Meet the TVAPE Leadership Team

" Nima N. CEO & Founder

A strategy gamer and true connoisseur, Nima lived through a war as a child, forcing him to migrate to different countries in search of a new home. A self-made entrepreneur, he is an architect of change and uncompromisingly driven to empower his team and conquer new ground. Logical and precise, he loves physics, carrot juice and ‘A Beautiful Mind.’

" Nariman N. CPO

Nari is TVape's head superhero honcho when it comes to designing and making topnotch products. He loves technology, sushi and the complete 'Alien' series starring Sigourney Weaver. From his infant Lego days to his current modeling and prototyping, his strong imagination, incredible discipline and extreme perfectionism make him a killer asset.

" Clemens T. Senior Project Manager – Medical

Clever Clemens is a Project Management master and holds a doctorate degree in pharmaceutical technology with experience in medical inhalation devices. When he’s not busy watching Netflix and eating as much sushi as possible he can be found hiking or hitting the slopes. His medical expertise and passion for helping patients will push forward our future endeavors.

" Pari N. COO - EU

Peaceful Pari has a passion for travel and a curiosity for the cultures of the world. She is obsessed with healthy living, and her strategic mind and persistent work ethic ensures our global outreach knows no bounds.

" Phi Long L. Operations Manager

Zany Phi can only be found covered head to toe in Zooyork apparel. A secret master chef and foosball enthusiast, he loves chicken wings, 'Pineapple Express' and living in the moment. Hard-working, always on time and consistently improving, he is the backbone of our warehouse operations.

" Sebastian T. Sales Manager

Self-made Seba is a genuine hustler who loves staying grounded by meditating, getting pumped up with lyrical rap & fuelling his undeniable attitude to win. His true passion for scaling sales teams, coupled with his sincere compassion, has added unparalleled value to both our team and client base.

" Danilo B. Marketing Director

Danilo is an exceptionally rare example how creativity and logic can flourish together. With more than 14 years working in the Design area, he has participated in the creation of more than 70 brands. Danilo then embarked on a mission to learn coding, giving him a definitive edge in the digital marketing landscape. He joined the TVAPE family in 2017 and has since structured his marketing team to deliver KPIs and productivity never seen before. Danilo has a BA in Industrial Design and diplomas in the areas of Management, Strategic Marketing, Software Development and Graphic Design.

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