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Waxes and concentrates have become all the rage. More and more people are making the switch from herbs to concentrates but with the switch come a whole new world of gadgets.

Waxes have already been processed to remove most of the plant material and consists of a concentrated form of the herbs essential oils. Because of this process, they require a higher temperature to efficiently vaporize. Wax pens heat up to higher temperatures than traditional vaporizers making them suitable for concentrates.

Traditional methods of consuming waxes usually involve some type of glass rig and a blow torch. This can be quite dangerous, cumbersome and often discourages newcomers from even wanting to try waxes. Furthermore, rigs are not very portable because of the size and multiple parts.Wax Rig

KandyPens Galaxy

Wax pens look to provide 2 distinct solutions to the problems of traditional wax consumption:
  1. Making concentrates more accessible for new comers who want to try them
  1. Offering a more portable solution so you can enjoy your concentrates anywhere.

Anatomy of a Wax Pen

Each wax pen is compromised of the 3 main components:

BatteryPen Battery

Each wax pen has a battery that provides the unit power. Some companies only offer a fixed temperature setting while other companies will have variable temperature control. Temperature control will give you more control over the flavor and consistency of your vapor. Lower temperatures will give you better flavor and thinner clouds, while higher temperatures will produce denser clouds but harsher vapor.


Atomizer Collection

The atomizer is the part of the pen vape that you load your concentrates into and that causes the vaporization process. Atomizers come in different shapes, sizes, and materials but companies tend to all use similar designs. Atomizers are meant to be disposable and will break down over time. Generally they should be changed after about 2 months of use or when taste becomes compromised.



Ceramic RodsCeramic Rod Atomizer

The most common type of atomizer uses titanium coils wrapped around a ceramic rod. Ceramic has a very high heat resistance and is quite durable making it perfect for waxes and concentrates. The downside to ceramic is that it can be more difficult to clean after extended use. Units like the Source Orb 4 and Dr. Dabber Aurora include Ceramic Rod Coils.


Quartz RodsQuartz Rod Atomizer

Another very popular atomizer uses quartz crystal. It is similar to the ceramic rod setup but they have substituted a quartz rod instead of ceramic. This results in slightly better flavor because of the quartz, as well quartz is easier to clean. The big drawback to quartz is that because it is glass it can be prone to breaking and tends to wear out more quickly. Notable units that offer quartz rods are the KandyPens Galaxy and Yocan Evolve Plus.

Ceramic PadCeramic Pad Atomizer

Newer wax pens, like the Linx Hypnos Zero, are starting to incorporate ceramic pads instead of an exposed coil wrapped around a rod. Because there is no exposed coil the wax is heated more evenly and thus more efficiently. These atomizers also tend to use less heat than its coiled counterparts which results in a more pure flavor.


Silica WicksSilica Wicks Atomizer

A bit of an older style of atomizer but still in use with some companies, this atomizer uses a titanium coil wrapped around a silica wick. Your wax melts and soaks into the wicks which is then pulled to the metal coil and vaporized. These atomizers are very difficult to clean and have very poor flavor, which is why they are being abandoned by most companies.


Source Orb Mouthpieces

Each pen vape also has its own mouthpiece. These are generally made out of metal, ceramic, glass or heat resistant plastic. Some units like the Source Orb 4 offer several mouthpiece attachments as upgrades to their units and can help improve vapor quality. Generally a mouthpiece with a wider opening is preferred to promote easy air flow and cleaning and to prevent clogging.



While not a traditional wax pen. E-Nails have become very popular with wax users and can be viewed as a “desktop” wax pen. Dr Dabber BoostThey look to solve the convenience problem of traditional wax rigs by eliminating the need for a blow torch. Blow torches can be very dangerous and inconvenient to use whenever you want to get in a quick session. Not to mention the money spent on butane.

E-Nails are self-contained, battery operated, include a water filter and usually a carrying case. Because they include a water filtration system you are able to take larger pulls than you would with a normal wax pen. The water will also cool your vapor making hits from an e-nail smoother and less harsh. A perfect example of a solid E-Rig is the Dr. Dabber Boost.

These are great for connoisseurs who are looking to get larger draws than a wax pen but want something easier to use than a traditional rig.

Buying Tips

  • If you are new to using concentrates and want to try a wax pen we suggest looking for a unit that is well rated at a reasonable price. We call these value units. These units will be simple, straightforward and a great introductory to the world of wax.
  • If you have already had some experience with wax and wax pens you may opt for a larger kit with an assortment of accessories so you can customize your wax session like the Source Orb 4.
  • If discretion is your main focus with a wax pen then we would suggest choosing a unit with a ceramic plate atomizer, like the Linx Hypnos Zero as these units heat at a lower temperature, have low odor, and less visible vapor.
  • If you are looking for a pen that will give you large vapor clouds consider a unit that has variable temperature control such as the Kandypens Galaxy.

If you are interested in trying concentrates and are looking for something convenient that won’t break the bank be sure to check out all the wax pens offered by TVape. Our team has diligently tested and reviewed each unit ensuring we only carry the ones we truly enjoy.

We hope you found this article helpful in making an informed decision on your next wax pen, be sure to check out of other buyers guides for Vaporizers and Vapes as well for more useful info, tips and tricks.

Take care for now connoisseurs and as always, keep vapin’


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