Vie Vaporizer Review – A viable choice?


A relatively unknown name in the industry, the Vie Vaporizer promises high-quality vapor, unique heating profiles and adjustable airflow packed into one small device. At this price point it competes with the likes of the Zeus Smite, Boundless CF and XMax Starry. Does it hold its own or does it fail to impress? Check out what we have to say here in our review!

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Review: Vie Vaporizer

Vie Vaporizer Review

Vie Vaporizer coils

How it Works

Once you’ve filled the herb chamber with 0.2 grams of lightly tamped herb, you’ll want to triple click the power button to turn the unit on. The device will automatically begin heating to the selected temperature setting in around 60 seconds of time. At this point you can change between heating modes to better dial in your session:

Direct load mode: With the indicator light slowing blue, the device will be set for loading herb into the chamber without a capsule. It’ll be set at a lower heat level than the other settings.

Herb capsule mode: Indicated by the red power light, the temperature will be slightly higher to accommodate for use with the herb capsules.

Concentrates mode: Shown by the purple light, this is the highest temperature setting intended only for use with concentrates! Do not use this setting with dry herb as it will combust!

The device will automatically shut off if it doesn’t detect a draw in the last three minutes which is a convenient feature. The Vie includes a convenient standby feature as well, which will keep the chamber heated to the chosen heating modes temperature, and a quick tap of the power button will raise the temperature back up to the preset temperature.

Vie Vaporizer top view

Vie Vaporizer power control

Temperature Flexibility

While we get those intricate standby mode and three different heating profiles, we’re not actually given the exact temperatures that the standby temperatures sit at.

We do however know the individual adjustable temperature levels which are at 170, 200, 220 and 250°C, or 338, 392, 428 and 482°F. These are acceptable however the highest temperature setting should only be used for concentrates and never dry herb.

For a device in this price range compared to its competition, the temperature flexibility of the Vie Vaporizer is pretty poor. In the current year, nearly every budget device comes with full temperature control and there’s no excuse not to have that.

Vie Vaporizer mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality from the Vie is underwhelming. While the cooling path in the mouthpiece does a decent job at smoothing the hit out before it reaches your lungs, the flavor, potency and cloud production from the Vie is below average. Any of the three vaporizers mentioned at the top of the page will far outperform the Vie vaporizer in every aspect.

The plastic mouthpiece and cooling unit also dilutes the flavor and even adds a bit of plastic-y taste to it, which isn’t appealing by any means. The flavor from the herb is the typical ‘roasted popcorn’ flavor after the first few hits which is characteristic of most conduction based devices. 

Vie Vaporizer front display

Manufacturing Quality

The Vie has a mixed build quality. The aluminum on the unit looks and feels nice, however, the plastic trim pieces and makes it feel cheaper than it should. We do however appreciate the engineering behind the mouthpiece with its adjustable airflow settings, the standby feature and pod capsule system, however, the buttons, lights and other aspects of the device feel as though they skimped out on the manufacturing.

Included in the box is a good array of accessories with 3 herb capsules, a concentrates capsule, capsule carrying tube, 5 spare screens, USB charger, brushes, picks, cleaning cloth, extra chamber lids and SIM ejection tool. This leaves us more than satisfied in this regard.

Vie Vaporizer full kit

Vie Vaporizer usb slotBattery Life

Vie hasn’t put out any numbers telling us the battery capacity, however in our tests we’ve gotten around 4 sessions at medium temperature settings before needing to plug it in. The battery is not user replaceable and doesn’t have pass-through charging either. It’ll take roughly 2-3 hours to top up from flat until full as well.

This is also slightly disappointing as we’ve seen even smaller units like the Zeus Arc sport a much stronger battery life.

Vie Vaporizer with armor case


The Vie is well sized and fits nicely into any palm or pocket. The included pod container also allows you to take a few doses with you anywhere you go, which makes it really nice for taking out and about.

While it’s not as petite as units like the Pax or Fury 2, it definitely does the trick.

Vie Vaporizer in hand

Ease of Use

There’s a bit of a learning curve in understanding the temperature settings, different modes and what all the different lights mean. On the other hand, it’s a simple process to share with friends as there’s no draw technique to think of – just inhale and off you go!

Cleaning is a bit more of a pain, and it reminds me of the process behind cleaning the cooling unit on the Mighty. Many cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol and sometimes will get it pretty well cleaned, however, it’s important to do this every 5-10 sessions to ensure optimal performance of your device. This may be a bit too much for frequent consumers.

Vie Vaporizer in another hand


With the small size, the Vie can go with you practically anywhere. It can also be dismissed as a power bank if left out on the table or in your pocket which is nice for discretion.

It’s not hard to enjoy this device in public as it conceals nicely in the hand without being conspicuous.

Vie Vaporizer full kitOverall Experience

The Vie has some innovative and interesting features, however, it really falls flat in the overall performance.

The battery is very underwhelming, the vapor quality is below average, no precise temperature control and okay build quality makes it a miss in our books. The idea and thought behind the device is there, however, we really can’t get behind the performance.

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