Vaporizer Smell: Does vaporizing leave a smell?

One of the most common questions we get from individuals contemplating the switch to Vaporizing is whether or not a vaporizer smell is substantially less than combustion odor. The simple answer is YES! But today we will give you the long form answer to that question in our blog.

Vaporizer Smell

Vaporizer Smell
One of the most important things people look for in a vaporizer is discreetness. The last thing you want is for everyone around to be bothered by the smell of your vaporizer. Luckily, vaporization is a much more efficient process that produces less smell than regular combustion methods. In general any vaporizer you buy will be more discreet and smell less than combustion.
Generally, the odor produced by vaporizing is only 20% of the scent produced by combustion. Vaporizing tends to keep the vapor contained within balloons or drawing tools, so that less escapes to cause odors and more is available for your enjoyment. The scent left over is comparable to the smell of overcooked popcorn and it will never be as overpowering as the smell from combustion.
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How long does the Vaporizer Smell linger?

Because vaporizers don’t produce smoke, the odors leave the area much faster. Smoke, because it is denser and heavier than vapor, will keep the smell around even in a well ventilated area. On the other hand, if you just leave a window open while vaporizing inside, the odor will be gone in only a few minutes. Even in a poorly ventilated area with windows shut, any smells should be gone in only ten minutes or so, instead of lingering around for hours. When one is vaporizing outdoors in comparison, this means that the smell will hardly be noticeable at all.
Vapor is much thinner than smoke so it dissipates more quickly and doesn’t cause the smell to linger. The carbon atoms in smoke attach to fabrics and surfaces and stick around long after you have finished smoking. This is why smokers’ houses tend to smell like smoke even after they’ve quit. In some cases apartments have to be completely repainted in order to get rid of the smoky odor. If scent is a major concern for you, for example because you live in a basement apartment, vaporization is the best choice and will guarantee minimal odor generation.
Thick Vapor = More Smell, Thin Vapor = Less Smell

Odor from Portable Vaporizers

Portable Vaporizer smell is generally lower than Stationary Vaporizers, because they vaporize at lower temperatures.  Most portable vaporizers only heat up to 210 degrees Celsius. In the handheld vaporizer category, there are units that generate more odor than others. If you are reading this, chances are that you are interested in portable vapes that generate less smell. Here is the ranking of the top three units that generate the least amount of odor:
  1. Arizer Solo Vaporizer: This unit also comes with a scent diffusing potpourri dish that will allow you to vaporize some essential oils right after you vaporize. All you need to do is to get some essential oils from your local health food store and vaporize a few drops into the room after you vaporize. Any kind of unwanted odor can be masked in minutes. Check the Solo out here!
  2. Arizer Solo Vaporizer
  3. IOLITE or WISPR Vaporizer:  This brand is made in Ireland and only vaporizes at a set temperature of 190 degrees Celsius. As this is a relatedly low temperature for vaporizing, odor generation is VERY low to begin with. Check the WISPR out here!
  4. IOLITE and WISPR Vaporizer
  5. DaVinci Vaporizer: This portable vaporizer has a very tight heating chamber. This ensures that there is no vapor escaping when the unit is not being used. While it vaporizes at relatively high temperatures for a portable vaporizer, it manages to keep odor low through air tight manufacturing quality. Check the DaVinci out here!
  6. DaVinci Vaporizer

Odor from Stationary Vaporizers

When using a stationary vaporizer, the maximum temperature settings are generally higher than portable units. Using a vaporizer at higher temperatures will usually result in more odors that might be bothersome to other individuals around you. However, there are some stationary vaporizers that generate low odor in this category as well. Here is the ranking of the least smell generating vaporizers for this category:
  1. AroMed Vaporizer: This vape is by far the best stationary unit in terms of low odor generation. The secret of the fast dissipating odor of the AroMed lies in the water filter. This filter cools the vapor drastically and filters the larger particles. Coolers vapor settles much faster than warm vapor, which tends to rise up in the room first before it dissipates. Check the AroMed out here!
  2. AroMed Vaporizer
  3. Arizer Extreme Q and V Tower: These units come with a potpourri dish which can be loaded with a few drops of essential oils (lime, orange, lavender, or whatever else you enjoy) and put on the unit right after vaporizing. This will mask the odor of vaporizing within minutes. Both these units come with auto shut off features that you can set to, let’s say 30 minutes. Once you are done vaporizing, you put on the potpourri dish and the unit will shut itself off, right after it defuses some fresh essential oils into the room. The Extreme Q is a bit better on that front than the V Tower, because you can use the inbuilt fan to blow the essential oils into the room faster. Check out the Extreme Q here
  4. Extreme Q
  5. Volcano Vaporizer: This unit works only with balloons and the maximum temperature is lower than most stationary vaporizers. Since the heating chamber is of exceptional quality and about 5 times wider than all other vaporizers, it still delivers dense vapor but at a lower temperature. Lower temperature vapor means less lingering odor. Check the Volcano out here!
Volcano Vaporizer


Unlike combustion, vaporizing has very little scent and doesn’t produce smoke which would keep the scent locked in your area with you. Vaporizers let you enjoy your botanicals in the most discreet way possible and with some of the units above you can also ensure that you don’t disturb your friends and neighbours.
Thank you very much for reading today’s blog post on Vaporizer Smell and wheather vaporizing leaves a smell. Feel free to leave your comments of questions below. 


  1. the Aromed looks like an interesting vaporizer. Can you guys make a review video of it? Do you have a detailed text review for it somewhere?

  2. I have noticed that all of the vaporizers I have been exposed to have a urine smell after being used for a while. I know it is not urine, but it smells similar to me. Recently my wife bought a unit and as much as i try to keep it aired out, the smell lingers. It is not as noticeable to smokers because it is way less intrusive than actual smoke, but to a non smoker, sensitive to smell person as myself, i wish i could somehow safely clean the vaporizer. Any ideas would be quite welcomed. Thank you.

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