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It was only a matter of time before Vaporesso came out with their own iteration of an all-in-one ultra-compact device. Taking shape in the form of the Vaporesso Nexus, what sets this mod apart from the others is its incorporation of Vaporesso’s signature ceramic CCELL coil design, resulting in even purer flavors and longer lasting durability.

Built with a 650mAh internal battery locked inside its chassis, the Vaporesso Nexus is designed to produce an easy to use, satisfying, and portable mouth to lung vape. Let’s take a closer look at the kit in the review below and see if it lives up to its claims. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: Vaporesso Nexus

Vaporesso Nexus Review

Vaporesso Nexus front display

Manufacturing Quality

When unboxing the Vaporesso Nexus, the first time that hits you is the sheer minimalist simplicity of the entire kit. The kit contents are comprised of just the main body of the mod which holds the internal battery, a drip tip, micro USB charging cable, an extra CCELL coil (the other comes pre-installed), and the standard user guide/manual.

This alone speaks volumes on what Vaporesso has in mind when it comes to the overall design language of the kit: Simple, sleek, and seductive are words that sum up the Vaporesso Nexus perfectly thanks to its no-button operation and slightly angular design.

Despite the lack of buttons required to use the Vaporesso Nexus, a physical on/off can be located close to the bottom of the mod and acts like a fail-safe in order to ensure safe transportation of the device especially when stored in your pocket. An LED indicator also functions as a gauge to the Vaporesso Nexus’s remaining battery life letting you know when your mod is in need of recharging.

Vaporesso Nexus available colorsDespite its diminutive size, the Vaporesso Nexus feels anything but cheap. Possessing a solid heft to the device that doesn’t feel too heavy yet not light enough that the mod feels like a cheap toy. Unlike the Pax Juul, the tank which holds your e-liquid is made out of a solid glass, unlike the polycarbonate material the Juul pods are made of, so while that means that the Vaporesso Nexus isn’t as drop-proof as the Juul, it certainly stands up to higher temperatures.

Vaporesso Nexus mouth piece

Flavor Quality

Despite the relatively low output range of 7-12 watts, the Vaporesso Nexus still does a phenomenal job of outputting a decent amount of flavor. This can be mostly attributed to the CCELL coils which Vaporesso have painstakingly developed and improved on through the years. Flavors from your e-liquids come through clean and crips and don’t feel muted at all.

While vapor production might not match the performance of bigger and higher powered box mods, it certainly can’t be classified as lackluster. Vapor output still feels satisfying especially when considering the overall size of the entire kit.

Vaporesso Nexus power controlPower Flexibility

Looking at the compact frame and lack of buttons on the Vaporesso Nexus, it’s not surprising that the mod is quite lacking when it comes to vaping modes or options.

The Vaporesso Nexus fires at a fixed output which is dependent on your remaining battery life. Output with a fresh battery rounds out to around 12 watts and tapers down to a minimum of 7 watts when the battery is at it’s lowest usable setting.

Despite the lack of vaping modes, that doesn’t mean that the Vaporesso Nexus doesn’t have its fair share of technology built into the tiny frame. The mod is built around a tinier iteration of the original Omniboard: the Omniboard Mini. And while it lacks features such as variable wattage or standard temperature control, it does provide new and unique safety functions which make the operation of the mod much easier for beginners.

The temperature control that the Vaporesso Nexus incorporates only inhibits the device from firing when the internal temperature of the coils gets too high in order to prevent burnt e-liquid, while a low e-liquid detection system is also built in and prevents the mod from firing when e-liquid levels are too low and in need of topping up.

Vaporesso Nexus mouth piece detached

Vaporesso Nexus tank refillEase of Use

Operating and setting up the Vaporesso Nexus couldn’t get any easier. Simply pull off the top cap and drip your e-liquid of choice down into the fill hole. Place the top cap back and you’re done! The glass chamber which holds the e-liquid has a small window visible through the side of the mod which serves as a visual guide as to how much e-liquid is left in your tank so you’ll always know when to top up before your mod runs out of e-liquid.

When it comes to firing the Vaporesso Nexus, no buttons are required, just ensure that the mod is switched on via the on/off switch. After you’ve taken care of that, simply take a puff out of the top cap and the air activated sensor of the Vaporesso Nexus should automatically start vaporizing e-liquid. After you’re done vaping, switch the mod back off for safekeeping.

Vaporesso Nexus with armor case


Not many mods can compete with the Vaporesso Nexus in terms of overall pocketability. The mod in its entirety measures out to 85.7 * 34 * 17.2mm so it should fit in whatever storage medium that you might prefer.

While the 650mAh internal battery might not seem a lot especially when compared to the ones installed in bigger devices; the high ohm-rating of the CCELL coils ensure that the battery does indeed go a long way in providing you with a long-lasting, all-day vape.

So if you’re looking for a small and lightweight device that can go the distance with you, the Vaporesso Nexus is always a good option.

Vaporesso Nexus heating chamber

Vaporesso Nexus full kit

Overall Experience

Summing up our overall time with the Vaporesso Nexus can be done using one word: pleasant. It’s a great looking device with respectable performance and a battery that can keep up with the best of them.

While certain improvements could always be made such as upping the total wattage and battery size in tandem to create an overall stronger vape, the Vaporesso Nexus as it is, does a decent enough job of providing what every vaper needs. If you’re looking for a similarly compact device with a larger battery and more watts, check out our review of the Atopack Penguin and if you are looking for one that’s even smaller check out the Kandypens Rubi

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