Crafty vs Firefly 2 – Convection Vaporizer Showdown!


Today we have a big one for you, this is the heavy weight tilt everyone has been waiting for, the Crafty vs Firefly 2. Both units offer convection heating however the Firefly 2 offers on-demand vapor which means virtually no heat up time, while the Crafty takes a more classic approach to vapor production. So without further ado; LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE.

Crafty vs Firefly 2

Vapor Quality

The Crafty has been the pinnacle of portable vapor production ever since it was released in 2014. It was the first unit to provide convection vaporization, usually reserved for desktop units like the Volcano. Each draw from the Crafty provides you with smooth, tasty vapor every time. The learning curve to achieve vapor production is almost non-existent, you could hand it to someone who has never used a vaporizer before and they would be blowing clouds in no time. Flavor of your vapor is also very good especially considering it travels through a plastic cooling chamber before reaching your lips.

The Firefly 2 also offers convection vaporization but provides it on-demand which means there is only about a 5 second wait for the unit to heat up before you begin drawing. Draws from the Firefly 2 are amazingly flavorful, this is because the Firefly 2’s vapor path is almost entirely glass which helps preserve flavor. However achieving decent vapor requires a lot more effort than the Crafty. In fact this unit probably has the largest learning curve to obtain good vapor quality which leads many to feel the Firefly 2 is not capable of producing decent vapor. From experience, we have been able to achieve some amazing sessions with the Firefly 2, but it took us several uses before we got the technique right which requires you to draw very slowly for about 20 – 30 seconds.

When comparing the 2 we preferred the flavor from the Firefly 2, the flavor from the Crafty is by no means bad, in fact it is excellent but when compared to the glass vapor path of the Firefly 2 vapor tastes more pure. However despite this difference in flavor we have to give the slight edge to the Crafty for the hassle free nature of the vapor production. You can easily draw from this unit and achieve back to back draws of insanely good and potent vapor. While the Firefly 2 requires a lot more work for a similar result.

Manufacturing Quality

While we love the vapor quality from the Crafty, we have never been crazy about the overall looks of the Crafty. The unit has a “black and decker” power tool feel to its design and the shell is constructed entirely of plastic. For a unit that costs more than $400 dollars we wanted something a little more sleek, but Storz & Bickel seem to put function before fashion.

The Firefly 2 is a sleeker looking unit in comparison and definitely has apple-esque aesthetic to both the unit and packaging. Right out of the box you will feel like your money has been well spent. The unit features a metal shell, magnetic lid and a glass vapor path. The device feels great in your hands and even features touch sensors to activate the unit.

One thing that does hurt the Crafty from a manufacturing standpoint is the non-removable battery. The Crafty’s battery is said to last about 40 to 60 hours of use, after that amount of usage the battery will begin to deplete more quickly or stop working all together. To get this fixed you must send your unit back to Storz & Bickel where they will replace it for a fee and send it back to you. This is both costly and time consuming, especially considering you spent more than $400 on a unit. If you are a heavy user you can easily blow through 40 hours in the first year and battery issues are not covered by warranty.

The Firefly 2 in comparison features a removable battery and actually comes with 2 batteries right out of the box. For the Firefly 2 if you ever run into issues with one of your batteries you can easily switch to the other battery provided. If you have had your Firefly 2 for a while and both batteries no longer hold a charge you simply purchase new batteries to get your device back up and running.

Considering both units cost more than $400 we would have to give the edge to the Firefly 2. The removable battery is biggest factor to this decision as it alleviates inconvenience if your batteries ever fail. I would much rather have the option to purchase and install replacement batteries myself rather than incurring the shipping cost to get my unit back to Storz & Bickel, the charge from the battery service and the downtime experienced. So for this the Firefly 2 takes this round.

Ease of Use

To use the Crafty swivel the mouthpiece counter-clockwise to remove it from the device to access your heating chamber, fill it with your desired herbs and swivel the mouthpiece back on. Next press the power button to turn the unit on and wait about 2 minutes for the light to turn green to start vaporizing.

To use the Firefly 2 remove the magnetic top to expose the heating chamber, fill the unit with your desired herbs and snap  the magnetic top back onto the unit. The device is always in a state of “standby” so there is no on or off button. Simply press and hold both fingers sensors on each side of the device to begin heating. The green light at the top of the unit will flash and after 5 seconds it will turn solid indicating the unit is heated and ready for you to start drawing.

