Pulsar APX Vape Dry Herb Vaporizer Review – Improved?


Any good company is constantly looking to improve its products. They listen to consumers, building off of what works and what could be improved. Pulsar recently released a new version of their popular APX Herb Vaporizer, which has been rebranded to the APX Vape. This update features faster heat-up time, more precise temperature control, and, best of all, an LED screen that displays the temperature and battery life. However, Pulsar did remove the attachment for concentrates, but maybe this only left more room to improve the dry herb features. Little in both size and cost, we wondered how the Pulsar APX Vape’s new updates would vamp up its rank amongst similar vaporizers, like the Utillian 420.

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Review: Pulsar APX Vape Dry Herb Vaporizer

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How it Works

One great thing about the Pulsar APX Vape is how easy it is to use. It has a simple build with minimal parts, making it a great vaporizers for first-time users or those looking for low tech tools. To pack your vape, first remove the ergonomically-improved mouthpiece. Load your flower into the chamber, making sure not to pack too tightly, and replace the mouthpiece.

Press the power button five times to turn on the vaporizer. To change between its 5 temperature settings, hold the button for 3 seconds to begin cycling through and release to choose your setting on the LED screen. To hit the pen, hold down the power button and inhale through the mouthpiece. You can also change the temperature settings while vaping, which is a great feature when searching for your desired temp.

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Pulsar APX power button

Temperature Flexibility

Like the original version, the updated Pulsar APX Dry Herb Vaporizer comes with 5 temperature settings, beginning at 180°C and increasing by 10° up to 220°C. Again, we appreciate the wide range of temperature options. Having pre-set temps also saves us time, as we don’t have to go through as many options to find our sweet spots.

However, the fact that we had to circle through temperatures by holding down the button rather than maneuver them with one simple press took a while to get used to. It’s frustrating to mess up, miss your desired temp, and have to wait for the LEDs to cycle through again.

Pulsar APX mouth piece

Vapor Quality

For what it’s worth, the Pulsar APX has average vapor quality. But let’s face it: if you’re looking to make some clouds, we would suggest going with something more like the Utillian 721. We weren’t expecting anything crazy from the vaporizer considering what we paid, but we were still content with the clean taste it produced.

The APX Vape features what Pulsar calls an “improved silicone cooling system,” though vapor doesn’t have much time to cool down at all. Unlike the Firefly 2, which places your herb chamber at the opposite end of the vaporizer from the mouthpiece, the APX Dry Herb Vaporizer is packed right underneath the mouthpiece. This results in hits that are sometimes too hot, but we found this can easily be fixed just by putting the temperature on the lowest setting.

The silicone-lined mouthpiece also gets really sticky really fast, which affects the flavor of the vapor as you inhale. It’s also pretty tricky to clean, which is a major downfall to the vaporizer’s performance.


Pulsar APX front display

Manufacturing Quality

The APX has added many improvements to its manufacturing quality, and though we’re not crazy about the cleanliness of the silicone-lined mouthpiece, it does beat the original stainless screen. The new shape feels more natural in your mouth, and the design improves airflow, which results in better hits.

We love the new LED screen user interface. Being able to read the temperatures on a screen beats the first version’s LED lights, which indicated temperatures marked on the back of the vaporizer. Though temperature selection can still be irritating at first, it’s also made easier (and definitely more readable).

As we mentioned, we definitely think Pulsar paid attention to customer reviews when redesigning their APX Dry Herb vaporizer. It still has just one button, which was a fan-favorite for its ease of use, but the button is now rubber rather than metal. It’s a small change, but a simple one that results in a better feel and a more confident user since you can more easily hear the button being pressed.

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The vaporizer also comes in 9 different colors, ranging from black to rainbow tye-dye, so there’s sure to be a style that you like on the market.

Pulsar APX with usb cableBattery Life

Pulsar really didn’t change anything about the battery, sticking with the standard 1600 mAh lithium battery. Charge time is around 90 minutes, which is also about the length of its battery life. But considering that the pen is only 4 inches tall, it’s not a bad usage time.

However, if you’re in the market for something that lasts you the whole day, we suggest checking out the ZEUS Smite. This unit can offer up to two times the battery life of the APX Vape.

Pulsar APX in armor case


One of most appealing features of the APX Vape is how portable it is. At just four inches, it’s only a little bigger than your standard lighter.

It’s easy to take with you on almost any occasion, and the wide range of color choices allows you to show some of your personality off in the vaporizer.

We think the price makes this an even more portable vaporizer — you don’t have to fear dropping or losing it as much because it wasn’t such a heavy investment.

Pulsar APX tank

Ease of Use

There’s one button on the side, an LED screen displaying two different colored icons (temperature and battery level), and a mouthpiece on top. In the world of technologically-advanced vaporizers, the Pulsar APX Vape really doesn’t get much simpler than this.

We had some trouble cleaning the silicone-lined mouthpiece, but we appreciate that Pulsar includes both a cleaning tool and an extra mouthpiece. The ceramic is made of chamber, which is easy to maintain. Overall, we think this is a great vaporizer for first-time users because of its simplicity.


Fitting in the palm of your hand, it’s hard not to be discreet with the APX Vape. It fits anywhere, it’s easy to carry around, and, if you clean it regularly, odor won’t stick to it. We suggest vaping at low temperatures to avoid more pungent vapor clouds, though.

Pulsar APX full kitOverall Experience

Pulsar has definitely put a lot of effort into the manufacturing and usage quality of their APX Vape, including more ergonomic features, a more accurate heating system, an LED display screen, and a silicone-lined mouthpiece. While they no longer give you the concentrate attachment (you can still purchase it separately!), we feel this left the company with more room to focus on improving features of the dry herb vaporizer.

The updates to this vaporizer are sweet and noticeable, but may not be worth it for users who already own the original APX. And first-time buyers would be advised to check out the Utillian  420 as well, which offers a coveted glass mouthpiece for optimal flavor.

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