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The Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer is the latest release from the popular Canadian manufacturer Arizer. It is the successor of the beloved Arizer Solo vaporizer and features a LED display, precise temperature control and Arizer’s famous all glass vapor path. While this update may seem minor to some, the changes made to the Solo 2 are actually pretty major and make the Solo 2 one of the best Arizer units yet! So let’s dive right in and see what’s new!

Review: Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 Review

Arizer Solo 2 How it Works

How it Works

The user-interface on the Solo 2 is probably the biggest change between the original Arizer Solo and Solo 2. The 7 temperature lights have been replaced with a bright LED display.

Below the display is your navigation buttons with the center button marked with the “M” as your menu button. Here you can access a plethora of customization options.

Above and below the Menu button you will find the up and down arrow buttons which will allow you to increase and decrease temperature as well as change the settings in the menu.

To turn the Solo 2 on, press and hold the menu button and the up button. The screen will illuminate and a timer will start counting down (the default timer is 6 seconds), when the counter reaches 0, the device will beep (oh that familiar Solo beep!) and the display will greet you with a friendly “Hi” and a smiley face :-).

The next screen that is displayed is your temperature selection screen where you will see the actual temperature front and center in the large text and your set temperature in small text below the set temperature.Arizer Solo 2 Main Display

To adjust the temperature, simply press the up or down arrow button to set your desired temperature and the Solo 2 will automatically begin to heat up.

Loading the Solo 2 is pretty much the same as loading any other Arizer unit. If you have never used an Arizer unit before, to load the Solo 2, take the glass aroma tube and fill the bottom of your dish with your desired botanicals. Next, insert the loading aroma tube into the heating chamber and you are ready to vaporize.

Solo 2 Menu

As we mentioned, the Solo 2 gives you the ability to customize various settings through the menu. You can toggle through the available settings by pressing the center “Menu” button. The available settings are as follows:

Volume – Low/Medium/High/Off

Session Timer – 5 – 15 minutes (default setting is 10)

Temperature Measurement –Celsius and Fahrenheit

Screen brightness – Low/Medium/High

Start-Up Timer – 4, 6, and 8 seconds.

The menu of the Solo 2 is clean, easy to navigate and straightforward. To be honest, it is a really nice addition to this unit and something we would love to see incorporated with other vaporizers, it allows to take some control and have the unit behave how you would it too, not just how the manufacturer decides it should.

Arizer Solo 2 Temperature Flexibility

Temperature Flexibility

The Solo 2 introduces precise temperature control to the Arizer line of portables, which is something that was lacking for some time. Through the LED display the Solo 2 can be set anywhere between 50 – 220 degrees Celsius.

Both the original Solo and Arizer Air max out at 210 degrees Celsius, so we are happy to see that with the Solo 2 you get an extra 10 degrees to work with, which will make those who prefer thicker vapor rejoice.

Another improvement to the Solo 2 is the heat-up time. In our trials, we found that the Solo 2 could reach its highest temperature in less than 30 seconds. This is impressive, to say the least, and means the days of waiting for your Solo to heat are gone, leaving more time to enjoy tasty, tasty vapor.

Arizer Solo 2 Vapor Quality

Vapor Quality

Holy S**t flavor. Arizer has always been known for units that produce pure, smooth vapor especially with their all glass aroma tubes, but the Solo 2 seems to produce even better flavor off of the first couple of draws. Make sure you dry your herbs using a de-humidor box for best results.

The airflow of the Solo 2 is way less restricted than the original Solo. It is not as free flowing as a unit like the Crafty, but it no longer feels like you are sucking on a milkshake.

We believe that it is the increase in airflow which helps you enjoy a more bountiful bouquet of flavor right off the bat when compared to the old Solo.

Precise temperature control is also a big factor when it comes to the flavor and the quality of vapor that can be achieved by the Solo 2. Users are now able to set the unit anywhere between 50 – 220 degrees so that they can dial in their preferred vapor quality.Arizer Solo 2 Airpath

Lower temperatures on the Solo 2 do an excellent job at preserving flavor throughout the session while producing nice thin clouds.

Higher temperatures on the Solo 2 still give you great flavor to start, but the flavor will diminish a bit more quickly. However that being said, we found the flavor of our herbs were still quite nice even at the highest temperature, just expect a more cooked flavor.

We never found vapor harsh at any temperature on the Solo 2, the length of the aroma tubes do a good job at cooling the vapor before it reaches your lips to provide a satisfying draw every time.Solo 2 Waterpipe Gif

For a more impressive session, we highly suggest getting an Arizer waterpipe adapter for a powerful vapor experience. Just check out the short gif we produced highlighting the power of the Solo 2.

For those who wish to dramatically cool their vapor, we also recommend pairing the Solo 2 with the Zeus Iceborn for a truly chilled out session. 

Arizer Solo 2 Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing Quality

The original Solo was a beast of a vaporizer, in fact, my original Solo, which I first got way back in 2013, is still running today without issue and there are many out there who are also still on their original Solo.

What we are getting at is that Arizer has gained a reputation for having excellent manufacturing quality and is known for reliable products.

