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The Grizzly Honey Dab Pen is a sleek, powerful yet compact vaporizer designed to be used with concentrates. It is a complete package that comes with interchangeable dual quartz coil atomizers and ceramic donut atomizer. It also includes a tool to help you handle the wax. The wax pen has been getting rave reviews for its great air flow and affordable price. But, where does it stand in terms of performance? Let’s find out.

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Review: Grizzly Honey Dab Pen Review

Grizzly Honey Dab Pen Review

Grizzly Honey Dab Pen pieces

How it Works

The device comes with five threaded pieces – Battery, Atomizer, Mouthpiece, Atomizer Based and Splash Guard Cap. Some people may complain about the two extra pieces as most of the vape pens in the market have only 3 pieces. However, we feel it’s not a big deal. In fact, it helps in improving the performance of the vape.

The first extra piece is the ‘base’ which goes into the battery before you screw the atomizer. The second extra piece is an atomizer cap which is fitted before placing the mouthpiece. This helps in giving the air flow a less direct path so that hot oil does not get inside your mouth.

To get started, press the power button five times and then you can adjust the temperature settings with additional clicks. When you open the mouthpiece, there’s a cap on the top which prevents leakage of the concentrate.

Grizzly Honey Dab Pen detached

After you have filled the chamber with wax (please ensure you do not overfill to avoid spills), put the mouthpiece back and switch on the pen by clicking five times on the power button.

Grizzly Honey Dab Pen Power butonTemperature Flexibility

The vape pen comes features multiple temperature settings that enable you to find that ‘sweet spot’ for the perfect heat for your concentrates.

Though the temperatures are not spelled out for you, there is 3 ranging from low to high which is indicated by the color around the power button.


Grizzly Honey Dab Pen mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality from Grizzly was quite average which is to be expected with the coil setup.

Not much really sets it apart from the rest of the pack. If the flavor is your main concern we would recommend checking out the Zeus Thunder 2 which offers a better experience than the Grizzly.

Grizzly Honey Dab Pen parts

Grizzly Honey Dab Pen Front

Manufacturing Quality

The Grizzly Honey Dab is not the best vape in the market but it’s effective and cheap. The manufacturer has kept the price low without compromising with the product’s performance.

It is coated with stainless steel and has a rubberized finish. There are two atomizers and the splash-proof cap helps in handling the device with ease.


Grizzly Honey Dab Pen chargingBattery Life

The battery is situated just beneath the ceramic donut atomizer. There’s a USB port at the bottom to charge the device.

The USB cable that comes with the device can be plugged into a laptop or adapter to quickly charge it. There’s no battery indicator making it difficult to know how much charge you have left.


Grizzly Honey Dab Pen armor case


The vape pen is sleek yet solid. It is highly portable and can be easily carried in your pocket or laptop bag.

If you traveling, consider carrying the USB cable so that you can quickly charge the device using your laptop or power bank.


Grizzly Honey Dab Pen in hand

Ease of Use

The product demands low maintenance and the leakage-proof design makes it a good choice. However, let’s not forget that it includes five pieces which may be a hassle for some.

If you can handle that, this is one of the most affordable and simple to use vape in the market.


Grizzly Honey Dab Pen in another hand


The wax pen is small and easy to hold in the hand.

You can keep it in your pocket or purse and enjoy big hits whenever you want and slip it back into the bag without anyone noticing.


Grizzly Honey Dab Pen KitOverall Experience

At the end of the day, the Grizzly Honey Dab pen is just an average wax pen. It doesn’t shine in any one particular field and simply gets the job done.

Though the price is on the cheaper side, we’d  recommend checking out the Yocan Evolve Plus before considering the Grizzly.

If you prefer flavor out of your sessions we also recommend checking out the Thunder 2 wax pen, which gives some of the best-tasting vapor.

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