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The Grizzly Eclipse is a new device launched by Grizzly and it’s intended to be a vaporizer which has swappable cartridges that support e-juice, dry herb and concentrates. We’ve seen a number of implementations like this such as the V2 Pro Series 7 which, while it’s good for a 3-in-1, it’s not quite up to snuff compared to any dedicated device. No 3-in-1 yet has been able to keep up with any single focused unit, so we’ll see if Grizzly can shine above the rest with the new Grizzly Eclipse.

If this is your first dry herb or wax concentrates vaporizer, check out our respective buyers guides on both dry herb and wax vaporizers to better understand what best suits you!

Review: Grizzly Eclipse

Grizzly Eclipse Review

Grizzly Eclipse coils

How it Works

The Grizzly Eclipse is quite straightforward – each 510 threaded tank screws onto the base/battery of the device, and it turns on from the usual 5 clicks of a button. While swapping tanks isn’t as seamless and practical as the V2 Pro Series 7 with its magnetic tanks, it’s not a big hassle.

The rest of the unit is pretty straightforward, loading your material is done by removing the glass mouthpiece, you can switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit seamlessly or to voltage mode for concentrates and e-juice.

Grizzly Eclipse power control

Temperature Flexibility

Fortunately, Grizzly Eclipse included independent temperature control on this vaporizer, but there’s a catch -It can only reach up to 385℉/195℃ for the dry herb tank.

This is a pretty big disappointment as you’ll get the great flavors at that temperature; however, that doesn’t get full extraction from your material.

Even 410°F that the Mighty maxes out at feels a touch too low. Heat-up time is pretty solid though, grazing around 20 seconds overall for dry herb and less for waxes.

Grizzly Eclipse mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Most 3-in-1 devices are often ‘meh’ at all tasks. While the Grizzly Eclipse isn’t meh by any means, it doesn’t compete with any of the dedicated devices which are available at even lower price points.

Dry herb has solid flavor and okay vapor production, however, doesn’t compare to budget portables such as the Utillian 420. It uses a standard ceramic, conduction-based chamber.

Draw resistance is about average, flavor is pretty good with help from the glass vapor-path, however, the vapor does still come out quite warm as there’s a very short vapor path and leads to some throat irritation.

Grizzly Eclipse left inclined

The wax tank uses a solid dual-quartz coil setup and certainly gives solid hits with effective material usage. You’ll definitely be able to toss out pretty large vapor clouds with solid flavor.

It’s certainly pretty good, however, the Saionara atomizer beats it in almost every regard. Other wax dedicated portables with modular components or other fancier heating elements definitely perform much better.

E-juice is pretty mediocre at best. The coil has 0.5Ω impedance with a cotton wick that absorbs around 1mL of your selected liquid. While it’s not awful, if you primarily use e-juice, this wouldn’t satisfy you as much. For the cloud-chasers out there, I’d recommend looking elsewhere like the Smok Q-Box.

Grizzly Eclipse front profile

Manufacturing Quality

For the price, I’d expect pretty good quality and the Grizzly Eclipse is not far off.

Manufacturing quality feels quite rugged, and ergonomically it holds nicely in the hand, however, it’s nothing spectacular.

While there aren’t any glaringly bad parts or aspects to the overall construction and feel to it, there are devices that feel much more ‘premium’ at the same price point or even cheaper.

Understandably, they don’t come with 3 atomizers, however, I can name at least 3 devices for much cheaper that have similar build quality.

Grizzly Eclipse usb slotBattery Life

Battery life is quite standard. Thankfully, there’s a removable 18650 battery which can be hot-swapped on the fly before you run out.

You can expect between 5-7 sessions with dry herb on a full charge, while e-juice and concentrate will last an exceedingly long time.

You can charge the unit directly via Micro-USB or take the battery out and charge it using a dock if you own one.

Grizzly Eclipse with armor case


With just one tank attached, the Grizzly Eclipse is relatively portable. It does feel rather bulky and large in pockets due to its odd shape, however it stows away easily into a bag or large jacket pockets easily enough.

It wouldn’t be a great idea to take it to any extreme sports or activities as it’s a tad too heavy and bulky. If you plan to swap out the atomizers in the same outing it becomes a little tedious making sure to not lose or drop one.

It’s certainly portable however not nearly quite as some devices.

Grizzly Eclipse detached

Grizzly Eclipse inclined view

Ease of Use

It’s a rather straightforward and easy-to-master unit. There are no special draw techniques, unique features or excessive maintenance rituals to take part in. The chambers clean easily with an iso-soaked cotton swab and disassembly is pretty easy.

A complete beginner would get over the short learning curve quickly. Ranks greatly for simplicity and ease of use for the amount of variety you have!

Grizzly Eclipse in hand


It appears mostly like an oddly shaped box mod, and in a pinch, swapping out from dry herb to e-juice will easily fool a suspicious person.

I’d however overall say it’s not that discreet and there are many other small units that fit in your palm or even have the form factor of a pen.

Overall, not entirely discreet but it’s enough to look pretty inconspicuous. Is being discreet is very important, I’d opt for something stealthier and smaller for sure.

Grizzly Eclipse full kitOverall Experience

While it executes the 3-in-1 design better than any other unit thus far, the Grizzly Eclipse still leaves a lot to be desired – especially at the price point.

The unit itself is definitely not bad by any means; however it’s pretty standard in performance for all three options. If you’re completely dead-set on getting the best 3-in-1 available we would recommend checking out the V2 Series 7, which still offers the most convenient way to switch between all 3 materials.

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