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7th Floor

7th Floor

7th Floor LLC is based in Colorado, USA. They are the well known makers of the DaBuddha Vaporizer and Silver Surfer Vaporizer. 7th Floor is known for their standout vaporizer designs and unique glass components. Each 7th Floor vaporizer also comes with a perfectly sized bags for protection and travel.  



Arizer is based in Waterloo, Canada. They are the famous makers of the Extreme Q Vaporizer, V-Tower Vaporizer and Solo Vaporizer. Arizer is known for their impecable manufacturing quality and unique heating element design. This coupled with their dedictation to using glass parts is the reason why their products produce such great tasting, pure vapour. 


Discreet Vape

Discreet Vape is based Hong Kong, China. They are the new makers of the Puffit Vaporizer and Puffit X Vaporizer. They made their mark in the world of portables with their unique inhaler-like design. This company is set on offering individuals a uniquely designed vaporizer.


Element Medical Logo

Element Medical

Element Medical is based in Bienne, Switzerland. Located in the heart of the Swiss watch industry, they are much talked about makers of the tiny Vapman Vaporizer. Element Medical is known for their Swiss craftsmanship and attention to detail, using only the highest quality components. Each of their Vapmans also comes with a hardshell carrying case.

Utillian Logo


Utillian is based in Toronto, Canada. They are the makers of the 650 Vaporizer. Utillian is known for their value driven design, which ensures that their units are not only functional but highly affordable. Their commitment to producing a fast, hand held vaporizer that offers a hassle-free experience at a reasonable price ensured their success in the market.


Magic Flight

Magic Flight is based in San Diego, USA. They are the very popular makers of the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. Magic Flight is known for their dedicated brand following and long-standing presence in the market of vaporizers. They offer a wonderful collection of wooden vaporizers and accessories, each coming with a lifetime warranty to ensure 100% customer confidence.


Oglesby and Butler

Olgesby & Butler

Olgesby & Butler is based in Carlow, Ireland. They are the famous makers of the Iolite V2 and the WISPR2 Vaporizer. O&B was one of the first companies to enter the portable vaporizer market. Their patnented catalytic converter allowed them to create the one and only butane-powered portable vaporizer. Their vaporizers come in a rainbow of colours and are perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts. 


Organicix is based in Las Vegas, USA. They are the very popular makers of the DaVinci and the Ascent Vaporizer. Organicix is known for their innovation in the portable vaporizer market. Their products are always a step ahead, incorporating unique and useful functionality for individuals worldwide. Their attention to the techy-side of vaporizing is unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Research & Experience

Research and Experience is based in Heidelberg, Germany. They are the famous makers of the AroMed Vaporizer. R&E is known for their unique UV halogen lighting system that works in tandem with a water filter to produce the purest vapour quality in the world. They use only the best materials and the glass components are all produced in Europe by Magic Glass. 


Storz & Bickle

Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel is based in Tuttlingen, Germany. They are the uber famous makers of the Volcano, Crafty, Mighty and Plenty Vaporizers. The Volcano has been a household name for many years. S&B's dedication to product quality has led to a strong brand image and reputation. Their long-standing presence in the market serves as a testament to their customer satisfaction and product durability. 



VAPIR is based in the USA. They are the very well known makers of the VapirN02 and VapirRise Vaporizer. Vapir is known for being one of the first companies to enter the portable vaporizer market. They strive to offer convenience and product simplicity. Vapir products have been a staple in the industry worldwide.

ZEUS Arsenal


ZEUSArsenal is based in Toronto, Canada. They are the famous makers of the ZEUS accessory line that includes items like the ZEUS Bolt Grinder, ZEUS Temple De-Humidor, ZEUS Smite and ZEUS Torch. They offer a unique collection of sexy, compact items to that work together to "Complete Your Arsenal." With a reputation for offering great value, ZEUS items are a must to collect.