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The Ooze Drought is a new budget portable sold by Ooze. It packs in temperature control, an LCD display, a stainless steel chamber, compact size and discreet operation. It’s in competition with the Utillian 420 and the Pulsar APX  for small size and ultimate portability in a budget unit. How does it stack up then?

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Review: Ooze Drought

Ooze Drought Review

Ooze Drought heating chamber

How it Works

The Ooze Drought operates via 3 buttons – the power button which turns the device on via 5 clicks and the two temperature control buttons. Your material loads in by pulling off the friction-held mouthpiece and loading it into the stainless steel oven.

After five minutes, the automatic shut-off time engages and the unit will have to be powered on again for longer sessions.

Ooze Drought colors

Ooze Drought power control

Temperature Flexibility

Adjustable by 1-degree increments, the Ooze Drought has a temperature range between 320 -410°F/160-120°C. This offers plenty of room to find your sweet spot when it comes to the specific botanical you have.

It would have been nice however for it to have a slightly higher maximum temperature since if you’d like to use concentrates, 410° is a touch too low.

Heat up times are quite normal ranging between 25-30 seconds on average, however, it’s recommended to wait for a few more seconds for your material within the chamber to fully reach that temperature as this is a conduction-based device.

Ooze Drought mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is good. Not fantastic, yet not bad. There’s a relatively short vapor-path and the mouthpiece being plastic doesn’t give it a completely un-adultered and smooth hit.

Draw resistance is about what would be considered completely average and while the flavor and smoothness isn’t quite top-notch, vapor production is quite solid!

It allows for good sized clouds however they’re a bit harsher than other vaporizers on the market.

Ooze Drought front profile

Manufacturing Quality

For the price point, I would expect slightly better manufacturing quality – especially for the mouthpiece. The plastic feeling to it, a friction based rubber gasket seal, and no cooling path for the vapor to travel though leaves a lot to be desired.

The feel it has when taking a draw doesn’t give as pleasant of an experience compared to a glass or even wooden mouthpiece

Likewise, a removable 18650 battery would be much preferred and overall build quality is so-so. It certainly doesn’t feel like a premium product, and while the aluminum body is nice to hold, the plastic mouthpiece makes it feel much cheaper than it really is.

Ooze Drought flat display

Ooze Drought batteryBattery Life

Included is a 1650MaH battery cell which is non-removable. From new, the unit will deliver roughly two hours on a single charge – however as many batteries do, over time it’ll degrade.

At the price, it’d be very nice either to have a stronger battery or a removable one. Units such as the DaVinci IQ, has a removable 18650 included, and the Zeus Smite has an even longer battery life to it.

In short, 1650MaH isn’t quite impressive and without the option to swap it out on the fly, it also leaves a lot to be desired.

Ooze Drought with armor case


If there’s one redeeming factor – it’s in portability. Standing just over 4 inches tall, it almost completely disappears in the average sized hand.

This would’ve been impressive three years ago, however, the Pax and Davinci IQ are both smaller and have better vapor quality, not to mention other features too.

But for the price difference, you can’t give the Ooze Drought too much grief. 

Ooze Drought power button

Ease of Use

The Ooze Drought is very easy to use. The loading area for material is oddly shaped and using a loading tool is much easier than with fingers.

A concavely shaped loading area like many other vaporizers feature would be very nice to have.

Cleaning and maintenance is very straightforward and a complete beginner would get the hang of it easily! A cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean out the chamber and mouthpiece will work well in terms of route maintenance.

This device is certainly very easy to maintain for the complete beginner.

Ooze Drought in hand


While the Ooze features a small form-factor, other devices on the market are certainly smaller or emulate the looks of a standard e-juice vape for additional stealth.

Scent is not bad with the unit during and after a session, although nothing superb and a cap over the mouthpiece would certainly make it a lot better for discreteness.

If being discreet is the highest priority, I would lean towards something that looks like a standard e-juice vaporizer such as the Linx Gaia. For what it is, it works great, however, it certainly isn’t the go-to for a stealthy choice.

Ooze Drought full kitOverall Experience

While the Ooze Drought is good for the price but do not expect anything special. There are no innovations, other vaporizers fit the small and discreet side much better, the build quality is average, and there’s really no wow factor. If you are looking to pick one up you can grab it from Oozelife.com.

As user-friendly as it is, there are plenty of other vaporizers which are similarly simple, yet as a package are much stronger. We recommend checking out the Utillian 721 which offers some of the best convection based vapor for the price.

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6.6 Good
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