Volcano Balloon Tube - Volcano

Volcano Balloon Tube - Volcano
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This is a roll of food grade plastic that can be used to create replacement balloons for the VOLCANO Vaporizer that has the SOLID VALVE System in place OR the new EASY VALVE system that has the rebuildable bag included.. There is approximately 3 meters of material that can be cut to any size you prefer, giving you a wide range of bag size options. Each bag can be used up to 2.5 months, but you may want to replace them more frequently depending on how much you use them for the freshest vapor quality and flavour.


  • New EASY VALVE Systems for VOLCANO

Package Contents

  • 3m x 31cm roll of balloon material

How To Replace

  1. Cut a length of material based on the size of your desired balloon.
  2. Seal one end of the material using a fastener of your choice.
  3. Connect the other end of the balloon to the SOLID VALVE Balloon Valve or EASY VALVE Rebuildable Balloon by following the instructions included with your vaporizer.
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