Utillian 620

Utillian 620
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Key Features:

  • Convection Heating
  • Magnetic Stirring Tool
  • Digital Display
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Isolated Airpath
  • 1 Year Warranty
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The Utillian 620 dry herb vaporizer shrinks down the convection technology of the 722 making it perfect for conserving flower and saving money. It also introduces a glass mouthpiece, digital display, and precise temperature control offering an excellent single-user experience.

Performance Specs
  • 8.8
    Vapor Quality
    Vapor Quality
  • 8.4
    Manufacturing Quality
    Manufacturing Quality
  • 8.6
    Temperature Flexibility
    Temperature Flexibility
  • 9.2
  • 8.0
  • 9.0
  • 7.3
    Battery Life
    Battery Life
Overall Score 8.9
Technical Specs
  • Manufacturer Utillian
  • Battery 2300mah
  • Battery Life 60 Minute
  • Heat time 40 Seconds
  • Heating Style Convection
  • Temperature 160C° - 220C° (320 - 428°F)
  • Compatibility Herbs
  • Warranty 1 Year with TVAPE Hassle-Free
How it works:

How’s it going YouTube this is Alex coming at ya in the studio with a very special review of the new Utillian 620. It seems the people at Utillian can’t get enough of making budget friendly vaporizers for the masses. We’re going to dive in and check out if this unit is worth your hard earned dollars. But first….Without further ado, let’s get into it.


The Utillian 620 is straightforward in its operation. Pull the magnetic mouthpiece off of the unit and load your herb in, then replace it. There are three buttons on the side of the device – the power button, and the up and down buttons. Press the power button 5 times to turn the unit on. The press the up and down buttons to get to your preferred temperature. The 620 will start heating up, and will vibrate to let you know you have reached temperature – and you’re good to go.


1x Utillian 620

1x Chamber Cleaning Brush

1x Airpath Cleaning Brush

1x USB Cable

1x O-ring and screen set (for the magnetic mouthpiece)

1x User manual


The 620 has precise temperature control from 160 to 220 degrees Celsius, covering the usual spectrum of temperatures, and features a display similar to that of the Utillian 420 and 421.

Like with most vaporizers, lower temperatures will give you better flavour and less clouds, while higher will give you more vapor and less flavour.

We find for all practical purposes, this temperature range gets the job done well. It is also app free, which is a bonus for me.


The Utillian 620 is another mark in Utillian’s seemingly unending quest to design better and better vaporizers. This unit features helix convection, which is a super cool and unique feature. It elongates the air and vapor path and provides a more even cook of your herbs, which is a phenomenal thing to have on this budget friendly vaporizer. You can also remove the chamber entirely for easy cleaning, but more on that later.

I got a rundown of the principle from one of Utillian’s engineers. Now, I’m not an engineer so I’ll explain it as best I can. As the air moves over the spiral-thingy here (called a helix), it circulates around the helix. This increases the heat transfer surface area, which leads to better heat transfer. To simplify, the air temperature ends up higher than it would if it was just a straight path, leading to a more even cook and a consistent temperature for your hits.

Suffice to say the 620 does not disappoint in the vapor quality department. I have been using it for about a week now and I have no complaints, the airpath is certainly less clogged using this helix method.

The borosilicate glass mouthpiece then cools down the vapor well before it hits your lips, leading to some great, tasty, cool hits.


The Utillian 620 follows the rest of the Utillian line with an anodized aluminum shell that is tough and can definitely stand up to a couple drops. While you will notice a few familiar features, the 620 is a serious upgrade to anything we’ve seen before. It has an aluminum heating chamber, and the whole thing can be removed to be cleaned and keep your air and vapor path free of debris. It features a similar display to the 420 and 421, just a little larger in size. It also has a magnetic tool at the bottom of the unit to help with loading, emptying your bowl, and giving it a quick stir between sessions. They’ve also made the mouthpiece magnetic, which is great, as everything just kind of neatly slots into place and stays there. It takes about 40 seconds to heat up and has a one year hassle free warranty.


The 620 has a 2300mah internal battery that will give you roughly 60 minutes of continuous use, nothing to laugh at by any means. For a vaporizer this size, this is slighty above average, and will definitely last you at least a days worth of sessions – unless you’re a heavy user, which - no judgements here.


The 620 is a great travel buddy with the battery life it has, and easily slips into any pocket or bag and should last most users an entire day of travel sessions. The only issue I can foresee is the glass mouthpiece, but it is made of borosilicate glass and sticks up less than an inch, so I can’t imagine it will break in your pocket, but I’d say don’t put it in your pocket and go rock climbing or hip thrust any sharp objects, which you probably shouldn’t be doing anyway. It is slightly more compact than the Utillian 722, and travels really well. If you feel the need for a case, check out the ZEUS Armor, which is a great smell proof case that has room for your grinder and vaporizer.


Utillian is always striving to make the user experience as simple as possible and the 620 does not disappoint. While I enjoy the one button design of the 720 and 420 lines, the 3 button system is easy to operate without any complications. With the magnetic mouthpiece at the top of the unit and the magnetic tool at the bottom, the whole loading process is simple and straightforward. The ability to remove the helix chamber for cleaning purposes is great too, as you can remove both sides of the chamber and soak them in isopropyl to get them nice and shiny. Then the vapor and air path are easily cleaned with pipe cleaner or the included brush, and the entire cleaning process just feels like it was given a lot of though to, so it’s got that going for it, which is nice.


