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Haze has always been pushing the envelope forwards in terms of tech, and the Haze Merger is no exclusion to that rule. With the commercial success from the Haze Dual V3 and Haze Square, we’re excited to see what the Haze team is able to bring to the table this time.

With the ability to supposedly vaporize dry herb and concentrates at the same time, with the additional function of being able to control how much of each, the Merger is really bringing one-of-a-kind tech to the scene!

A lot of what we have to say is based off speculation off the limited info we’ve been given. Take what we say lightly as major changes are likely bound to happen between now and the predicted 2019 release date.

Preview: Haze Merger

Haze Merger Review

Haze Merger power control


Temperature Flexibility

The Merger has a rather versatile temperature range, allowing you to choose anywhere between 121-232°C/250-450°F per bowl.

This is pretty great for herb, however, we’d like to see the Haze team manage to squeeze in at least another 20°C or 68°F more to the top end, to really dial in the perfect setting for concentrates.

Haze also mentioned that you’ll be able to individually control the temperature of each chamber, which is a huge step forward in our books!

Haze Merger heating chamber

Heating style and chamber

Being one of the first ever portable vaporizers to bring induction heating to market, we’re extremely excited to see how it functions! Induction heating is by far the most efficient heating method around in terms of battery life.

Not to mention another huge feature – variable chamber airflow. Being able to adjust the ratios between chambers, you can set it to 80:20 wax : herb, or a straight 50:50. The options are limitless and we can’t wait to even try it with other herbs like lavender or peppermint!

With that being said, the materials will still be heated via conduction, which is by no means a bad thing if implemented well. Successful units like the Zeus Arc use full conduction heating as well, and we find the Arc performs quite well.

Haze Merger front display

Design and construction

While the mock-up design of the Merger looks a bit underwhelming, we’re sure Haze is going to give it an attractive makeover before launch. If their past products are anything to go by, we’re also going to see a pretty sturdy and durable device.

A touchscreen display with fully independent temperature control for each chamber is also suggested, though we’re not particularly impressed with that. A convenient feature, sure, but the display is likely going to be too small to make good use of that and physical buttons always do the trick. In our eyes, it’s an added cost without much benefit.

It also looks like we’ll also see the return of the much-beloved dosing pods Haze has implemented into their other devices. A convenient function for large group sessions or extended outings, pod-compatible vaporizers are always great to see!

Haze Merger internal parts

Haze Merger usb slotBattery Life

From what we see, it looks like Haze is aiming to implement dual 18650 batteries for some hefty battery life. That means we’ll likely see upwards of 6000mAh packed into a single device! Combined with an efficient induction-based heating system, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see over 15 chambers of battery life from a single go.

It also appears that Haze is continuing the trend we saw on the Square by implementing a USB-C charging port! This is also great news since USB-C is much faster at charging than typical Micro-USB connections. 

Haze Merger with armor case


It looks like Haze opted to again include a mouthpiece that hides away inside the unit to make it smaller when in transport. This is always a welcome feature and we hope to see the final design keep this function.

Aside from that, the size of the unit looks pretty chunky to say the least and not really a pocket portable. Looking to be roughly the size of a laptop charging brick, it’ll fit well into large pockets or a bag, but not your average jeans or shorts.

Haze Merger upper part

Ease of Use

Mostly geared towards experienced users and enthusiasts, the Merger looks like it gives a lot of options to tinker with. This doesn’t quite look like the ideal vaporizer for beginners, though looks can be deceiving.

Cleaning is also a concern of ours. Not only do pod-based systems with long vapor paths have tedious cleaning regiments, but now we have double the chambers and double the material running through it! Still, we feel as though the crowd this device is aimed towards doesn’t mind spending an extra 20 minutes on cleaning anyways.

Haze Merger side view


If we’re lucky at all, Haze might leave the design to be minimalist and looks somewhat like a power bank or normal e-juice vaporizer. In reality though, we don’t think it’ll be the kind of device you could just walk around using inconspicuously.

It’s pretty hard to pack so many features and innovations into a small form factor, but we’re keen on seeing what Haze can pull off! They’ve done some pretty wild things with their other devices and we’d be happy to see them doing the same here. 

Haze Merger full kitPrediction

We’re super excited to see how the Merger comes to be! A portable device that can do both dry herb and concentrates at the same time is music to our ears. We hope Haze sorts out the induction-based conduction chambers to be able to rival other high-end units.

If they’re able to nail the herb and concentrates function, we might very well see a real winner on our hands. Removable 18650 batteries, independent temperature control, induction heating, and so forth –  fingers crossed for this release!

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