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The White Rhino Torrid 2 is another one of White Rhino’s unique devices. It’s designed to sit on top of an existing water piece with either a male or female downstem and serve you massive clouds of wax. While we’ve not seen many devices sporting this uni-purpose design, I always like new and innovative designs to try out. Is the White Rhino Torrid 2 a welcome piece or is it somewhat unnecessary?

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Review: White Rhino Torrid 2

White Rhino Torrid 2 Review

White Rhino Torrid 2 coils

How it Works

At first glance, the White Rhino Torrid 2 appears quite confusing, and while getting familiar with it may seem odd, it’s quite straightforward. Set the unit on top of the glass piece of choice, turn the unit on by clicking the central button five times, set your temperature with the same button and engage the heater by holding for 5 seconds.

Then load your material by removing the top piece and then covering! It’s rather simple and almost an identical experience to a traditional wax vaporizer.


White Rhino Torrid 2 available colors 

White Rhino Torrid 2 power buttonTemperature Flexibility

It’s 2018, and independent temperature control should be standard for a unit at this price point. You’re given only three temperature settings and the temperature when set at any of the three settings varies by up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

I find this to be awfully disappointing in such a niche enthusiasts device since many cheaper vapes boast independent temperature control, and even many have LCD/OLED displays.

You can reach the set temperature within 30 seconds and it’ll auto-shutoff at the four-minute mark. The given temperatures are 600-630°F, 700-730°F and 800-830°F respectively for low, medium and high, or 315-332°C, 371-387°C and 426-443°C. At any point in the session, you’ll be at a range of temperature and not any given one, which is rather disappointing.

White Rhino Torrid 2 mouth piece

Vapor Quality

With temperature flexibility aside, vapor quality is quite nice and clean. Obviously, you’re using this with a water piece so you’re automatically getting smoother and cooler vapor by default, and with the giant-sized chamber, you can produce some serious clouds.

Some may call it overkill – I consider it a feature. It works just as well with small amounts as it does with large quantities.

Still, lack of precise temperature control and stability means you cannot fine tune the flavor precisely to what you want.

While it may not bother some, there are certain temperature ranges which work really well for certain types of wax and not being able to choose that precise setting really puts a damper on things.

White Rhino Torrid 2 dual

White Rhino Torrid 2 front profile

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing quality is great. The unit feels really good in your hand and each piece fits very well. I absolutely love the rugged design and feel/construction itself is top notch.

The reversible downstem of the unit certainly was a pleasant surprise which ensures practically any water piece will be compatible – if it’s right-side-up!

Though it is a great feeling device, it leaves a bit to be desired in the accessories department. You’re given the standard USB charger and packing tool combo, but no replaceable coils/atomizers, no cleaning tool, and no included manual which is rather disappointing considering the cost of the unit.

Also when you consider a unit like the Ooze Magma can be used with your own water piece or on its own as a portable rig you start to see how the White Rhino Torrid 2 may have just missed the mark.

White Rhino Torrid 2 usb slotBattery Life

Using an 18500 LiPo battery with a capacity of 1500mAh, the White Rhino Torrid 2 will last a healthy amount of time before needing to be charged again.

White Rhino claims the battery has a life of over 400 charge cycles which I’m sure for most will last quite a while unless you’re a heavy user that needs to charge up every few days.

Though some units have even bigger battery lives, 1500mAh is plenty for you to not worry about having to top up frequently.

White Rhino Torrid 2 with armor case


Of course, it wasn’t set out to be a portable wax vaporizer, but when transporting it from one spot to another – a different room in the house, a friends place or for travel, the rugged design and relatively small size fits easily into any bag and setup takes just a matter of seconds. For the purpose it has, it certainly transports quite well.

White Rhino Torrid 2 detached

Ease of Use

Like previously mentioned, though it has a unique design, figuring it out takes not much time at all and most people with wax vaporizer experience will be able the get the hang of it pretty quickly. The carb cap/wax tool combo makes the process a little more streamlined as well.

It disassembles into multiple pieces easily and each unit cleans out very well if soaked in a cleaning solution. Rinse with water after soaking and do a quick burn off afterward and it’ll be squeaky clean!

White Rhino Torrid 2 full kitOverall Experience

While the design, build quality and experience are all strong points, the lack of precise temperature control, versatility and stability really puts a heavy damper on the overall experience. Sure, the vapor quality and size is rather good, however, practically every wax vaporizer with this price point can also deliver similar, if not, better results with a water piece.

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