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Today we will be taking a look at the Airvape XS from Apollo. This unit is one of the slimmest units we have put our hands on and features precise temperature control , customizable vapor sessions lengths, a ceramic heating chamber and a glass mouthpiece. So let’s dive right in and see if this unit has what it takes. If this is your first time purchasing a vaporizer, be sure to check out our Vaporizer Buyers Guide which is full of helpful tips of what to look for when purchasing your unit.

Review: AirVape XS

How it Works

The Airvape XS is pretty straightforward, you remove the glass mouthpiece to expose the ceramic heating chamber, fill it with your desired herbs and place the glass mouthpiece back on top of the unit. Turn the unit on by pressing the power button 3 times quickly. The display will illumate and the AirVape animation will play on the screen followed by the temperature selection screen.

To set your temperature use the up and down arrow to set the unit up to 220 Celsius. The unit will automatically begin heating and will remember your set temperature for the next time you turn the unit on. Once the temperature on the display reaches the set temperature the unit will buzz to let you know it’s ready. Then simply takes draws from the glass mouthpiece to enjoy your vapor.


The unit does have a countdown timer which will shut the device down after 3 minutes of use. To increase this setting to 5 minutes press and hold the power button and up button at the same time. When the time reaches 0 the unit will atomically shut itself off to preserve battery life.

Temperature Flexibility

This device features precise temperature control allowing you to set the unit anywhere up to 220 degrees Celsius. This gives you a large range to work with and most users will be satisfied between 180C and 215C.

We love units that offer precise temperature control because it really allows the user to fine tune their vapor experience and allows them to experiment to find the perfect temperature.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is pretty decent on the AirVape XS this is mostly due to its hybrid conduction & convection heating method along with its free-flowing airflow.

At lower temperatures you get a lot of flavor, especially because of the glass mouthpiece. At higher temperature you can actually produce a decent amount of visible vapor, especially if you push it to the max. Flavor does diminish quickly on higher temperatures and will be a bit harsher.

We should also note at higher temperatures the mouthpiece does get hot, so make sure to use the included silicone sleeve.

We also did notice if you angled the unit a certain way hot air would actually cause some discomfort in your mouth. We found it was most comfortable angling the unit so the vapor is going to the middle of your mouth rather than towards the sides.

Manufacturing Quality

The device appears to be nicely machined and well put together, we did not notice any visible defects when we pulled it from the box.

This unit has almost a cell-phone aesthetic to it, with its thin body, brushed aluminum exterior and beautiful display. This unit is actually a joy to hold and does not feel awkward at all in your hand.

The glass mouthpiece is held in place with a silicone grommet (it almost reminds us of the Solo & Air setup) and while we do not feel that this is the most ideal way to secure the mouthpiece in place it seems to work in practice. Or only fear is the silicone loosening over time or falling off while it is in your pocket.

The display on the unit is nicely sized and the numbers can be read easily. The only thing we did notice was the display was a little dim in our opinion which will make it harder to use outdoors.


One addition that may seem small but we really like is the haptic feedback when the unit reaches temperature. We think this should be a feature for every unit coming out in the future because it doesn’t force to watch the screen to tell if your unit is ready.

What is most impressive though is that this unit is backed with a Lifetime Warranty which we believe is the first for the industry. This is great because it shows that Apollo really puts faith in the products they manufacture and are willing to back it up.

Battery Life

The AirVape XS features a 1300mah rechargeable battery, which for a unit this thin is pretty impressive. The battery was actually custom made for the AirVape and is marketed as a “high quality battery” and has actually been tested by their engineers for extreme conditions such as altitude simulation, thermal test, shock/impact, extrernal short circuit and forced discharge to name a few.

From our testing the AirVape lasted roughly 40 minutes to an hour with moderate use. This will obviously change depending on temperature used and the length of your individual sessions. This is pretty average for the vaporizer market, but considering the thin design we are glad it is at least average and not below average.


The thin design of the AirVape makes it very portable. It can easily be slipped into a pocket for easy transportation and for the most part you will mistake it for your smart phone rather than a vaporizer.

The one aspect of this unit that hurts portability is the glass mouthpiece. Because the mouthpiece is just fitted on with a silicone grommet it has the potentional of coming off in your pocket especially if you are doing a lot of moving.

Apollo does include a pleather case for your airvape to help rectify this issue and the case is actually pretty well made. The only issue I have with the case is that the easiest way to pull the unit out of the case is via the mouthpiece and as I highlighted, it has a tendancy to pop off. Which will lead to you cramming your fingers into the case to pop the rest of the unit out. But at least Apollo was thoughtful enough to include a case which is more than what most companies offer.



Discreetness is a bit of a tossup, if you someone pull it out of your pocket, at first glance they would probably assume it’s a cell phone. However once you start to actually use the unit people may be wise to what you are doing.

The is not overly odorous, but because there is a lot of airflow there is more room for fumes to escape while it is use so you may want to say down wind.

Ease of Use

The Airvape XS is a really easy device to use, mostly because it features an LCD display and precise temperature control. Simply load your device with your favorite herbs, pop the mouthpiece on, turn the unit on, set the temperature and you are ready to go!

Maintenance for the AirVape Xs should be fairly simple as well, the hardest part to care for will be the metal filter located in the silicone grommet beneath the mouthpiece. Mostly because it is quite small and comes apart into 2 pieces which can be hard to put back together. But besides that the rest of the unit super easy to keep clean. 

Overall Experience

To be honest we were impressed with the AirVape XS, it features a unique slim design making it the thinnest unit currently available. The hybrid conduction & convection heating creates smooth and flavorful at lower temperatures while producing thicker vapor at higher temperature.

We love the big LCD screen and the precise temperature control which allows full control over your session. Battery life is just average but we will take that trade-off with such a slim design. We do wish the mouthpiece was more secure but did not have any issues with it in our testing.

If you are looking for a unit that blends portability and vapor quality the AirVape XS definitely has what you need. If you are looking for a similar unit that is a bit more affordable we definitely recommend checking out the Zeus Smite Plus, which also offers users precise temperature control and excellent vapor quality.

If you have questions about our review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!

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  1. I found that if you insert the vaporizer into its pouch mouthpiece first it works just fine. Easy to get out and the mouthpiece stays put.

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