TVape has observed an increase in insurance coverage for vaporizers. If you have been prescribed medicinal marijuana, the purchase of a vaporizer may very well be eligible for coverage. These claims are usually done on a case by case basis and can vary, so be sure to consult your insurance provider, case worker and physician.

To seek approval, please speak directly with your case worker first. They will inform you of the necessary steps to obtain authorization. If approved, please follow the steps outlined from your insurance provider to obtain coverage for your device.

Some providers require the patient to pay for the device outright and will offer reimbursement with the submission of an invoice.

Others may require TVape to contact your case worker or insurance company directly to confirm the approval. At which point TVape would fax a copy of the invoice and receive a cheque from your insurance provider that covers the cost of the device. To set this process in motion just give us a call at 1.855.234.8273

Your order will then be completed and you will receive an e-mail indicating that your device has been shipped with a tracking number.

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