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We reviewed the Dazzvape Acus and came away entirely unimpressed. Dazzvape as a whole used to be under the name ‘Everoll’, of which we’ve also reviewed the Everoll Cirro. With both units leaving us asking for more, we’ll see how their Melter performs. With a 1400mAh battery, triple Ti coil atomizer and intuitive design, this one might leave us a little more satisfied.

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Review: Dazzvape Melter

Dazzvape Melter Review

Dazzvape Melter coils

How it Works

With the Dazzvape Melter, simply load a rice grain sized load of your chosen concentrates onto the titanium coils. Replace the mouthpiece and adjust the airflow to your desired setting.

Five rapid clicks of the button turn the unit on and holding the same button engages the heater. At this point just inhale and enjoy!

Dazzvape Melter available colors

Dazzvape Melter power controlTemperature Flexibility

There is no temperature control on the Melter. This is a real pity since there’s a lot of versatility and potential with a device like this.

They say the output voltage is between 3.0-4.2v, which is a huge unknown range.

Dazzvape Melter mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Those triple titanium coils definitely do the trick! You get very strong vapor production out of a small package. Cloud chasers, this is definitely what you’re looking for in a low-cost wax pen.

Flavor chasers? We’d highly recommend looking elsewhere. The flavor from the Melter is definitely below average and it’s very harsh on the lungs. Especially since you’re given no independent temperature control, you’re kind of stuck at the one power setting you’re given.

Dazzvape Melter mouth piece detached

Dazzvape Melter front display

Manufacturing Quality

The Melter is reasonably well made. It’s another product from a Chinese manufacturer, but we feel like you can’t really ask for too much from such a low cost. The integrated wax compartment is nice to have, even though the threading is subpar. We like the ease of disassembly too, though we’re not so fond of the finish and lack of coil options.

Included with the Melter is a very basic kit. You get the atomizer itself, 1400mAh battery, a dab tool, replaceable drip tip, and USB charging cable. A fairly standard kit for an inexpensive wax pen.

Dazzvape Melter usb slotBattery Life

The 1400mAh cell will give you a good amount of juice before needing to top up. If you’re a daily user it’ll definitely last a couple of days, and for weekend users you can forget about charging it for a while. It does top up with MicroUSB, however it doesn’t have pass-through charging.

When the battery does inevitably reach the end of its life, you’re also going to be left with a pretty paperweight, so keep that in mind.

Dazzvape Melter with armor case


The Melter fits well into most pockets and hides away almost entirely in the hand. It seems relatively durable, however, we haven’t really given it any abuse either.

It’s a good choice if you want a powerful wax pen without sacrificing too much in the size category.

Dazzvape Melter heating chamber

Ease of Use

Most beginner wax pens are pretty straightforward and easy to use, and the Melter is no exception. Getting satisfying hits of potent vapor isn’t difficult at all and passing it off to a friend or stranger will leave them with big plumes of vapor.

Each piece comes apart easily for deep cleaning, and most of the device can be cleaned by just throwing the pieces into a small glass of isopropyl alcohol. 

Dazzvape Melter in hand


Due to its size and looking similar to entry-level e-juice vapes, it’s a pretty incognito unit. Of course, the smell emitted from the clouds of vapor may arouse suspicion, but that’ll dissipate rather quickly.

It’s not quite as tiny and stealthy as other units, but really it does more than well enough in this department. 

Dazzvape Melter full kitOverall Experience

While the Melter doesn’t wow us in terms of vapor quality, it’s definitely a step up from the other units they’ve marketed. As an alternative to the Yocan Evolve Plus or Yocan Magneto it’s a pretty solid unit with comparable performance. We still aren’t very fond of an unknown voltage from the battery and much prefer a unit with variable voltage instead.

We still find the Utillian 5 to be unbeatable in the wax pen vaporizer market. Check that out if you’re looking for a capable and versatile 510-threaded wax pen! For a more stealthy wax pen, also check out the Linx Hypnos Zero!

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