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Zeus Arsenal has been hard at work the past couple of years working on their latest peak-performance vaporizer, the Zeus Arc. It seems like all that hard work is paying off as this vaporizer has started to garner some serious attention, being named the O’Cannabiz 2019 Cannabis Accessory of the Year. The Zeus Arc was engineered in Germany, and sports a slim chassis, easy to access heat cycles, great battery life, haptic feedback, an accelerometer, hidden multi-tool, and, depending on which version you choose, an all-gold vapor path.

That’s right there are 2 different versions of the Zeus Arc, the GT Version which features GoldSink Technology utilizing a gold-heat sync and gold-plated chamber. The standard version swaps the gold plate for stainless steel for a lower price tag, we will go over all the differences in our review, so let’s jump right in and take a look at these performance-inspired vaporizers.

Editors Note: The Zeus Arc firmware upgrade is now live! Connect your Zeus Arc to a computer to upgrade to different heating profiles. This update gives users more control over their vapor, so try them out for yourself and find the profile that fits you!

Review: Zeus Arc

Zeus Arc vaporizer Review

Zeus Arc vaporizer coils

How it Works

Both versions of the Zeus Arc function in the exact same way. To get started to remove the mouthpiece from the top of the Arc to expose the heating chamber. Inside the mouthpiece, there is a screen and a heat sink which helps deliver smooth draws.

Removing the mouthpiece exposes a lip that surrounds the chamber of the Zeus Arc, this lip can actually be used as a scoop to load cannabis into your Zeus Arc without having to use your fingers.

There is a slope on the top of the Zeus Arc which helps funnel your cannabis into the chamber and usually just tapping the Zeus Arc is enough to get your cannabis to fall into the chamber. If you need a little extra help packing the chamber or tamping down your cannabis, you can use the hidden multi-tool that is located at the bottom of the Arc.

For best results, we recommend filling the chamber completely full lightly tamping down, do not pack so tight that it affects airflow, but not so loose that your cannabis fly around in the chamber. Once the unit is load with cannabis place the mouthpiece back on the device and you are ready to rock. Press and hold the power button and the LEDs will illuminate and the device will turn on and begin to heat, heating usually takes around 45 seconds.

To swap between heating cycles simply tap the power button and the LED will change to reflect the current set heating cycles, there are 3 heating cycles in total. The LED’s will flash while the device heats up and when the Zeus Arc reaches temperature the lights will go solid green and the vaporizer will vibrate in your hands.

Place your lips on the edge of the mouthpiece on the side of the unit that has the Zeus Arc logo to locate the air intake and begin taking smooth draws.

Zeus Arc vaporizer parts

After 10 minutes the auto-shutoff will kick in to preserve battery life. The Zeus Arc also features an accelerometer that senses the user’s movements and draws, if no movements are detected within 30 seconds the auto-shutoff will kick on to preserve your cannabis.

To check the battery life on the Zeus Arc simply give the unit a shake while it is on and the LED’s will display the current charge level.

Once your session is complete use the hidden multi-tool on the bottom of the Zeus Arc to empty your cannabis from the chamber. The tool can also be used to clear debris from the screen in the mouthpiece. 

Zeus Arc vaporizer power control

Temperature Flexibility

Zeus has taken a different approach to temperature settings with the Zeus Arc and refers to the temperature settings as temperature cycles.

The idea behind this is that you should be able to have a session on each cycle with the same chamber of cannabis, effectively stretching the amount of cannabis you are consuming over 3 different sessions.

So you can technically run the Zeus Arc on cycle one in the morning, then come back in the afternoon and have another session on cycle 2 and finally finish off the chamber before bed on session 3. Considering in a recent survey we found that most people have between 1 – 3 sessions a day, this device is perfectly calibrated for the average vapers lifestyle, but instead of wasting cannabis for each session, you can efficiently extract your cannabis over 3 separate sessions.

For those who want a more punchy and immediate extraction of their cannabis, we suggest starting the Zeus Arc on cycle 3 for a truly powerful session that will throw out clouds that will rival even the Mighty, but at a significantly smaller size.

For those looks for the best of both worlds, we suggest starting on cycle 2 and increasing to cycle 3 after the first 10-minute session is done. This way you get a nice 20-minute session in, perfect for watching your favorite Netflix show.

If you still would like the ability to adjust your temperature settings, Zeus has released a desktop app that will allow to load your Zeus Arc with a different heating profile. They have one geared for flavour, one geared for use with an iceborn or waterpipe and one that gives a balanced spectrum.

Users looking for a complete control temperature control usually tend to prefer units like the Davinci IQ.

