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ZEUS Iceborn™

69,99 CAD

Description du produit


Now Available! Limited Quantities!


L’Iceborn est un incontournable nouvel accessoire révolutionnaire pour vaporisateurs créé par les ingénieurs chez ZEUS basé sur les résultats d’un sondage de la clientèle. Grâce à ces données, ZEUS a été en mesure de résoudre le Dilemme de la Vaporisation en utilisant la glace afin d’améliorer considérablement la qualité de vapeur de votre appareil.

Toutes les tentatives faites au préalable visant à refroidir la vapeur pour éliminer la toux et l’irritation de la gorge causée par la chaleur de la vapeur avaient fait appel à des systèmes de filtration d’eau. La filtration d’eau est inférieure à la filtration par la glace pour 3 raisons : 1) les huiles essentielles sont diluées dans l’eau, les rendant inefficaces ; 2) les nuages sont moins denses ; et 3) ils sont brouillons, fragiles et demande beaucoup d’entretien.

L’Iceborn résout tous ces problèmes en offrant des bouffées plus fraîches, des nuages plus denses et une meilleure efficacité ; le tout dans un format sexy et compact qui peut être utilisé avec la majorité des vaporisateurs (veuillez consulter la liste complète ci-bas), simplement et facilement.

Compatibilité L’Iceborn est compatible avec tous les vaporisateurs possédant une pièce buccale d’un diamètre entre 6.5mm et 11mm (pratiquement tous les appareils pouvant être joints à un fouet). Ceci étant, il n’est pas compatible avec les vaporisateurs PUFFiT, PUFFiT X, V2 Pro 7 Series, V2 Pro 3 Series ou Prima, mais est compatible avec le :

    • Utillian 721
    • Utillian 420
    • ZEUS Thunder 2
    • Utillian 651
    • ZEUS Smite
    • ZEUS Smite +
    • Magic Flight Launch Box
    • Arizer Solo
    • Arizer Solo 2
    • Arizer Air
    • DaVinci
    • DaVinci Ascent
    • DaVinci IQ
    • Crafty
    • Mighty
    • V Tower
    • Da Buddha
    • Extreme Q
    • VapirRise
    • SSV
    • Plenty
    • Focusvape
    • Focusvape Tourist
    • Pulsar APX
    • Pulsar APX Wax
    • Kandypens Galaxy
    • Kandypens Gravity
    • Kandypens Elite
    • Boundless CFV
    • HAZE V3
    • Source ORB 4

Contenu de l’emballage

    • ZEUS Iceborn MD
    • Tube d’aluminium P
    • Tube d’aluminium M
    • Tube d’aluminium G
    • Tube d’aluminium XG
    • Rondelle pour tube inférieur
    • Rondelle pour tube supérieur
    • Rondelle pour couvercle
    • Petit fouet P
    • Petit fouet M
    • Long fouet
    • Pièce buccale

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

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Great pleasureAvis de Hillbilly
Took a bit but using crushed ice and small cubes does away with clogging and hooked up to plenty gives the painless clouds ahhh ahhh. (Posté le 15/04/2018)
Does what it says but expensiveAvis de Dank & Dabby
The Ice Born does what it's supposed to, that is cool the vapor, does not make big clouds as the marketing suggests. The quality is decent although totally not worth the asking price.
It is important to seat the rubber boots and metal tubes properly and not overfill the chamber with water as the blockages that some people have are then possible. Also helps to wait until the water is completely frozen before locking the lid on. We keep the hoses attached in the freezer for extra cooling. These Silicone hoses will attach to the units fittings easier after running under hot water. We use this product in conjunction with the Utillian 721 and Vapir Rise 2.0. It is however awkward trying to juggle everything with the portable. I don't regret buying it as it certainly helps with our dry throats but at $70 its just not good value. (Posté le 09/02/2018)
good idea but flawedAvis de winkie
This is a good idea. At first, I really liked it. However, after owning it for a while, it has become too frustrating. Too many times I get it out of the freezer and find it is clogged up.
Even if it is not clogged there are too many times it will plug up during use. It seems ice builds up in the rubber gaskets. I have to remove the lid and flick the ice out. Then ice builds up inside the metal tubes.
Lately I feel like I am constantly fighting with the device. It is a good idea but very badly executed. Even if I refill the ice after every use, it can clog up during first use, or during freezing. Even if I put it together clean and dry.
It got to the point where I simply use the device empty - no water, no ice. It still clogs up. I would have to clean and dry it after every use but I want to use it several times a day.
I will try a regular bong with ice cubes in it - that never clogs.
(Posté le 18/10/2017)
love the device but...Avis de Finicky Jim
for my throat irritations, this is God-sent....I just don't find it very convenient to use because of the time it takes to set it up but I would buy another one right away without hesitation if I lost or broke the one I have now (Posté le 17/10/2017)
Wicked Cool DrawAvis de Steph33
This is a game changer for me. No more taking Tylenol for my aching lungs and chest. The draw really is so cooled down especially straight out of the freezer!. When it has been out for 20 minutes or more the ice inside has melted a bit and moisture collects in the centre cup where the draw hole is. This will freeze when you put it back in the freezer and block the draw hole in the bottom rubber cup. When you finish your session remove the centre tube connected to your vape and blow hard through the whip. A spray of water escapes the centre hole until it is dry. Refreeze and it should be all clear for the next awesome session. Try it. It really seems to work and you won't have to melt and refill nearly as much. (Posté le 09/10/2017)
Very Efficient Avis de GillesR
TOTALLY DELIVERS ! Before, using my Solo almost unbearable, burning my throat and lungs. The IceBorn totally removes the sting and I can use Solo at "7" for the first time ever ! Why my low rating on convenience ? Well, because freezer is not included... Zeus, until you figure out a way to generate cold using battery, I suggest a double wall with insulation to extend use in between freezing. Thanks Zeus. (Posté le 30/08/2016)
Like all my Zues products love itAvis de Karen
To be honest only got it because Toronto Vape had a wild deal get the smite+ and iceborn for $169. I really wanted the smite+ and with the iceborn I was saving $20 and getting a new toy. So easy to use and really makes a much smoother draw. So happy I got it and even happier I found Toronto Vap (Posté le 21/07/2016)

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