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The XVape Vista is an e-rig and e-nail in one unit. If you don’t know the difference between e-rigs and e-nails, don’t feel too bad. I just learned myself, and I’ll explain the difference in the first section below. As it turns out, the difference is important and makes this a very versatile option for doing concentrates. If you’d like to learn everything there is to know about the Vista, keep reading… Also if this is your first vaporizer be sure to check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for helpful tips.

Review: XVAPE Vista

XVAPE Vista Atomizer

How it Works

The Vista can work as either an e-nail or an e-rig. I’ve always thought those two terms could be used interchangeably and for the most part they still can be, XVape defines them as the following; e-rigs are devices with an included bubbler (like the Focusvape Tourist) and e-nails are designed to be used with a separate water pipe (like the Yocan Torch). Most units like this only offer one of these options, so it’s cool to see something that does both.

The Vista is able to do this thanks to a pretty ingenious system for routing the vapor it creates. The quartz heating cup/coil is always on top of the base, but there are different glass pieces that you can place over top of it. One is the bubbler and the other is just a glass tube.

XVAPE Vista with rig attachment

Using the bubbler attachment is pretty straightforward. If you take this off the base though, you’ll see that there is a piece that can connect to a water pipe. It works with 14mm or 18mm male and female connections. To use it this way, simply put the plain glass tube on top and cover it with the carb cap. When you take a draw from your water pipe, the vapor goes through stainless steel tubes that are located inside the unit itself. It’s a pretty cool setup.

XVAPE Vista temperature selectionTemperature Flexibility

There are four temperature settings offered by the Vista, ranging from 572F to 842F. I personally find the range to be a little limiting. While the lowest temperature is in the range that most people would consider a low temperature dab, I would have liked to see another option closer to 500F.

One thing that is really nice about the Vista is that it can reach its lowest setting in a few seconds, so you don’t have to wait for it to get hot.

XVAPE Vista vapor quality

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is good. I greatly prefer the lowest temperature setting. It delivers good flavor and smooth hits. The other temperature options seem harsh to me, even with the bubbler.

To be fair, this is true for pretty much every e-rig that I have tried. A lot of people like their rigs to make them cough after taking a draw though, and this is more than capable of doing that. However it is a bit harder to scale that back and find a draw that is smooth.

XVAPE Vista deconstructed

Manufacturing Quality

The build quality of the Vista is very good. For starters, I think they did a really good job coming up with a design that allows this to function as both an e-rig and an e-nail. This makes it much more versatile than most other rigs like this. The materials used are all high quality as well, and I like the design of the heating nail.

Speaking of the nails, they’re actually different from anything I’ve seen before. When you look inside, it’s all quartz. There is a big cup with a protrusion in the middle, which is what delivers the heat.

XVAPE Vista with atomizer mounted

While this set up is quite unique, it is not the easiest if you want to use it like a rig. You have to be careful not to scrape the tool on the actual exposed coils because this can actually damage them. It seemed to work better when you pre-loaded your wax before the session. This does take away from the overall feeling of taking a wax draw from a traditional rig.

XVAPE Vista with chargerBattery Life

The battery life is good. Sessions are usually very short, which helps a device like this last a really long time of a single charge. The automatic shutoff for this is 20 seconds, whereas a herbal vaporizer is expected to stay on for at least 3 to 5 minutes.

Many stay on longer than that. This should last you through at least a day, even if you are a heavy user. If you only take the occasional dab, this could last significantly longer.

The big downside is that you cannot swap the battery on the XVape Vista like you can on the Focusvape Tourist or Dr Dabber Boost. This means once your battery is dead your session is over.

XVAPE Vista with Zeus Armos Case


This is portable in the sense that it doesn’t have a cord, and you could take it to a friends house to enjoy if you wanted to, but not much more than that.

You have to use it with at least the included glass bubbler, which isn’t something I would recommend carrying around with you while you are out on the town. If you want a portable way to vape concentrates, you’ll need to get a wax pen.

XVAPE Vista laying down

XVAPE Vista mouthpiece

Ease of Use

The Vista is very easy to use. The glass slides on and off the top, and the coils just screw on. Once you are set up and ready to vape, you just click the single button three times.

To choose a temperature, you click that same button two times to make it move up one temperature level. When it is on the temp you want, click that button one more time and you are ready to go. Like I mentioned above, it will turn off after 20 seconds.

XVAPE Vista with BubblerDiscreetness

The Vista is not discreet at all. It’s big and has a glass bubbler sticking off the top.

Under no circumstances should you use this somewhere when you don’t want people to know what you are doing.

Once again, get a wax pen like the Thunder 2 if you want discretion or portability.

XVAPE Vista kitOverall Experience

The XVape Vista is a great way to enjoy concentrates, but it certainly isn’t the best.

I’d say the main value comes from its versatility. There are other e-rigs out there that work just as well as this. There are e-nails that are just as good if you want to use your device with your own water pipe. But there aren’t many that can do both like the Vista can. The only one I can think of is the Source Nail Signature Kit, which is hands down a better device.

I thought the vapor was enjoyable but not mind blowing, if you like hard hits you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for from this.

As I indicated earlier, my only real critique of this is that I wish there was a lower temperature option. You also shouldn’t get this if you want something portable or discreet, but that’s just common sense!

I’d recommend a unit like the Focusvape Tourist 2-in-1, it gives you more of a rig feel from the wax attachment of this vaporizer, but it also features a very capable herb attachment as well for some serious 2 in 1 action. It also has a better temperature range and a removable 18650 battery.

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