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The Yocan Hive 2.0 comes from the stable of one of the leading e-cig manufacturers and exporters in China. With a perfectly sized chassis and no-leakage design, the Yocan Hive 2.0 appears to be the smallest of the bunch. The manufacturer promotes it as one of the most discreet all-in-one devices ever made for oils and concentrates. How true are those claims and where does it stand when compared to true wax vaporizers such as the Zeus Thunder 2 or Pulsar APX Wax? Let’s find out!

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Review: Yocan Hive 2.0

Yocan Hive 2.0 review

Yocan Hive 2 coils

How it Works

As mentioned above, the Yocan Hive can be used for both juice and concentrate. Hence, two different atomizers are used in the kit. Both the tanks are small, with about 0.8ml capacity.

The product is pretty simple to use for anyone who has used a vaporizer before. Remove the mouthpiece to reveal the chamber that can be filled with herb oil and the second tank can be filled with wax of your choice.

The quartz coil beneath the wax atomizer ensures that you get the flavorful vapor when you switch on the device. There’s a magnetic connector which holds the tanks firmly in place.

Yocan Hive 2 colors

Use the loading tool to fill the tanks with oil or wax. Place the mouthpiece back and screw it tightly. Click on the power button to switch on the device and enjoy the vapor.

Yocan Hive 2 power buttonTemperature Flexibility

Unlike Yocan Evolve and the original Hive, the Yocan Hive 2.0 comes with adjustable voltage control. This is a marked improvement in terms of design and performance.

In the older version without voltage adjustment, vapor usually ranged from weak to burnt taste in a few seconds. As a result, using the device for an extended period was not possible. This problem seems to have been taken care of in the latest version.

There are three different levels – low, medium and high. One blue light shows low level, two lights indicate medium level and three lights indicate high level.

The output voltage can be easily adjusted for various occasions. To adjust the temperature after switching on the device, you simply need to press the power button three times.

Yocan Hive 2 mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The quality of vapor released by this device is not the best in the industry, but it’s certainly an improved one. What we like about the product is that the manufacturer has taken note of the drawbacks in the older version and improved on them significantly.

While the clouds are still not large, there’s a marked improvement in flavor and taste. You no longer get that burnt taste as you have the option to switch to a lower voltage.

Yocan Hive 2 side profile

Yocan Hive 2 front profile

Manufacturing Quality

This is a tiny device which looks like a cross between a hip flask and an MP3 player. The simple design makes it good for discreet use. It easily fits in the palm of your hand so you can enjoy discreet draws wherever you want to feel the high.

The built-in 650mAh battery cannot be removed but it lasts throughout the day with consistent use. Just beneath the connector, you will see the indicator lights that allow you to adjust the voltage. The power button is located below the indicator light.

There’s a window on the side that helps you check the level of oil. The USB charging outlet on the front makes it easier to charge the device whenever you want.

The product is available in five exciting colors – silver, black, gold, red and blue.

The manufacturer claims that the device has a no-leakage design. However, if you are using thinner concentrates then the e-juice leaks almost immediately making it a sticky mess to fill the e-juice tank.

Yocan Hive 2 battery slotBattery Life

The Hive 2.0 offers a decent battery life which makes it easy to carry around with you. It can easily last for 10-15 uses before you need to charge it again. The indicator light shows how much battery life is left with the device.

Yocan Hive 2 with armor case


This product is one of the tiniest vaporizers we have come across and it’s seriously designed for discreet vaping. It is lightweight and can be easily carried in your pocket.

Yocan Hive 2 in hand

Ease of Use

There’s a single quartz coil and simple to fill juice chamber making it quite easy to load. The magnetic connector makes swapping between materials a snap.

The device is well-built. It can be taken apart and put back together with ease.

Yocan Hive 2 in another hand


One of the best features of the Hive 2.0 is that you can use it discreetly in crowded places without letting others know.

It’s so tiny that it fits the palm of your hand, so you can enjoy puffs whenever you decide.

Yocan Hive 2 kitOverall Experience

The Yocan Hive 2.0 is the kind of product which paints a glorious theoretical picture but fails to deliver exactly as promised. No wonder, the 2.0 version has some marked improvements over its predecessor but it’s still far from the real wax vaporizers like Thunder 2 and APX Wax.

The biggest problem is that it cannot handle thinner concentrates. So, if you are looking for an e-juice container that can handle different types of loads then you need to try something else.

If you ask for one reason to buy this product then it would strictly be stealth vapin’.

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