Overall, the Utillian 620 is a great convection vaporizer, and that helix convection innovation is something we’d like to see in more devices. I can’t get enough of new technology, and love to see innovation in the vaporizer world. Really, I can’t say enough about the quality of vapor out of this device. I have enjoyed using it for the two weeks I’ve had it, and it has definitely made its way into my lineup as a great travel buddy. Utillian has also told me that they are planning on having different glass attachments at some point, including a bong adapter – which, if you’ve seen any of our other videos, gets my engine pretty revved up. It is a great device for beginners and connoisseurs alike, as it is simple to use but has some subtle features that undoubtedly make it a top shelf unit.

And that’s it for this one guys, thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, if you learned something, slap that like button. If you really enjoyed it, hit subscribe to stay up to date on all of our latest.

You should get the Utillian 620 Vaporizer if…

You are looking for a portable single-user vaporizer that offers convection heating for more efficient extraction. The chamber on the Utillian 620 can hold as much as .2 grams of herb or as little as .1 grams, allowing you to use less herb per session and save money.

Use Less Flower

The Utillian 620 is extremely efficient at cooking your herbs, allowing you to use fewer herbs per session while maintaining great flavor and vapor production. Thanks to the smaller chamber size and effective convection heating, the 620 will save you money. 

Convection Heating

The Utillian 620 takes the same convection technology used in the popular Utillian 722 vaporizer, but scales it down for a small chamber. The 620 vaporizer features a unique removable convection helix which helps create an even cook of your herbs.

Digital Display & Temperature Control

The Utillian 620 features a digital display allowing for precise temperature control. The temperature on the 620 can be set anywhere between 160 - 220°C (320 - 428°F), allowing for ample extraction of your herbs. The digital display also allows the auto-shutoff timer to be adjusted up to 8 minutes.

Glass Mouthpiece

The Utillian 620 features a glass mouthpiece which helps preserve the flavor of your herbs. The glass mouthpiece also makes cleaning the 620 very easy. The tinted glass also keeps your device looking cleaner for longer.

Magnetic Stir Tool

The 620 has a magnetic stir tool attached to the bottom of the device allowing you to quickly mix your bowl. The tool can also be used to pop out the convection helix for access to the vapor path when cleaning.

60 Minute Battery Life

The Utillian 620 is powered by a 2300mAh battery which provides users with roughly 60 minutes of charge time depending on temperature setting and use. The 620 can easily be charged via micro USB.

1 Year Warranty

The Utillian 620 comes with backed for 1 Year by Tvape’s Hassle-free warranty program. Why deal with the manufacturer when you can deal directly with us? This does not cover physical damage or natural degradation of your battery. If something should happen to your Utillian 620 vaporizer do not hesitate to contact our customer service team and they will be happy to help.

Feature Packed:

  • 40 Second Heat Time
  • Removable Convection Helix
  • Entire vapor path accessible for easy cleaning
  • Holds up to .2 grams of herb
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Adjustable Shut-Off Timer (8 Minute Max)
  • Free flowing airflow
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Verified Buyer

Completely satisfied with the performance of this vape. . . .
I have been using Utillian products since 2016. I have tried approx all Utillian products because I am very satisfied with the performance and this company and haven't tried any other brands yet. I always try their new products so ordered this vape a month ago. Completely satisfied with the performance of this vape. The best part is its chamber that can be removable for better cleaning. I bet you won't go wrong with this one.

Verified Buyer

Sooo cool!!
What a nice surprise! I got the vape two days ago and fired it up. The draw was sooooo easy compared to the Pulsar vape that I previously had! And I got decent clouds along with nice taste, which is so satisfying. The device is really light but sturdy. It looks good, feels good in the hand and the draw is cool as well. I've been heating it at 200C and it works just fine. It heats really fast and I'm lovin' it.

Verified Buyer

good reliable unit
Bought another one for my parents as this has been the best herbal investment I have ever made! Worth every cent, having used a few other Vaporizers and not enjoying them before giving it “one last shot”’on the Utillian 620, I wish I had invested in it from the get go, does exactly what it’s meant to and is very easy to use and clean also. Display and precise temperature are plus points.

Verified Buyer

Highly recommended!
It is a device that I highly recommend. Given my budget and after careful thinking, plus compare and contrast with other devices in the same price range, and voila! Finally decided on the 620! No regrets! Aside from the good and reasonable price that comes with a ton of perks, this vape does not lag in performance. It works really well with the herbs and has great battery life and easy, fast charging. Not to mention that fast heating time and the amazing vapor quality.

Verified Buyer

I love this vaporizer. . . .
I love this vaporizer. Utillian 620 works flawlessly, and the LEDs that show when it’s ready for use are visible even in direct sunlight. The chamber is a bit small but perfect for single-person use. Just a wonderfully made device. The removable chamber option is just excellent, you can simply remove it for better cleaning.
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