

Battery Capacity

1800 mAh

Available Colours

V2 Pro Series 7 Black
V2 Pro Series 7 Blue
V2 Pro Series 7 Silver




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Extreme Versatility, Superior Quality

Load it, vape it, swap it, repeat. The V2 Pro Life.

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Critic Reviews

“I love that all I need is one unit for the day, just load your juice, herbs and maybe some wax and you’re set for a full day of fun" - Richard R

“Magnets! The way you swap these cartridges is awesome. I like variety when vaping and this allows me to have multiple flavours filled. If I want another flavor it’s just a quick switch to another tank.”- Mark H

“A one stop unit for e-juice and herb lovers alike. I bring it with me everywhere, battery life is great and it’s small enough to just toss it in my purse and go!.” - Tom D

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