Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

NASA scientists have an amazing reputation for intelligence, innovation and incredible feats that stretch the limits of what you thought possible – for example NASA recently revealed designs for a warp-drive ship! Lucky for us connoisseurs, a few of their engineers left their NASA posts, choosing vaporizers over space and six-figure salaries.
And what did they make? Introducing the very new, very techy: Herbalizer. The reviews are mixed, but the unit is still worth considering. Featuring high quality components, halogen technology, a futuristic design and the fastest heat up time for a stationary vaporizer in the market, this unit is meant to change how we think about stationary vaporizers. Let’s see what this US-made has to offer!

H-alizer Review

H-alirzer Vaporizer Review

H-alizer open with heating chamber removed and openedHow to Use

The Herbalizer is remarkably easy to use. When you open the unit up, there are 4 buttons, the temperature up and down button, the Aromatherapy button, the Vaportherapy button, and the fan button. Pressing the Aromatherapy button will engage the unit’s Aromatherapy function where you can apply aromatherapy oils to the liquid pad and let the unit disperse scent into the room. Selecting the Vaportherapy option will allow you to vaporize your favorite botanical. To do that, all you need to do is remove the heating chamber and open it before loading. Once it’s filled, close it back and place it back onto the unit. The magnets in the unit and the heating chamber will allow it to snap back in place. Once it’s reattached, all you have to do is select your temperature and let the unit heat up. Less than 20 seconds later, you’ll be ready to enjoy your vapor using either the whip or balloon option.

H-alizer with top open showing main area and mezzanine storage areaManufacturing Quality

This unit, at first glance,  may deceive you as it seems like it might not be tough enough to last. But after further inspection and use, you’ll find that it’s actually quite robust while still being incredibly light weight. The plastic shell is hard enough to protect the 16 bit 32 MHz processor that serves as the brain of the unit. Beyond the unit itself, you get a 3ft medical grade, white silicone tube, 4 squeeze valve balloons and a 5-year quality guarantee.  All the materials used in the air pathway of this unit are vetted, but the unit as a whole give off a bit of a plasticy vibe. Unfortunately we also didnt like the plastic lid not closing properly. It just hovers a few millimerters above where it should sit. This ticked off Andrew from Gizmodo so much that he just bashed the unit in his Herbalizer review. It is understandable how the pricetag of the unit may make little design flaws like this unacceptable, especially if a magnet may have fixed the problem quite easily.

H-alizer with whip attached and balloon next to the unitVapor Quality

The vapor quality of this unit is great. This is due to the uniquely designed, wide-set, convection heating chamber that uses a Halogen bulb. This makes for incredibly quick heat up time. The medical grade silicone whip also imparts no alternative flavour to the vapour and the unit offers extremely accurate temperature control (from 143 to 229C). All of these elements combined produce vapor that is smooth, flavorful and satisfying. However the silicone tube does tend to grab on to every piece of dust particle in your room, making it somewhat of a negative experience factor. One can imagine how the tube looks after a week or two. It will need a rinse, but right after it is dry, the same things starts happening again. The connection of the tube or balloon to the heating chamber is rather weakly designed as the tube keeps coming off some times on its own and the balloon leaks. On this front the current version of the Herbalizer certainly needs some revisiting, if the pricetag is supposed to be an indicitaion of how well this unit is designed.

H-alizer whip, heating chamber and balloon attachment together.Ease of Use

As Dan from Vapesterdam puts it in his Herbalizer Review “This unit really makes vaporizing as easy and enjoyable as possible!”. The unit turns on as soon as you pop open the lid and getting it to do what you need it to do – be that aromatherapy or vaportherapy – is as simple as pressing the right button. For those of you who are confused as to what each setting is for, the unit has prompts on its colour screen to let you know exactly what each setting is designed for. From there, all you have to do is set your temperature, plug in the whip or attach your balloon and start vaping!
The coming off of the tube however does impact the ease of use, as it can become frustrating during a session.

Close up of H-alizer's colour displayTemperature Flexibility

Some connoisseurs out there prefer thicker, heavier vapor while others like lighter more flavorful vapor. This is usually cause for debate when it comes to picking a unit, but given the H-alizer’s wide temperature range, every connoisseur can be satisfied with this unit. It starts off at 143 degrees Celsius and climbs to a whopping 229 Celsius, which we think is a great temperature range for vaporizing. This means that lovers of both thick and thin vapor can happily vape with this machine. The icing on the cake is the accuracy and speed of this unit’s temperature, which can be achieved at the press of a button.

