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The KandyPens Slim is a pen-style vaporizer designed for use with oils and e-liquids. The kit includes a refillable cartridge that works with either material and is also compatible with some pre-filled cartridges. The battery has a 180mAh capacity. And if this is your first oil vaporizer be sure to check out our Concentrate Pen Buyers Guide for helpful info and tips.

Review: KandyPens Slim

Kandypens Slim Review

Kandypens Slim Detached

How it Works

The Slim is an extremely basic vaporizer that can only be used with liquids and oils. The battery has a 180mAh capacity and is activated when you draw, meaning there isn’t a single button on the device.

The kit includes a refillable cartridge that connects to the battery with a 510 connection. To fill the cartridge, you simply pull the mouthpiece off the top to access a plug in the top of the chamber. This plug also comes out with a simple pull, opening up a hole for you to place the tip of a dropper or syringe.

I highly recommend only filling the cartridge when it is removed from the battery. The filling hole is rather small, making it very easy to spill some of your oil or liquid down the sides – and you don’t want that running into the battery.

Kandypens Slim Profile

You should also be able to use the battery with most pre-filled cartridges since this has a standard 510 connection. The 510 connector is also where you attach the USB charger, by the way.

One other interesting thing: the bottom tip of the battery is actually a stylus. If you ever find yourself wishing you could use your vaporizer to tap your phone screen, you’re in luck…

Temperature Flexibility

This doesn’t have any temperature flexibility at all. It doesn’t even have a button! The power is automatically engaged when you take a draw, and you can’t adjust the output.

I couldn’t find any specific details on the power output, actually. It’s enough to create satisfying draws though, which is enough with a small pen for oils and liquids like this.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is good for oils. The flavor and density are exactly what you would expect out of a draw activated pen like this. If you like this style of vaping, you will enjoy using the Slim.

In my experience, vapor quality with oil pens is much more dependant on the oil you get than the pen you use – as long as you aren’t using something cheap with bad materials.

I don’t recommend this for e-liquids. You can get much better results from atomizers and coils designed exclusively for liquid.
Kandypens Slim Battery

Kandypens Slim standing

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality is average. Average isn’t necessarily bad in this situation, there just isn’t much you can do to really distinguish one oil pen from another.

They’re basically just a small battery with a 510 connection on top for connecting cartridges. The base is almost entirely battery too, so there isn’t anything KandyPens could do to improve the small 180mAh capacity except make it bigger.

As far as the included cartridge goes, I would expect it to last up to a few weeks before needing replaced.

Kandypens Slim ChargerBattery Life

The battery life is also average. Once again, the base is almost entirely battery so the only way to get more capacity would be to make the unit bigger.

This one is designed to be small and stealthy. The good news is that 180mAh will last longer than you think because the power usage of the cartridges tends to be very low.

Kandypens Slim with Armor Case


The portability of the Kandypens Slim is great. There isn’t really a size difference between this and your average pen, so you can plan on carrying it anywhere you could carry a pen too.

It definitely passes the pocket comfortability test, and it should be fine in a purse or bag as long as there aren’t too many heavier objects bumping against it.

Kandypens Slim apart

Ease of Use

Like I described above, the only thing you have to do with this once you have a cartridge on is take a draw.

You don’t even have to turn the power on, it is activated with the suction created when you inhale.

The only slightly difficult thing is trying to not make a mess when you are filling it.

Kandypens Slim with phone


The Kandypens Slim is a very discreet pen. The size is obviously nice, but so is the draw-activated battery.

If you are out in public and need to take a few puffs of oil or e-liquid, you can do so quickly without attracting any attention at all.

The portability and discreetness of the Slim are definitely it’s best features.

Kandypens Slim KitOverall Experience

If you are looking for a pen for oils, the KandyPens Slim isn’t a bad one to pick up.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you just want it for e-liquids – the style of this cartridge works, but you can get better results with options designed specifically for liquid and not oil like the Aspire Breeze.

Like I mentioned above, the best features of this are the portability and discreetness. The battery capacity is small at 180mAh, but it is efficient with power usage and will last you through a night out.

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