When it comes to the basic functionality the Firefly 2 is theoretically easier to use as there are less steps and a faster heat-up between you packing your unit and vaping. However the Crafty outperforms the Firefly 2 when it comes to the actual inhale method and achieving good vapor right away. The Crafty is almost dummy-proof in its approach and the airpathway is free-flowing. Even the newest user won’t have issues achieving great vapor during their first session.

The Firefly 2 on the other hand really makes you work and learn the device in order to achieve the best possible vapor. After some time you will find the technique that works for you and will be able to achieve excellent vapor from the Firefly 2 but it will take a lot more trial and error than the Crafty.

And for this reason we give the edge to the Crafty when it comes to ease of use. It may have a few more button presses and a heat-up time, but the vapor experience is hassle-free.


The Crafty is a fairly portable unit; it can easily fit in a pocket for convenient travel. The Crafty has a stirring tool built into the device too which is convenient for stirring your herbs on the go. The Crafty’s battery life is about 45 minutes so you will only get 2 – 3 sessions per charge, so it is not the best unit if you wish to use it for a full day of vaping, but does charge via USB and can be used while charging.

The Firefly 2 is also very portable and actually has a smaller profile than the Crafty which means it fits more easily in your pocket. This unit also features removable batteries meaning you can stock up on batteries if you are serious about using the Firefly 2 all day. However in order to get a full session and an even cook with the Firefly 2 you are going to need to stir your herbs in order to do so. Unlike the Crafty, the Firefly 2 does not include a built in stirring tool and forces you to carry one separately. If you forget to bring one with you, you are going to have a hard time getting your herbs to cook properly when out. We did mention that the Crafty has a built in stirring tool which is helpful for mixing your herbs mid session, however you can easily vape through an entire session on the Crafty without stirring. With the Firefly 2 this is simply not the case. Because of this, we really do not recommend the Firefly 2 as a go to portable unit and recommend it more for home use.

So even though the Crafty suffers from poor battery life it is much more convenient to use when on-the-go because it does not require the herbs to be stirred as frequently as the Firefly 2.

Battery Life

As we touched upon the Crafty suffers from a short battery life lasting roughly 45 minutes max which usually equates to 2 – 3 sessions.

The Firefly 2 also has a relatively short battery life, during our testing we found a single battery will last 2 to 3 sessions. However the Firefly 2 features a removable battery and actually provides you with 2 right out of the box, so if both are charged you can expect to get 4 – 6 sessions which is much better than the Crafty in comparison. Not to mention you can purchase more batteries for your Firefly 2 for even more added convenience.

So when it comes to battery life we gotta give this category to Firefly 2, the convenience of a removable is just too great to ignore.

Temperature Flexibility

Both units offer temperature flexibility through their respective apps. When the Crafty is connected to the Crafty app you can set the units temperature to the individual degree up to 215 degrees Celsius. You can also set up a base and boost temperature so that you can use the Crafty without the app. When you are using it without the app it will heat to the base temperature when first turned on and if you press the power button twice once on it will reach the pre-set boost temperature.

The Firefly 2 also requires you to use an app to set your temperatures. The Firefly 2 has 5 basic heat settings for herbs and a 6th heat setting specifically for concentrates. If you update  your Firefly 2’s firmware using the app it will also unlock the “Power Tuning” mode which will allow you to adjust your temperature ranges up to 111%. The Firefly 2 forces you to use the app to change the temperature every time, you cannot change the temperature without it.

When it comes to temperature flexibility between these 2 units we are going to chalk it up to a tie. Both units force you to use the Bluetooth app to set your temperature and neither provide great flexibility without the Bluetooth apps. So if you are always connected to your phone changing your temperatures won’t be an issue, but with both devices you are likely to just find the temperature you enjoy and just stick with it.


This is a close one ladies and gentlemen and to be honest it could go either way. We really love the pure flavor and on-demand heating of the Firefly 2 but we like the effortless vapor from the Crafty.

And ultimately we have to give the Crafty the edge for that reason. It may not be the flashiest device or have removable batteries. But if we handed you both units without using either before the Crafty offers a hassle-free experience right out of the box.

First impressions are everything and the Crafty will knock your socks off on first use. With the Firefly 2 it will take a few sessions and some learning before you get the unit performing at a high caliber.

However once you do get used to the way the Firefly 2 works it is sure to impress with both its flavor and on-demand vapor.

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