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Grenco Science just released a new version of the G Pen Pro, complete with a much smaller size and a very attractive price tag. There isn’t a lot of feedback yet, but we’ve already seen comparisons being drawn between it and the Pax 3 thanks to the size. Pax has dominated the ultraportable market for years, so anything that threatens that crown is worth keeping an eye on. Let’s see just how well the G Pen Pro compares now… Also if this is your first vaporizer be sure to check out our Vaporizer Buyers Guide.

Review: G-Pen Pro

G Pen Pro Review

How it Works

If you’re looking for a revolutionary new design, keep looking. The basic functionality of this isn’t very different from the original G Pro, or other cheap vaporizers for that matter.

For example, there is still just a single button and three temperature settings on this. The chamber is above the battery and directly below the mouthpiece. You charge it via micro-USB from the bottom.

To turn it on, you click the button five times. To cycle through the temperature settings, you press and hold the button. The current level is indicated by the color of the LED lights. It takes about 30 seconds to heat up.

That’s really all there is too it. It’s very basic, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it allows you to sell it for $100 or less. 

G-Pen Pro Indicator lights

Temperature Flexibility

The temperature flexibility is average for this price range and below average when compared to vaporizers as a whole. There is no screen on this to indicate the level, just a set of LED lights. The colors and levels are: Blue – 375°F, Green – 400°F, and Red – 428°F.

Again, this isn’t a very big set of options, especially when other similar priced units like the Utillian 420 offer more, but it will get the job done.

I’m glad that they spaced each level about 25°F apart because it lets this accommodate a wider range of vapor preferences.

G-Pen Pro Vaporizer Mouthpiece

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is the most important part of any vaporizer, and the good news is that this new G Pen Pro is an improvement over the original in this department. With that being said, that really isn’t hard to achieve. Vapor quality has never been Grenco’s strong suit.

So even though the vapor is better, it’s still not great. The flavor is good at the beginning of a session but drops off fast. It’s also warm, though not nearly as warm as the original’s was. The vapor is honestly a lot like the vapor from the G-Pen Elite in this way.G-Pen Pro Vaporizer Mouthpieces

The overall vapor production is average. You’re not going to get a ton of visible vapor or extremely dense hits from this, but it’s more than enough to get the job done. It definitely will not compare to units that have glass mouthpieces.

G-Pen Pro Vaporizer full unit

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality is also pretty average. I like that the exterior is aluminum, but I’m not a big fan of the plastic mouthpiece. They include a silicone cover to help with overheating issues, but it is still going to get noticeably warm after a long session.

The biggest improvement is definitely the size. This is a lot smaller than the original. The Elite is still shorter, though not by much. The size is obviously why comparisons are being drawn between it and the Pax 3, but this is a good deal taller than the Pax.

G-Pen Pro Vaporizer with USB Cable

Battery Life

I had a hard time figuring this out because it doesn’t seem to be in the manual or on the website, but I think the battery in this is rated at 1300mAh.

I was able to get about an 40 minutes of continuous use out of it. You may get a little more or less depending on the temperature level that you use. It charges completely in 2 to 3 hours.

G-Pen Pro Vaporizer with Zeus Armor Case


The portability of this is excellent. The dimensions are 116x25x24mm. In other words, it’s very small.

The aluminum exterior and lack of screen also make it fairly durable. You should be able to carry this pretty much anywhere with you because it will fit nicely in a pocket or bag and it won’t break.


G-Pen Pro Vaporizer in hand

Ease of Use

This is extremely easy to use. With just one button and three temperature settings, a complete beginner would be able to pick this up and start using it.

The only things that you have to remember are that five clicks turns it on and pressing and holding the button will adjust the temperature.

G-Pen Pro Vaporizer in Palm


This is one area where the new G Pen Pro scores well. The small size and all black coloring make it very discreet. You can conceal the majority of it in your hand, and it’s pretty easy to keep vapor production to a visible minimum.

I recommend using the lowest setting and taking short draws. If you do that, you may not exhale anything visible at all.

G-Pen Pro Vaporizer full kitOverall Experience

I’m going to wrap up my review of the updated 2017 G Pen Pro from Grenco with a phrase that I used several times in this review: it gets the job done.

It’s better than the original G-Pro, but that isn’t a very high bar to exceed. I’m not exactly sure why people are getting so excited about this.

I can already hear people complaining that I’m not being fair because the G Pen Pro is so much cheaper. That’s true, it may be a good deal for $100.

But at the same time a unit like the Utillian 420 retails for $10 less, features a glass mouthpiece and digital display. 2 features that have been severely lacking in Grenco’s budget units. So while the G-Pen Pro may be better priced it still does not offer the best features in that price range.

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