Ghost MV1 Review – Over-Hyped or just right?


Being the first vaporizer that Ghost Vapes has ever released, we’re keen on seeing how this not so portable, portable vaporizer performs! With on-demand convection, glass mouthpiece, removable battery and a unique design, the Ghost MV1 is a fascinating choice in itself. Some have been hoping for it to be the ‘Mighty Killer’ that we’ve all been waiting for. We’ll see how it performs, and if it’s worth the hefty price tag.

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Review: Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1 Review

Ghost MV1 tank

How it Works

By taking one look at the MV1, you must already be wondering – how on earth does it work? It’s relatively straightforward in fact, but it does take a little bit of tinkering to get it working the way you want.

Starting by pushing on the small chrome tab on the front, the herb chamber will swing open, revealing the removable crucible. Inside of this is where you’d pack roughly 0.15-0.2 grams of coarsely ground, loosely packed herb.

Sliding the crucible back into the chamber and sealing it up leads you to the next step – turning it on. Hold the bottom button down until the LED flashes green, and then you’ll be ready to go. When you’re ready to take a hit, hold down on the button for the duration of your draw, releasing right before you’ve finished inhaling.

Ghost MV1 available colors

There is a little bit of draw technique involved, with longer, heavier pulls generating better results. For use with concentrates, you’ll follow all the above steps, this time inserting the liquid pad into the crucible before adding your material.


Ghost MV1 power button

Temperature Flexibility

There are three pre-determined settings for dry herb, and two customizable ones that you can set with the GHOST app. There’s also one mode for concentrates, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Beyond switching between these five settings, there’s no way to set a specific temperature from the device itself. Instead, you’ll need to navigate through the app and change one of the ‘favorites’ you’ve set.

With the app, you can go anywhere from 300-470°F/149-243°C, with the three presets sitting at 340/365/390°F, or 171/185/199°C. These presets may be a bit on the low side for those who enjoy a more robust cloud, which is why they give you the 2 custom settings via the app.

Be careful with settings above 428°F/220°C, as dry herb becomes prone to combustion at these levels. Beyond 446°F/230°C I would only use for concentrates, as the likelihood for combustion increases drastically.

The highest setting works very well for concentrates, though I’d love to see it raised a little more, perhaps by around 30 degrees or so.

Ghost MV1 mouth piece

Vapor Quality

With on-demand vapor you’ll be getting really great flavor as well as really smooth draws with each use. The vapor path certainly does a good job at cooling down the vapor, while the heater is powerful enough to give you pleasant vapor with each draw.

I still think that the Firefly 2 has slightly better flavor than the Ghost MV1 but the Ghost MV1 is no slouch in this regard. Just like the Firefly 2 there is a certain draw technique to get the best vapor from the Ghost MV1 but it is easier to learn than the Firefly.

With the adjustable mouthpiece, you can tailor the draws to your liking, really allowing you to dial in the experience that feels right for you. The Ghost MV1 definitely met my expectations on the vapor quality front!


Ghost MV1 front display

Manufacturing Quality

As a whole, the MV1 looks quite unique, though there are a few gripes that I have with the design.

To start, the glossy finish is a fingerprint and dust magnet, proudly displaying any little specks and smudges that show up on it. Not to mention, small scratches are glaringly obvious.

The mouthpiece is very finicky too and has impacted performance when it isn’t seated properly.

The design choice to have a smartphone app rather than onboard temperature control is a poor oversight as well (something the aforementioned Firefly 2 suffers from as well), and the battery pack takes up a huge bulk of space. For the capacity it has, I’m sure they could’ve used a smaller, more efficient cell.

The crucible chamber design can also be finicky and is not ideal for people who have issues with fine motor skills.

Beyond that, the unit itself does feel quite sturdy and really does look like some device from the future. The accessories that Ghost packs in the box is a little tame for the price point, only including the charger, one crucible, a concentrates pad, a few cleaning picks, a few alcohol wipes, and some cotton swabs.

Ghost MV1 parts

I would’ve liked to have seen an extra crucible or two being added, some higher quality cleaning picks and perhaps a carrying case. The price you pay makes you feel like they skimped out a bit on what they give you.

Ghost MV1 usb slotBattery Life

With such a huge cell, you’d expect plenty of juice to be crammed inside. Though it’s not bad by any means, the battery pack only has a capacity of 2600mAh. At this price point and size of the device itself, I’d expect at least 3000mAh.

With that being said, you can expect roughly 75 full power draws per charge, depending on the temperature you hit it at. Easily, you can get 10 crucibles fully extracted before needing to top up again.

Fortunately, the battery is easily removable in case it dies prematurely, making swapping it out a breeze. If you’re willing to spend the extra $49USD on a second battery pack, then you likely won’t have to worry about running out of juice any time soon.

It’s not the best battery setup we’ve ever seen, but it certainly does the job.

Ghost MV1 with armor case


With the odd shape and general heft of it, you’re not going to be throwing this into your pockets any time soon. The only time I’d be carrying it with me would be inside of a bag, inside a vaporizer case like the Zeus Armor to keep the finish free from blemishes.

The MV1 is better suited as a home portable or occasional portable, similar to an Arizer Solo II or the Mighty. The whole refilling process, if you don’t have any pre-loaded crucibles, is incredibly cumbersome and certainly not something simple to do when out and about.

Ghost MV1 in hand

Ease of Use

The Ghost MV1 certainly has a learning curve of sorts. It’s quite sensitive to how you pack your material, preferring a medium/coarse grind without being packed at all.

Too fine of a grind or slightly too packed down will yield results that are rather disappointing, so mastering the loading technique is essential.

To add to that, filling the crucibles themselves isn’t the easiest process as we mentioned, and getting the lid to sit on properly takes some getting used to.

A complex vapor path almost always means a complicated cleaning process, though the Ghost MV1 isn’t too difficult to maintain. By submerging the cooling chamber, mouthpiece, crucible, and crucible lid in some isopropyl alcohol, most of the build-up and residue will have come off.

Using a small cloth or the included alcohol wipes in any nooks and crannies where any build up remains will do the rest of the job. I was overall pretty surprised as to how simple cleaning the MV1 is, as I expected something much more complex. 

Ghost MV1 in another hand


The Ghost MV1 is by no means discreet. From the chunky size to the attention-grabbing aesthetics, it’s not the vaporizer of choice for those who want to be covert about their usage.

The only time I’d see it as discreet is when you wanted to have a quick 10-second draw before quickly hiding it away in your bag again. Almost every portable dry herb vaporizer on the market is a more discreet option!

Ghost MV1 full kitOverall Experience

Though I love the vapor quality from the MV1, it leaves a lot to be desired in almost every other aspect. I enjoy the design philosophy, though it’s too clunky and big for me to really get behind it.

The crucible system works great when it does, but it’s too finicky for my preferences.

App-reliant temperature control is probably my least favorite ‘feature’ on any vaporizer, and I would’ve much rather seen an on-board option instead. The Ghost MV1 might be ideal for those who like the ‘ritual’ of loading up a chamber delicately and don’t look to take it out of the house too often.

At the end of the day, I still find myself reaching for the Mighty over the Ghost MV1 because of the simple convenience. If you are looking for something a little more portable than both of those that still offers great vapor quality be sure to check out the Utillian 721.

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