H-alizer with all  of the box's contents in one shotOverall Experience

In the end, this futuristic stationary unit from the talented engineers at NASA did impress, but not enough to warrant the price. It’s not only visually appealing, but also incredibly discreet, which is not at all like other stationaries that clearly scream: “I am a vaporizer!” It also delivers a vaporizing experience that will leave you wondering why anybody would want to put it away. It is hard to fully recommend this unit however, because of some ugly warranty issues we have run across and the fact that it still does not do anything better than cheaper alternatives. The Digi Volcano vaporizer is still a more convenient unit and has better vapor quality. From a price perspective it is a little cheaper but the unit has gone through almost a decade of fine tuning by Germans, and we all know how anal a typical “Hans” is about quality, while the Herbalizer still hasnt gotten the connection between the heating chamber and the exit tube/balloon fully perfected. And the VapirRise at a third the price can do all the things the Herbalizer does, plus a little extra. Before buying i would highly recommend you read the VapirRise Review and check out the Digi Volcano, if you haven’t done so already. So overall i liked testing the Herbalizer, but I would recommend it at this pricepoint, yet.

UPDATE 06/2015:

Some customers asked why we dont carry the Herbalizer anymore. We had some rare issues with the company, that prompted us to re-evaluate the rating of the unit and discontinue it from our store.

Here is a picture of a manufacturer cosmetic defect that did not qualify for warranty, as per Herbalizer.

Herbalizer cosmetic defect

Here is the picture of a heating chamber that had partially molten. This was initially classified as “repair” and refered to as “misuse” by Herbalizer.

heated herbalizer chamber

In both cases, we preemptively took care of the customer. The company and product have potential and we hope that the next version of the unit will tackle some of these flaws and become a great success!

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

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6.6 Score

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    • We typically say about 4 weeks of use with balloons before they should be replaced. This of course depends on frequency of use, but basically once you start to see your bag get a yellow tinge and the taste isn’t as fresh, it should be tossed. Keep in mind that balloons are like contact lenses, you can always push the recommended time, but then you’re sacrificing vapour taste to keep the bag longer ;). In terms of cost for replacements they’re about $35 for a pack of 4 and those come with the silicone mouthpieces already attached! 🙂

    • steve goldberg on

      The technology aspect to this amazing product probably surpass my Volcano Vaporizer. Yes, without a doubt I would buy one if I could afford it.

    • steve goldberg on

      Without a doubt I would buy one if money wasn’t an issue. The obvious superb quality of this unit seems unparalled by even the Volcano. This goes on my must try list!

    • Sorry but I am going to have to disagree. The device does work great. When it works. mine just crapped out after 2 years and I’m hearing similar stories of these having very poor long term success. Beyond that there is a far bigger concern. I send the device in as asked. They never communicated with me regarding status. I then attempted to chat. The unprofessional representative just ignored what I was asking and then disconnected the chat. I then opened another chat to ask to speak with a supervisor. She intentionally ignored the chat. I suspected she was doing this so I then opened another chat with another name. She responded immediately continuing to ignore the first chat. She then went on a personal attack. I received an email from her summarizing the chat. I then received another email from her stating that someone with a similar name as me called her a name on facebook so she violated company policy and put in writing that she forwarded my personal information to the police. A violation of the law and their privacy policy.
      I contacted her supervisor and left about 7 messages with “managers” The response I received from the supervisor was to ignore the egregiously bad behavior of her employee and to make it about me. None of the management staff is choosing to accept any responsibility and in addition the device they sent back to me isn’t the device I sent to them.
      I have filed a complaint with the federal trade commission and I have filed a complaint with BBB. I am also meeting with a lawyer in about 90 minutes and will be filing a civil case against them for violating my privacy.
      So be very careful. This is a shady company that makes a good product with a poor design that will eventually fail and you will receive zero support. I am now in the market for another device as I will never do business with this company again. I will gladly share copies of the emails or correspondence with anyone who would like proof. This is an incredibly unprofessional organization. I would steer very clear.

  1. If money were no object, absolutely. If you value your health and want to get the most from your product there’s no reason not to invest in a good tool that you’ll get good use out of. Also having the whip AND the balloon gives you the best options depending on your mood, if you’re sharing, how much you want etc.

  2. Absolutely ! I would also share the blessing to my fellow friends as they have not tried vaporizing yet. Judging from the review and price, I have a feeling that this might be better than the ” King Volcano “. I have yet to try to compare 🙂

  3. Picked one up 4 days ago and I love it every positive thing I read about this vaporizer turned out
    to be true. Highest quality vapor and its fast start to 1 full balloon 2 min.

  4. Was extremely happy with the product when it worked, but it stopped working after just a few months with an odd error message advising to send it in for servicing. I returned it only to get the returned product giving me the same exact error message as if they did nothing to repair it. I balked and they were gracious enough to send a full replacement. Guess what, that replacement broke within a month with that same error message. Now to be clear, I took great care of this unit, and it sat and was used stationarily from a table. So it was never dropped or misplaced. For what I paid, I’m flabbergasted at such poor quality. Herbalizer had the potential for a great product but obviously should have waited to market till they actually had gotten the technology down. DON’T WAST YOUR MONEY ON THIS HIGH-END PIECE OF JUNK!!!

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