TVape has observed an increase in coverage for vaporizers (up to $300) for Veterans who have also been prescribed medical marijuana through the Blue Cross. If you have been prescribed medicinal marijuana, the purchase of a vaporizer (up to $300) may very well be eligible for coverage. These claims are usually done on a case by case basis and can vary, so be sure to consult your case worker and physician

If approved, your physician will provide you with a prescription for a vaporizer. Your vaporizer prescription must then be approved for coverage by submitting the associated documentation to Blue Cross.

There are 2 ways to receive coverage for your vaporizer


If you have been approved for coverage of your vaporizer, you can choose to pay for the order yourself up to the reimbursement cost authorized for eligible Veterans, which is $300.

Once you have placed your order with the TVape sales line at 1.855.234.8273 option 1, you will receive an e-mail with a copy of your invoice which you can submit to Blue Cross for a reimbursement of the cost


This is a service we now provide for our customer’s convenience. This requires TVape to contact Blue Cross on your behalf to receive a cheque that will cover the cost of your device.

In order to set up direct billing, once Blue Cross approves your coverage, contact our sales line at 1.855.234.8273 option 1. You must provide TVape your Veteran ID number, in order for us to confirm the coverage with Blue Cross and receive your coverage authorization number.

TVape will then contact Blue Cross on your behalf to confirm your authorization number and fax a copy of your invoice to them

If you are covered, Blue Cross will issue TVape a cheque and your order will be completed. You will receive an e-mail indicating that your device has been shipped with a tracking number.

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