Zeus Arc vs Mighty Vaporizer Showdown


The Mighty vaporizer has been around since 2014 and has long been held as one of the best vaporizers on the market and today we will be putting the Mighty up against the latest contender the Zeus Arc. This may look like a heavyweight vs featherweight matchup, but the Zeus Arc’s power for its size makes it a worthy contender, especially if you are looking for something worthy of taking out with you for a night. So lets do this, it’s the Zeus Arc vs Mighty in the ultimate vaporizer showdown.

Zeus Arc vs Mighty
Zeus Arc vs Mighty Portable Showdown

Vapor Quality

When it comes to vapor quality you won’t find much better than the Storz & Bickel Mighty, this unit takes the technology of the Volcano and shrinks it down to fit in the palm of your hand.

The Mighty features convection style vapor meaning it cooked from the hot air rather than contact with the side walls. This leaves the airflow free flowing and allows for decent vapor even at lower temperatures. Vapor is smooth and flavorful without being overly harsh.

So with the Mighty’s vapor quality and convection, you may assume that this fight is already over, but you would be passing judgment of the Zeus Arc too quickly. The Zeus Arc is an extremely capable conduction vaporizer and easily has the crown for best vapor from a conduction unit.

Clouds on the Zeus Arc rival that of the Mighty, especially at its highest temperature, while remaining smooth and full of flavor. This is due to the Zeus Arc’s use of an all gold vapor path which works to remove heat from your vapor before it hits your lifts.

To say the vapor the Arc can produce from such a small chassis is impressive is an understatement. It is a great unit if you want great vapor while on the town without taking up much pocket real-estate, something the Mighty is lacking, which we will touch on later.

But for this section, we are calling it a tie, which is seriously impressive for the Zeus Arc to offer vapor that is equally as good as the Mighty’s, but at a fraction of the size.

Zeus Arc vs Mighty Manufacturing QualityManufacturing Quality

When it comes to manufacturing quality, the Mighty is a solid unit. The entire shell is made of PEEK plastic, it features a convection heater, and a digital display for precise temperature control.

The plastic shell is a bit of a blessing and a curse, for the most part it is rugged, but does not hold up as well if it ever gets dropped. We have seen plenty of cases of cracked and broken plastic from natural wear and tear over time.

Another aspect that makes us feel the age of the Mighty is the proprietary charger it uses, which forces users to lug around a brick charger if they ever need to charge the Mighty while they are out.

The Mighty also features 2 internal batteries which lends to its overall size, and while battery life is ample in the Mighty, the size detracts from it being a viable on-the-go portable.

Zeus Arc parts

The Zeus Arc being the newer of the 2 units is a bit more efficient with how the manufacturing was executed, offering an efficient and powerful heater housed in a sleek, small, and sexy chassis. The Zeus Arc takes a more luxury approach to its look, rather than the utilitarian, Black & Decker-esque look at the Mighty employs.

The Zeus Arc is the first vaporizer to offer an old gold vapor path. Gold is known for its highly conductive properties, which is why Zeus chose it for the Arc. The gold efficiently transfers the heat to your herbs in the chamber while simultaneous extracting heat in the gold heatsink found in the mouthpiece. The result of this impressive feat of engineering is large clouds of vapor from an unassumingly small unit.

With the Zeus Arc your herbs are evenly cooked after the session, with a nice dark coffee brown look, ensuring full extraction of your herbs. In contrast, the Mighty seems to require several stirs during the session to get an even cook, and the herbs still look closer to golden brown.

Zooming down a little further on the Arc’s manufacturing quality is the fact that it has a built in scoop for loading, which is much more convenient than the Storz & Bickel’s loading Fill Tool, which forces you to carry a separate piece to properly load your herbs.

The Zeus Arc also has a USB charging port at the bottom which makes it a lot easier to charge while on the go or if you ever lose your original charging cable. Also, the Zeus Arc is firmware upgradeable, meaning that you will be able to update your unit as they become available, which is not a thing with the Mighty.

The Zeus Arc also features a single 3500 lithium polymer battery, which gives the Zeus Arc a great battery life for a unit so small, lasting 90 minutes. The Mighty lasts roughly 2 hours, but considering the size difference, we are impressed with the Arc’s battery efficiency.

