Yocan DeLux Review – The vape that has a vape!


We review the new Yocan DeLux, a unique 2-in-1 wax and oil vaporizer that brings innovation to new highs. We’ve reviewed the Yocan Evolve Plus, and Yocan Dive before and generally came away satisfied. The new DeLux features a fascinating little oil vaporizer that packs away inside the wax vaporizer.

Spoiler: The smaller vaporizer is very similar to the Yocan Hive 2.0. Check out our Yocan Hive 2.0 review here. There’s a lot to say about the DeLux, so let’s get right into it!

Review: Yocan DeLux

Yocan DeLux Review

Yocan DeLux coils

How it Works

Both devices turn on by five clicks of the power button, while three quick taps will allow you to cycle between temperatures.

To use the main unit, slide the magnetic atomizer cover to reveal the coils. Apply a small BB amount of your chosen wax to the atomizer and put the mouthpiece back on. Adjust the temperature by clicking the power button three times, and hold down the button to engage the heater.

Allow the coils to reach temperature for a couple of seconds before taking your hit. Release the power button right before you finish your draw to get the most from your wax.

The smaller device works just like most e-juice mods with the press of a button. To refill the oil atomizer, slide it out of the mini-mod and remove the top of the atomizer. Reassemble the atomizer before putting it back into the unit.

Yocan DeLux available colors

Yocan DeLux power controlTemperature Flexibility

The larger of the two mods has four voltage settings, however, we’re not exactly sure what they are. With that being said, we feel as though they’re definitely well picked and each gives a notably different experience.

Impressively, the smaller mod also has variable voltage control. Also with three settings to choose from, we’re left more than satisfied with the versatility between the two units.

Yocan DeLux mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Neither mod has top of the line vapor quality for the price. With that being said, it’s a compromise we’re willing to take. The little mod still puts out pretty impressive clouds of vapor with good flavor. The same goes for the dual-quartz atomizer affixed to the larger unit.

The dual quartz atomizer produces good flavor with your concentrates, especially on lower temperatures. Cloud production is bumped up a notch on the higher settings at the sacrifice of flavor.

The mouthpiece and vapor path aren’t quite on the level of glass or quartz, however they don’t add any notable character to the vapor in comparison. Overall, both units are average in terms of performance.

Yocan DeLux flat display

Yocan DeLux front display

Manufacturing Quality

Yocan units always have a decent build quality to them, they certainly aren’t the best-made units on the market, especially with the low price point they off them for. But they get the job done. The Yocan Delux is no exception, you can tell where corners were cut to save costs, but at the end of the day it works as intended.  It looks quite unique and we’re quite impressed that they managed to put a literal vape inside a vape! Xzibit would be proud.

Inside the box are both devices, an oil atomizer, a 510-threaded wax atomizer, 1 connector, a Yocan toolkit, Micro USB cable, and user manual. This is a reasonable kit for what you pay and we have no complaints.

Yocan DeLux usb slotBattery Life

At 1500mAh and 450mAh for the big and small mods respectively, you have a pretty good lifespan between them. Occasional use throughout the day through the larger device will have you charging up every 2-3 days, though frequent users will have to top up more frequently.

The smaller mod has a notably smaller cell, but still carries its weight pretty well. Good for occasional use throughout the day, we wouldn’t hesitate to charge it every evening to make sure you’re not left dry.

Except, you can charge the smaller unit just by leaving it in the larger box! An admittedly pretty smart move, the larger mod acts as a power bank for the smaller device, essentially giving you much more room to play with!

This effectively means the two units have around 1950mAh to play around with, which is by no means bad. It’s not amazing and frequent users might want to grab something a bit beefier, but for the occasional hit throughout the day, you’ll be A-OK.

Yocan DeLux with armor case


With two devices crammed into one, this takes portability to the next level! Instead of having two devices clunking about inside your pockets, it’s all packed neatly into one pretty small package. The larger mod fits comfortably in the hand and almost hides away completely in the closed fist.

We’ve really never before seen a device like this before! Being able to have oil and wax hits ready without having to change cartridges or reach for your other device really brings the practicality up to the next level.

Yocan DeLux tank

Ease of Use

Having two devices crammed into one could be daunting, but Yocan did a great job at making the entire experience as user-friendly as possible. With magnetic atomizers, simple single-button operation, and intuitive charging, we commend Yocan for making the experience so seamless.

Cleaning is a bit difficult however and you would be better off just tossing out the coils and grabbing new ones rather than attempting to clean them up. Sure the magnetic atomizer disassembles but replacing coils frequently is a good idea since wax atomizers can get gummed up when overused. 

Yocan DeLux in hand


The fact you can disguise and contain your oil vaporizer within your wax device is pretty fascinating. The bundle looks identical to your average e-juice box mod, and no one will really bat an eye when they see you taking hits from it.

Not to mention it’s pretty easy to cover up the smell from hefty wax hits with a follow-up juice hit, the DeLux is a pretty discreet device overall.

Yocan DeLux full kitOverall Experience

Though it doesn’t boast the best performance for the price, it’s definitely more than adequate and the fact you have what’s practically a Yocan Hive 2.0 contained within another device is almost witchcraft in our eyes. Ok, not really, but you get the point.

A dedicated device at this price point will yield better performance for sure, but of course, you won’t get that sweet 2-in-1 action.

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