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Airvape has already generated solid respect and love with their Airvape XS, and they’ve done a slight revision and upgrade to the previous iteration. With a slightly larger chamber, revised mouthpiece and same slimline design, is the Airvape X worth the price tag?

If this is your first herb vaporizer, do head on over to our handy Dry Herb Vaporizer Buyers Guide for some useful information to help you get started.

Review: Apollo Airvape X

Airvape X Review

Airvape X heating chamber

How it Works

For previous Airvape XS owners, you’ll be glad to hear it’s just as simple as the previous unit. The mouthpiece now detaches magnetically, the digital interface operates the same, turning on with a few clicks of the button, while adjusting temperature is done with the two aptly-shaped buttons.

From there, once the herb is heated – just inhale and enjoy! A beginner would be able to sort this unit out in no more than a minute or so.

Airvape X colors

Airvape X power control

Temperature Flexibility

There is independent temperature control which displays on the screen. It has a range of 200-428°F or 93-220°C.

This is hugely welcomed as many units either don’t go high enough, low enough or don’t even adjust at all! It’s somewhat mind-boggling how some devices get this wrong when it’s such a seemingly simple function.

Once you’ve chosen your temperature, the device is heated within only 20 seconds! Rather impressive and it is certainly on the lower side of the spectrum for heat-up times.

Airvape X mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Although it uses standard conduction heating, the vapor quality is certainly better than many other conduction-based devices.

The ceramic heating element and vapor-path give a very clean flavor, and the ceramic air flow box gives it rather good cooling for such a short vapor-path.

While not on the level of some units such as the Zeus Arc, flavor and smoothness is quite good. I would still place it below other units at its price range like the Utillian 721 and Arizer Air 2, however those both compromise portability in their quest for vapor quality.

With the 25% larger oven compared to the previous iteration, the X puts out quite thick clouds of vapor when taking longer draws at medium-high heat settings. The concentrates pad works pretty well at the highest temperatures when using wax, however, if you’re primarily a concentrates user I would definitely get something else. It’s pretty good, but certainly not my go-to for concentrates.


Airvape X front profile

Manufacturing Quality

Build quality is fantastic! From being one of, if not, the slimmest vaporizer on the market to the sturdy steel construction, the Airvape X feels wonderful in the hands and certainly gives you the impression it’s a premium product.

The mouthpiece feels wonderful and the overall construction is really enjoyable. As well as haptic feedback – a fancy term for saying it vibrates – Apollo nailed the design with this one!

To add to that, Apollo includes a lifetime warranty and a standard accessories kit consisting of a MicroUSB cable, cleaning & packing tools, manual, screens and concentrates insert.

Airvape X detached

Airvape X usb slotBattery Life

While not awful, it’s quite average. Inside is a 1300MaH battery which allows for pass-through charging, provided the battery isn’t completely dead.

You can expect between 5-7 sessions on a single charge, however, with non-replaceable batteries, long-term lifespan is always a question that comes to mind when inevitably the battery does degrade.

Due to the sleek nature of the device, it’s quite understandable why the Airvape couldn’t feature a removable battery.

Airvape X with armor case


With the incredibly slim design, it slides into a pocket incredibly well! Ergonomically, the Airvape feels fantastic to hold and draw from, and your carry size is reduced greatly when compared to larger portable units.

Apollo has announced a carrying shell for the Airvape X (the one for the Xs does not fit for the X), which will improve portability and discreetness as it’ll keep the unit entirely airtight and make the unit even more durable.

Airvape X in hand

Ease of Use

Likewise, with the Airvape Xs, the X is no different and a complete beginner could get the hang of things quickly! Loading the oven is straightforward and since it’s a conduction device it’s recommended to opt for a slighty dense pack, however not too tight!

Cleaning is not too big of a hassle either– the intricate mouthpiece can be disassembled and cleaned with a cotton swap and 98% alcohol, or soaked in solution and then rinsed to remove the majority of build-up. Ensure you don’t leave the rubber gasket on when cleaning with alcohol though!

Airvape X in finger tip


Not completely inconspicuous and the interesting design certainly makes it look like ‘something else’. It doesn’t completely conceal in the hand either so for ultimate stealthiness, another device would definitely fit the bill much better.

If pocket-ability and rather easy transport is important though, the Airvape X does quite well! Once the shell for the Airvape gets released, I imagine any lingering odor would likely become much less of an issue then!

Airvape X full kitOverall Experience

At $180 new, the Airvape X is quite good, however, it doesn’t quite match the vapor quality of other units around its price range such as the Utillian 721 – although it is slightly better in portability.

To me, the Airvape X is right in between for portability and performance, and it looks stellar as well! If the highest vapor quality is sought after, I’d much recommend other units, and if ultimate portability is important, I’d likewise suggest something else.

The Airvape sits nicely in the middle and as such a unit, it’s pretty great! Any improvements I’d make would be to the heating system, using convection or hybrid heating rather than strictly conduction. That would give it a more competitive vapor quality for both flavor and efficiency.

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