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Hello and welcome to our review of the Boundles CF vaporizer by the up and coming vaporizer manufacturer Boundless Technologies. We had our first look at a Boundless Technologies unit with the Boundless CFX vaporizer which impressed us with its vapor quality but fell a bit short in the portability department. Today we will take a look at its little brother the Boundless CF which sacrifices the digital display for a more portable profile. So let’s dive right in and take a look.

Review: Boundless CF

How It Works

The Boundless CF is very straight forward, to load the unit swivel the mouthpiece 90 degrees to remove it and expose the heating chamber.  Next pack the chamber with your choice of herbs, for best results we suggest packing the chamber a little more than half way, for the best sessions we recommend packing the chamber full.

5 clicks on the power button turn the unit on and it will begin heating to the last set temperature. To change between temperatures just press the power button twice to cycle between the 5 preset temperature settings. When the lights turn solid it means the device is heated up and you are ready to enjoy your vapor.

The device does have an auto-shutoff that will kick in after 10 minutes of use, just repeat the process for turning the unit on to continue your session.


Temperature Flexibility

As we briefly touched upon the Boundless CF comes programmed with 5 pre-set temperature settings; 170C, 180C, 190C, 204C, 213C. Our one complaint is that the first temperature setting, 170C is too low to effectively vaporize herbs and most users will skip over this temperature all together making it obsolete.

We would have liked to see the temperature start at 180 and max out at 220 giving users a bit more temperature flexibility in a range that will impact their herbs. The Utillian 720 for example offers uses 8 temperature settings that ranges between 180 – 220 giving uses more precise control over their session.

Besides this minor gripe we feel that this unit has a decent range of temperatures and most users will be satisfied with the range given. We found that we liked the unit best on the 4th heat setting which is around 204 degrees Celsius.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality between the Bounldess CF and Boundless CFX are almost identical. This is because the heating chamber between the 2 units is the exact same. Boundless uses a hybrid of conduction and convection to deliver your vapor ensuring satisfying draws throughout your session.

The Boundless CF when used at lower temperatures produces thin, flavorful vapor that allows you to truly taste your herbs.

When turned to higher temperature vapor does tend to become a bit more harsh and loses its flavor profile but produces some impressive visible vapor.

This unit uses a plastic mouthpiece which will slightly influence flavor for the first few cycles as you break the device in. We have found however after use that any plastic flavor tends to diminish.

Manufacturing Quality

For the most part the Boundless CF appears to be a well made device. There are no glaring physical defects and the device is nicely finished. I like the rubberized finish of the device that gives you a bit of grip and feels good in the hands.

Our main concern is that the device is, for the most part, made entirely of plastic, which can give a bit of a cheap aesthetic  to the vaporizer. Plastic is also more prone to cracks and chips if the device is handled roughly or dropped. This makes us question the longevity of the device and whether or not it will hold up over time.

A more expensive unit like the Crafty also shares a plastic body design which shows that units made of plastic doesn’t necessarily mean less quality. However the Crafty has made a few minor improvements to the plastic housing the rectify earlier issues with plastic parts breaking or chipping off. So we will have to keep our eyes on the Boundless CF and see just how resilient the unit is over time.

Battery Life

This unit is smaller than the Boundless CFX and with smaller size comes a shorter battery life. On average we found the Boundless CF lasts about 30 – 45 minutes between charges. This is significantly shorter than the CFX which we clocked around an hour to an hour and a half.

The battery life is very similar to that of the Crafty, which is known for it’s notoriously short battery life. The main difference is the Crafty is almost double the cost of the CF, so if you were looking to buy a Crafty, the Boundless CF will offer you a similar experience for a fraction of the price.

If you are looking for a device that offers the same feel as the Crafty and Boundless CF but actually excels at battery life for a unit this size definitely check out the Utillian 720 which offers uses about an hour of battery life and features 8 pre-set temperatures.


When we first took a look at the Boundless CFX we found the unit a bit too large to be considered a true portable unit. The Boundless CF on the other hand is a far more portable device. Its about 1.5 inches shorter and .5 inches less wide, which makes it roughly the size of the Crafty. This makes it much easier to fit in a pocket and take with you for a night of vaping.

The only thing that hurts portability with this device is the battery life, which we mentioned was on the shorter side. We found we could only get in 2 – 3 sessions max out of this unit before having to charge it. Making it not the most ideal unit to have passing around at a party as chances are you will have to charge it at some point.

If it’s just you using it, 2 – 3 sessions may be good enough for the night, but it is just unfortunately you cannot get much more than that.

Ease of Use

The Boundless CF is a very easy device to use which is pretty standard for vaporizers with pre-set temperatures. Just the standard 5 clicks to turn the device on and 2 clicks to toggle between temperature settings.

One thing to note is that this chamber is fairly large for a portable vaporizer, holding about .5 grams of ground herb. The device seems to work best if the chamber is filled above halfway. Unfortunately the device struggles with smaller amounts of herbs, which may not be ideal for some users who prefer to conserve their product.

The Utillian 720 on the other hand does a much better job at handling half-packed chambers and smaller amounts of herbs which makes it more effective for those who prefer something more efficient.


This device is much more discreet than it’s bigger brother the CFX. The main reason for this is the smaller size which makes it much easier to conceal in the palm of your hand or quickly toss in a pocket. The other factor that helps the discretion is the lack of a digital display, which on the CFX acts as a beacon to inform all around you what you are up to.

The CF actually features a stealth mode, which actually disables the LED lights on the device, something we wish they incorporated with the Boundless CFX. Without the bright lights it really is much easier to go about your business undetected.

Overall Experience

Overall we have to say we enjoyed the Boundless CF, sure it may not have the fancy display the CFX has but for those who prefer stealth that may not be a bad thing.

It is a far more portable unit while maintaining the same great vapor quality we have come to expect from Boundless products. As we did mention the device does have a slight plastic taste at the beginning that goes away after a few uses.

We don’t love the all plastic exterior of the device and worry about how it will hold up over time, but the device as a whole does seem well constructed.

We would encourage anyone who is checking out the Boundless CF to also have a look at the Utillian 720, which offers users 3 more temperature settings (8 total), a larger useable temperature range (180 – 220C), a metal body and magnetic mouthpiece.

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    Hello I was reading your review about the CF boundless. You recomment the Utillian721, but where can I buy the Utillian721?
    I live in the Netherlands. Can you help out?
    Or do you find there is another good vaporiser simular like the Utillian721?
    I use it for getting stoned of cannabis, weed.
    Kind regards

    • Hey Judith, we are happy to hear about your interest in the Utillian 721. We have not fully unrolled in Europe yet, but I have notified my sales team who says they have also received an e-mail from you. We are working to see if we can get a Utillian 721 in your hands from our contact in Europe. My sales department should be following up with you via e-mail to offer some assistance.

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