We are happy to the report that this tradition appears to continue with the Solo 2. While we haven’t had a chance to see how the Solo 2 will hold up to the test of time, we can tell you with our short time with the unit, that the Solo 2 is an absolute workhorse.

It may not look the nicest when compared to a unit like the Firefly 2, but it is rock solid and does its job remarkably well.

Arizer Solo 2 compared to original Solo

The device is nicely machined and features a slimmed down version of the original Solo body. It feels extremely comfortable in the hands, exchanging hard lines of the old body for smooth curves.

The device is lighter than the original Solo but still has a bit of heft which gives it a really solid, quality feel that should stand up to some abuse over the years.

The heating chamber of the Solo 2 is the same diameter as the rest of the Arizer portable units, which means your old solo tubes, air tubes, and water pipe adapters will all be compatible with the Solo 2. Your wallets can thank Arizer for this decision.

However having the same tubes is a bit of a double-edged sword, the Arizer tubes are amazing for flavor, but also tend to be fragile and can easily break when dropped or mishandled. So just like with the original Solo and Air, be prepared to purchase additional tubes over the years for your Solo 2. 

Arizer Solo 2 Battery LifeBattery Life

Another major improvement to the Solo 2 is the battery life. The original Solo gave users around an hour and a half of vaping time depending on heat settings.

With the Solo 2, depending on your heat settings, you can get just under 3 hours of battery life, which is double that of the original Solo and 4 times that of the Arizer Air.

We are really happy to see such a big increase in battery life, it means less time waiting for your device to charge and more time to enjoy your sessions.  

Arizer Solo 2 PortabilityPortability

The Solo 2 is a bit more portable than the original Solo, but only marginally. The body of the unit is certainly slimmer and it fits in a pocket easier, but it is still going to produce a mighty bulge which may make some people wonder, “Is that a vape in your pocket or are you happy to see me?”

The other issue is that there is still no place to store your aroma tubes for transport, which means you need to carry around extra pieces when you want to use your Solo 2.

Arizer does include a belt-clip carrying case, which reminds us of an old cell phone carrying pouch.

Unless you are in a wild-west vaping showdown, we really don’t see anyone clipping it to their belt for transport.

Arizer Solo 2 size comparison

For easier transport, we found the Solo 2 fit perfectly in the Zeus Armor Case, giving us enough room for the unit, the stems, and our herbs. If you are thinking of getting a Solo 2, we really think the Zeus Armor Case is a perfect companion for anyone looking to travel with the Solo 2.  

Arizer Solo 2 Ease of UseEase of Use

Personally, I found the Solo 2 easier and more intuitive to use than the original Solo and the Arizer Air. This is mostly because of the digital display and precise temperature control.

It really takes all the guess work out of finding which temperature setting works for you. There is no need to memorize what lighting combo represents what temperature, you can just set it and forget it.

I also really like the menu of the Solo 2 and the ability to tailor its settings to your own liking. Don’t like the beep? No worries, turn it off. Want your session to last a little longer? Sure, increase the time.

You can customize most aspects of the Solo 2 to your own preference, which offers users a ton of convenience.

Just like the original Solo, the Solo 2 is pretty easy to clean and maintain. The aroma tubes will need the most attention as they will collect oils over time. The heating chamber rarely needs to be cleaned, just make sure to clear out any left-over debris after every session.

Arizer Solo 2 DiscreetnessDiscreetness

The Solo 2 still is not the most discreet device available, the size of the device along with the aroma tubes that stick out will certainly attract the eyes of people around you.

And the added screen will draw even more attention your way if you are using it in public. That being said the screen can be dimmed for slightly more discretion.

But at the end of the day, the Solo 2 is not intended to be the most discreet unit available. It is designed to do its job, and it does it well.

Arizer Solo 2 Final ThoughtsOverall Experience

We said it once and we will say it again, the Solo 2 is a workhorse of a vaporizer. It’s not the slimmest, sleekest unit available, but it is not trying to be.

Instead, the Solo 2 offers an upgrade of an experience already beloved by a ton of vaporizer users. Taking a reliable model and retooling it to give it a breath of fresh air.

The decrease in draw resistance is a huge improvement over the original Solo and even the Air, which really allows the aromas of your botanicals to speak for themselves. And the 30-second heat up time means you no longer have to wait to enjoy your herbs.

The integration of a digital display for precise temperature control and a higher maximum temperature means more users will be able to tailor their sessions to their preferred vapor quality.

We absolutely love the user-friendly menu system and the ability to customize a swath of settings to fine tune the vaporizer to your own needs.

The unit is still a bit bulky to be considered a truly portable and the separate aroma tubes do not help. But it will serve you well as a reliable portable home unit that can produce some of the most flavorful vapor currently available.

Overall we really enjoyed the Solo 2 and feel that new users and fans of the original Solo will both love what the Solo 2 has to offer. Want to see how the original Solo stacks up against the Solo 2? Read our showdown post to find out!

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  1. The Solo 2 is a total beast. Can’t believe how much better it is than the original and the fact that it connects to a water pipe just makes it that much more amazing. Couldn’t hurt to lose a little weight around the mid section though, make it a lil easier to slide in a pocket, ya know?

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