Zeus Arc vs Mighty Ease of UseEase of Use

The Mighty is a pretty easy device to use, there is not much of a learning curve beyond finding a temperature you want to vape at and there is no need to learn a difficult draw technique.

The Zeus Arc is just as easy to use featuring just one button and 3 pre-set temperatures. Once again, the Arc really is as simple as packing it, turning it on and enjoying your vapor. Once again the Arc doesn’t require any special draw techniques and airflow is perfectly calibrated. You can check battery life with a simple shake of the device.

At the end of the day both devices are super easy to pick up and use so we will chalk this section up as a tie.

Zeus Arc vs Mighty PortabilityPortability

This section is pretty self explanatory, when it comes to portability the Zeus Arc wins by a landslide, standing just 87mm tall, 42mm wide and 22.5mm deep it can easily be slipped into your pocket to take with you for the day. The micro usb charging port also makes it a cinch to charge on the go.

While the Mighty stands at 139.7 mm tall, 81.28mm wide and 30.48mm deep. The Mighty can be a bit of a hassle to carry around with you, especially if you enjoy a euro-style pant.

Zeus Arc vs Mighty Battery LifeBattery Life

When it comes to battery life the Zeus Arc puts up a pretty good fight with its single internal battery, lasting roughly 90 minutes on a single charge.

However, the Mighty has a slight edge in this department featuring 2 batteries in its massive body which will give users just over 2 hours of battery life.

When it comes to pound per pound battery life the Mighty takes this section. But the Zeus Arc is still very impressive with the battery life it offers, plus USB charging makes the Zeus Arc easier to charge on the go.

Zeus Arc vs Mighty Temperature FlexibilityTemperature Flexibility

This is another category that the Mighty excels in because of its size and inclusion of a digital display and precise temperature control. You can set the Mighty up to 210 degrees Celsius using the up and down arrows on the front of the unit.

Our one complaint with the Mighty’s flexibility is capping the max temperature at 210 degrees celcius, we would have liked to see a higher max temperature.

The Zeus Arc only has 3 pre-set temperatures but they are very well calibrated. Level 1 is 205 degrees Celsius, level 2 is 215 degrees Celsius and the final is 225 degrees Celsius. With these temperatures you can vape an entire bowl on each one of the settings, maximizing your herbs over 3 sessions.

The Zeus Arc certainly gets hotter than the Mighty which lends to a darker cook and fuller extraction, but is limited in the fact that you can’t set it down to the individual degree. It is worth noting Zeus is working on a Low Temp firmware which will lower the units temperature range for those who like lower temperatures.

While the Zeus Arc may have a higher range of temperatures, the Mighty has precise temperature control, so it technically is the more flexible device.

Zeus Arc vs Mighty WinnerSHOWDOWN

The Mighty is a great vaporizer, which is impressive giving how long its been on the market. We have seen plenty of units get lost in time, but the Mighty has been able to weather many storms with its excellent vapor.

But that being said, we are extremely impressed with the Zeus Arc. The fact that a unit this size can output the amount of vapor it can is astonishing and we really have to give it to the gold vapor path for effectively cooling the vapor before it hits your lips.

This is an extremely close decision, but at the end of the day we feel like the Zeus Arc’s size, heating power, gold vapor path and battery life is a winning combination that makes it the go to unit for vaping on the go. The look of the Zeus Arc is sleek, modern, and has the power to back it up. Not to mention the Zeus Arc is also less expensive.

The Mighty is still an excellent unit as well but fairs better as a home unit, lacking some versatility for when you want to travel.

If you think the Zeus Arc is the device for you be sure to grab one from our store. And if you think the Mighty has what you want you can also grab it directly from our shop.

If you want another comparison check out our showdown of the Zeus Arc vs DaVinci IQ.

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  1. So the pre-set temperatures on the Zeus Arc can’t be changed by the user through an app or something like that?? You’re stuck with 205, 215 and 225??

    • Currently those are the only temperatures available, however, there will be a PC Application coming out that will allow you to change the pre-set temperatures.

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