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We pit Arizers latest offering, the ArGo vs Crafty, Storz & Bickel’s portable powerhouse. They fall in the same price bracket and each of is a strong competitor touting impressive performance in such small packages. Read on to discover which of the two is the stronger package overall!

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Arizer ArGo vs Crafty

ArGo vs Crafty

crafty with mouth pieceVapor Quality

Both the ArGo and Crafty possess top-tier vapor quality! Both working off a hybrid heating system, which uses properties from both conduction and convection heating, they both have fairly similar traits in terms of vapor quality.

The ArGo, with its purely glass vapor path, gives a richer flavor to the vapor. Better for those who love to enjoy the flavors from what they’re vaporizing! The air flow is a bit more restricted on the ArGo however, and it’s harder to get a thick draw out of it. Still, cloud production is fairly solid and it definitely satisfies!

The Crafty, on the other hand, has a more ‘robust’ draw to it producing denser clouds. It leans more on the convection side of things too, as the oven doesn’t get as warm as the stem on the ArGo does. The cooling path works better and gives for smoother, less irritating hits too. While at low temperatures, both are quite gentle on the lungs, the benefit from the vapor path on the Crafty is certainly noticeable at higher temperatures.

The airflow being freer on the Crafty leads to denser, more satisfying hits. For that, I give my point to the Crafty. The ArGo puts out solid flavor and vapor, though the Crafty takes it up a notch and is a really hard competitor to beat.

crafty front displayManufacturing Quality

Both companies put out well-built pieces, and both vaporizers are no exception to that rule. The Crafty is made out of an incredibly durable plastic, while the ArGo is made of aluminum with a rubberized coating. While both manufacturers put out really reliable devices, the feel and finish of the ArGo definitely comes in above the Crafty.

It somewhat comes down to personal preference as well. If you prefer a more ‘premium’ feeling product with a nicer feel and aesthetic, the ArGo wins hands down. The Crafty is better suited for those who want a rugged, reliable tool. The strong plastic doesn’t win any visual points, but it certainly can take a beating!

Another thing to note is that the Crafty has Bluetooth capabilities allowing for precise temperature control on the go with the use of your phone. And with the latest updates to the Crafty and the App you can now even turn your Crafty on via your phone and have it heated and ready for when you want to use it.

Both include a standard accessories kit as well with plenty of spare parts and tools. Overall, the Crafty’s finish and overall engineering makes it feel like a more premium device. The only thing that really hurts it is the lack of removable battery, but seeing as our Crafty is at over 100 hours of use without issue, that has not been much of an issue.

argo in handEase of Use

Both devices are fairly easy to use – load your herb, turn it on and you’re ready to go! If the removable stem isn’t your thing, the Crafty has you covered and makes loading it easier. The ArGo pulls ahead by far in one department though: adjusting your temperature.

With the ArGo, the display tells you all you need about battery life, current temperature and lets you adjust the temperature from there. The Crafty, on the other hand, requires you to use the Bluetooth app in order to change the temperature. If your phone is dead or you don’t have one on you, you’re out of luck if you want to change temperature.

I’m still surprised Storz and Bickel hasn’t addressed this issue by implementing some sort of button on the unit to change your temperature. Needing to pull out your phone, launching the app, and then adjusting your temperature from there is a lot more hassle than doing it on the unit itself. Not exactly an intuitive design. Many Crafty users end up settling on 2 temperatures and then never touch their phones.

Cleaning and maintenance is also quite different. While the Crafty has an intricate mouthpiece and chamber that needs to be cleaned regularly, the ArGo’s stem cleans incredibly easily by dunking it in some isopropanol alcohol. Between the easier cleaning and onboard temperature control, the ArGo wins handily for ease of use.

crafty with armor casePortability

Both being designed for on-the-go use, they both excel in portability. Arizer gave a good solution to the dilemma the Air 2 faced, while the Crafty is just a scaled-down version of the beloved Mighty.

With the chamber of the Crafty being self-contained as opposed to Arizers removable stem, loading your device is a bit easier. Regardless of Arizers build quality, I’ve certainly broken a few glass stems in my time and I still worry about it! The rugged plastic on the Crafty doesn’t carry this problem and I feel safer taking it out on hikes, tossing it around, throwing it in a bag and so forth.

The Crafty wins in this regard with the industrial-like build quality, letting it be tossed around and abused without fear of breaking sensitive parts. The self-contained chamber is a bonus too.

Battery Life

With the 2018 revision of the Crafty, we see a 20% stronger battery. Greatly needed as the biggest downside to the Crafty was the relatively poor battery life! Instead of 3-4 sessions, you get around 5 full sessions per charge. While still not spectacular, it was a welcome update. It charges via MicroUSB and goes from flat until full in around 2 hours. Unfortunately, the Crafty does not have a removable battery.

The ArGo on the other had has a removable 18650 battery which can be removed on the fly, which is great for multiple sessions or long excursions. Each charge cycle will leave you with around 6-8 sessions, depending on the temperature chosen.

The Argo comes out the clear winner here.


Both units conceal very well and almost hide entirely in the palm. The industrial black build of the Crafty is certainly stealthier, and works better in discreet situations than the ArGo does.

When it comes to heat-up time, the Crafty takes around two minutes to reach your set temperature, while the ArGo does so in about a minute and a half. A quick session with a few puffs is definitely easier to do with the Arizer.

They’re both fantastic at being small, heavy hitters though, and it’s hard to decide a winner. I would call this category a direct tie, with neither putting out a distinct advantage.

argo power buttonTemperature Flexibility

The ArGo features a temperature range between 128-428°F (53.3 -220°C) while the Crafty has a range from 104-410°F,40-210°C, with 356°F/180°C being the default. The higher maximum temperature on the ArGo works better for complete extraction.

The Crafty does feature a ‘Boost’ function which will bring your temperature up to your highest set temperature. This, as well as the default temperature, can be configured with the Bluetooth app so you can tailor your experience as you desire.

Though the boost mode is handy for finishing off a session at a higher setting, the ability to adjust the temperature right from the ArGo itself lends the win to Arizer for temperature flexibility.


It’s a real close contest with these two. While I prefer the feel, battery life and temperature control of the Arizer Go more, the Crafty wins with its superior vapor quality and rugged design.

The industrial construction of the Crafty gives you more confidence when carrying it about and the vapor quality is really hard to beat. If you tally up the points, the ArGo pulls ahead, however if you give me the choice between the two, I’d pick the Crafty more often than not.

You really cannot go wrong with either though and the best choice lies with what’ll suit your needs best. Personally, I love the Crafty and if it had better battery life, heat-up time and onboard temperature control, it’d be a king, even if that came at the sacrifice of a bit of portability. On second thought, I may have just completely described the Mighty

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