Zeus Arc vaporizer mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality from the Zeus Arc is impressive. In the GT version of the Zeus Arc, they employ gold plating in the air pathway, chamber, and heatsink. Gold is one of the most conductive materials on earth capable of heating up quickly and extracting heat just as quickly, which is why it has been used for the Zeus Arc.

The gold heating chamber effectively and efficiently cooks your cannabis, while the gold heat sink works to remove the heat before it reaches your mouth, and in practice is working extremely well. You are able to produce large clouds of vapor without feeling much irritation from the vapor and no heat in your mouth.

Unlike other conduction-based vaporizers such as the Flowermate Slick, popular tech blog KnowTechie was also impressed by the gold vapor path touting “When it comes to conducting heat, it doesn’t get any better than gold. In effect, your flower will evenly bake to perfection.” and even gave the Zeus Arc an impressive 9.8 score rating, which is higher than both the Pax and DaVinci IQ which both were given 9.0’s from the popular tech blog and even beat out the super popular Mighty which they ranked at a healthy 9.4. You can read their full review here.

Unlike other conduction-based vaporizers, the Zeus Arc will have you blowing clouds from the first draw, no more ghost hits like other vaporizers on the market. If you like lots of visible than the Zeus Arc has you covered.

The standard version of the Zeus Arc is no slouch in the vapor quality department either, though we did notice that flavours are a bit more muted compared to the gold vapor path, it will still have you blowing out clouds of impressive vapor.

The stainless steel does a good job of transferring heat to your cannabis and removing the heat via the heat sink, but from using both we could definitely tell a difference between the 2 and we found that the Zeus Arc GT is a more complete experience.

Zeus Arc vaporizer front display

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing quality for the Zeus Arc is definitely top tier, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from a product that was engineered in Germany. That’s right, just like the Storz & Bickel products like the Mighty, Porsche, Audi, and BMW, the Zeus Arc is brought to us by astute German Engineering, which can be felt throughout the design.

They also clearly borrowed some design ideas from the automotive industry sporting sleek lines, a smooth finish, and a powerful engine packed inside a tiny chassis. The vapor that this tiny workhorse can deliver is seriously impressive for its size putting more expensive units to shame.

The built-in tool is a nice touch and something that every portable vaporizer should feature. While stirring your cannabis during a session on the Zeus Arc is not entirely necessary, doing so does promote a more even cook and better overall extraction. Luckily with the raised lip around the mouthpiece stirring your cannabis is hassle-free and can easily be done mid-session without losing any cannabis.

Two of the best-hidden features cannot be seen and that’s the haptic feedback and accelerometer. Haptic feedback has been implemented in a couple of vaporizers now and its made its way into the Zeus Arc providing a gentle buzz to let you know the device is ready or if the device is shutting down. This keeps you from having to constantly stare at the display of the Zeus Arc to know if and when it is ready.

Zeus Arc vaporizer tank detached

The accelerometer is used for 2 functions; first, it senses the user’s movements as they draw from the device, if the device doesn’t sense movements for 30 seconds it begins cooling down the heating chamber to preserve your cannabis and battery life, great for the forgetful connoisseur who gets caught up in a match of Fortnite.  Second, it is used to show the current charge level of the Zeus Arc, just simply give the device a shake and it will display the charge through the LED.

Obviously, we give the edge in manufacturing quality to the Zeus Arc GT over the standard Zeus Arc because of the use of gold in the vapor path and the improvements it makes over the standard version, but if you are looking to save a little coin the standard Zeus Arc will more than satisfy. 

Zeus Arc vaporizer batteryBattery Life

For a unit this small, you’d expect a short battery life, right? Wrong! The Zeus Arc exceeds expectations of super portable vaporizers by offering 90 minutes of battery life. Depending on the heating cycle you use and the length of your session you can expect to get another between 6 – 9, 10-minute sessions, which is fantastic for a device is tiny and will have most users charging the device once every couple of days.

To charge the Zeus Arc, simply remove the multi-tool on the bottom of the device to expose the USB charging port. Place the multi-tool on top of the magnetic mouthpiece to store it while you are charging the device.

Once again to check the battery life at any time, simply shake the device while it is on and the LED’s will show you the current charge level.

Pair the Zeus Arc with the Zeus Charge for the ultimate portable team up, proving you with an additional 2 full charges on your Arc, providing power for days. Users looking for a higher longer battery life usually prefer devices like the Solo 2 Vaporizer.

Zeus Arc vaporizer with armor case


Unlike the Arizer Air 2, the Zeus Arc measures 87mm tall, 42mm wide and 22.5mm deep making it one of the smallest, portable and powerful peak-performance vaporizers in the market. It can easily be slipped into your pocket for simple and convenient on the go sessions.

