Wooden Draw Stem - MFLB

Wooden Draw Stem - MFLB
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These wood stems are intended for use with the Magic Flight Launch Box. They are official Magic Flight products and are made using leftover materials from the construction of the vaporizers. The wooden stems are a very aesthetically pleasing upgrade, and they are also much more durable than the glass stem that is included with the vaporizer. To make things even better, the porous nature of the wood means that the stems are naturally resistant to the growth of bacteria and fungi. Furthermore, they add a pleasent taste to your vapor. Be aware that these stems are about 1 cm longer than the glass and acrylic stems, as the wood stems take slightly longer to cool your vapor. You can choose between Maple, Cherry, and Walnut to match the color of your vaporizer.


  • Magic Flight Launch Box

Package Contents

  • 1 x Wood stem
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