The lip around the heating chamber is great for both loading and stirring cannabis while out as it shields your cannabis from the wind while packing and stirring, no more flyaway cannabis.

Couple that with 90 minutes of battery life and the Zeus Arc is more than ready for a day of vaping.

Zeus Arc vaporizer in hand

Ease of Use

Unlike the Firefly 2+ that has a learning curve, the Zeus Arc is one of the most convenient cannabis vaporizers on the market, loading it is very straightforward and using the lip around the heating chamber you can simply scoop your cannabis from your grinder rather than using your fingers.

Once the Arc is loaded it’s as simple as turning the device on with a long press and selecting your heat cycle. Once at temperature enjoy your session for the 10-minute duration or longer if necessary, once your bowl is finished simply use the included multi-tool to empty out the chamber.

Cleaning the Zeus Arc is also hassle-free, simply remove the heat sink and screen from the silicone mouthpiece and soak in a cleaning solution.

To clean the chamber, we recommend Zeus Grime sticks or a q-tip soaked in 99% alcohol, gently wiping the chamber after a heating cycle. Even the air pathway at the bottom of the device can be completely cleared. They are no spots in the Zeus Arc that you can’t clean so you never have to worry about degradation of performance from a build-up of oils in a hard to reach the spot.

Zeus Arc vaporizer in hand


The Zeus Arc is very discreet, the small size and black exterior make it easy to conceal if you ever need to. The rectangular look of the device is non-descript and will probably appear to be a portable charger for the uninitiated.

The unit fits neatly in your palm and you can easily keep it hidden while taking draws if you do not want to draw too much attention similar to the Davinci Miqro.

Zeus Arc vaporizer full kitOverall Experience

The Zeus Arc is a fantastic vaporizer that is sure to satisfy the people’s want for a small portable vaporizer that is capable of generating ample amounts of vapor. It’s sleek automotive design and German engineering scream quality and it could easily belong in the Porsche Designs catalog. Battery life is more than ample for most users lasting 90 minutes and the haptic feedback and accelerometer are nice features to have.

No wonder it was voted People’s Choice for ‘Cannabis Accessory of the Year’ at O’Cannabiz in 2019!

Both the standard Zeus Arc and the Zeus Arc GT are sure to give a great vapor experience, but the added luxury of gold offers slightly better vapor because of the high conduction nature of the element. Whichever you decide to go with you will definitely enjoy.

If you are interested to buy the Zeus Arc in Canada then it is now available if you are looking at grabbing one be sure to check out our store for more details.

If you have questions about our Zeus Arc Vaporizer review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts, and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!

9.6 Awesome
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  1. Any idea what the price point of the GT version will be? Have currently been using the Zeus Smite Plus for 3 years, was about to make a switch for the Utilian 721 but if the price is justifiable, i would wait for the Arc Gt

    • Technically the unit is only compatible with dry herbs, however, you can certainly sandwich some wax in your herb and achieve decent results. But there is no real way to solely use it with concentrates. The gold heatsink catches a decent amount of resin and reclaim which you can scoop back into the bowl with the above mentioned “sandwich technique” and enjoy a super charged session.

    • The manufacturer’s warranty is 3 years, with a one-time hassle-free warranty replacement, which is fulfilled by us at TVAPE.

  2. Hi.
    I’ve seen three different examples online, of heat settings on the Arc GT….212C, 221C, 230C
    205C, 215C, 225C and 40C-222C.
    What do you guys think are the correct temps?

  3. Great vaporizer so far but I’m finding I’m getting debris passing through the screen. Any thoughts on how to prevent this, or could we see a tighter screen possibly become available to swap out the standard screen?

    • Good idea, I have never had issues with debris ever reaching my mouth, it seems like debris mostly will get stuck on the heat sink before it ever hits your lips. I tend to scrape the leftovers and oils collected on the heat sink and mix it in with a fresh bowl for a supercharged session. To clean the heatsink simply soak it in 99% alcohol and wipe clean.

  4. Bertram Fox on

    My first time using a vape, I did my homework over a few weeks and decided on a Zeus Arc GT. I’ve been using herbs for medical relief for many years and wanted a cleaner feeling. Well, it takes a lot to impress me, this little guy did. I never knew that (herbs) had so many flavours, I guess the smoke was hiding the true taste.
    Very easy to clean, is great looking and…its just perfect for an old guy like me.

  5. Great vaporizer with a golden touch. Thanks ZeusArsenal to provide the best herbal vape in good price. Love this vape <3

  6. I would say, ZeusArsenal did a really great job with this unit. It’s features and innovations are really amazing and they have also introduced a All gold-vapor pathway in which your flower will evenly bake to perfection. In short, it is the best bang for the buck.

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