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The Arizer Go Vaporizer, also known as the ArGo, is the 5th and latest release from Canadian Vaporizer manufacturer Arizer, featuring an all glass vapor path, precise temperature control and removable battery in a compact and portable package. It is quite evident that Arizer’s focus for this vaporizer was portability, a department where their previous releases had lacked. So let’s dive right in and see if the ArGo is the Arizer unit we have all been waiting for!

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Review: Arizer Go (ArGo)

arizer go review

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How it Works

To load the Arizer Go, push down the mouthpiece guard to expose the glass aroma tube, pull the glass aroma tube from the heating chamber and load your herbs into the dish at the bottom of the aroma tube. Once the aroma tube is loaded push it back into the heating chamber in the ArGo.

To turn the unit on, press and hold the M and + button. The screen will illuminate and start counting down, continue holding the M and + buttons until the unit beeps and greets you with a smiley face.

Now that the device is on, press the + or – buttons to set your desired temperature. The Arizer Go takes about a minute and a half to reach temperature and it will beep to let you know the device has reached temperature. You can then begin to take draws from the glass mouthpiece.

arizer go front profile

arizer go power button

Temperature Flexibility

Just like the Arizer Solo 2 and Arizer Air 2, the Arizer Go features precise temperature control which will allow you to set the device anywhere up to 220 degrees Celsius.

We are happy to see that Arizer has continued to offer users precise temperature control as it was a welcome addition in the newest iterations of the Solo and Air.

With a full temperature spectrum at your disposal the ArGo is able to satisfy a large swath of vapers.

arizer go mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Just like the rest of the Arizer family, the glass aroma dish of the Arizer Go ensures a pure and flavorful session from first draw to last. In fact, we would say that the Arizer Go tends to preserve the flavor better during the entire session than the Solo 2 or Air 2. However, this tends to come with a caveat, the ArGo also tends to take longer to complete a session. For best results, we suggest drying your herbs in a de-humidor like the Zeus Temple.

On average it took us a full 15-minute session (sometimes longer) to fully finish a bowl in the Arizer Go. While in the Solo 2 and Air 2 it would typically take between 5 to 10 minutes.

Furthermore, we were not able to get any considerable sized clouds from the Arizer Go, certainly not what we experienced from a unit like the Arizer Solo 2. Don’t get us wrong, you will still achieve visible vapor but it’s not a serious cloud producer, which some may favor, but left us a bit underwhelmed.

arizer go display

Manufacturing Quality

The Arizer Go appears to be a well-manufactured vaporizer, however only time will tell how well this device will hold up. When the Solo 2 and Air 2 came out, it was pretty easy to throw our weight behind the quality of those units because we had seen how reliable their predecessors are.

With the Arizer Go we are venturing into new territory for Arizer and we can only hope the longevity is what we have experienced with their other devices.

I think our biggest worry with the Arizer Go is the mouthpiece shield which pops into place with a click of a button and snaps down when depressed. Whenever moving parts is introduced into a vaporizer there is a greater chance of issues surrounding that part.

Case in point, the original Pax featured a spring-loaded mouthpiece that would conceal it during travel and that tended to be the part that broke the most, so much so that Pax abandoned that design all together when they released the Pax 2.

arizer go flat profile

The digital display on the Arizer Go is bright, vibrant and in line with what we experienced on the other newer Arizer units.

One thing we should note is that we did notice that the ArGo can get quite hot during operation, almost too hot to touch in certain parts. This seemed to happen the most when we started our session above 200 degrees and sessions for longer than 10 minutes, which is not something we have really experienced with an Arizer unit before.

Another thing to note is that the glass stems for the ArGo are a brand-new stem size and is not compatible with other Arizer products. This means your Air & Solo stems cannot be used on the Arizer Go and vice versa.

arizer go usb slotBattery Life

The battery in the Arizer Go appears to be the exact same battery that is included with the Arizer Air 2 and from our tests their battery lives are about the same, lasting roughly an hour and twenty minutes to an hour and a half.

One thing to note is that we did find a session generally took longer with the Arizer Go, so while the battery life is the same as the Air 2, you may find you can get through more sessions in the Air 2 because the heater seems to be more efficient.

arizer go with armor case


This is by far the most portable Arizer unit made to date and that is a welcome improvement over previous Arizer models. From a function stand-point the ArGo operates pretty much the same as any other Arizer portable, you place a glass aroma tube into the heating element. The biggest issue when it came to the other Arizer units is that the glass stem just stuck out from the device, leaving itself exposed to be damaged.

With the Arizer Go, the glass aroma tube sits deeper in the unit with just the tip exposed to draw from. That tip can be further protected by the retractable shield, which makes us feel more confident about bringing the Arizer Go out with us when compared to other Arizer portables.

arizer go in hand

Ease of Use

The Arizer Go is extremely straightforward and easy to use. If you have had any experienced with an Arizer vaporizer, getting started with the Arizer Go should be a breeze.

Cleaning the ArGo is also fairly simple, if you pack the stems correctly and don’t allow any herbs to touch the heating element, you should only have to care for the glass stems themselves.

The stems can easily be cleaned in a cleaner such as the Zeus Purify Cleaning Solution.

arizer go in another hand


Along with being the most portable Arizer units available, we would also say the Arizer Go is the most discreet. The boxy nature of the device will have most on-lookers assuming you are using some sort of mod-style e-cig.

Also, as we touched upon earlier this unit does not produce a ton of visible vapor at one time. This means it will be a bit easier to keep your session low key.

arizer go full kitOverall Experience

The Arizer Go is definitely the most portable and most discreet Arizer unit to date and will definitely find a home with people who prefer longer sessions that are full of flavor. However, the Solo 2 still remains the most powerful of the Arizer line.

When it comes to visible vapor production we found the ArGo a bit lacking and sessions seemed to take a bit longer to fully finish. We really liked the digital display, removable battery and glass vapor path, but wished for the device to be a bit more powerful.

If you like the idea of more visible vapor and are not married to the idea of the glass mouthpiece we suggest checking out the Utillian 721, which can produce some serious vapor while remaining compact and portable.

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  1. While the ArGo certainly has some nice features, I’ve gone through two units in the past 4 months due to the fact the the led screen burnt out on both after minimal use. When I contacted Arizer to discuss the issue, they admitted that the screens were prone to crap out if you happen to inadvertently ‘tip the unit over;’ seriously… a $300+ vaporizer that quits working after being tipped over? That’s what I call a poor quality product.

    That noted, if I was willing to abide by their ridiculous warranty procedures (see the actual email from Arizer below)…including paying for shipping and being without the vaporizer for some time..they would ‘get my unit up and running’ (that is until it is inadvertently tipped over again). Are you kidding me? Does this company operate out of the trunk of a car?

    Email from Arizer customer support:

    “Thank you for your information.

    We will get your unit up and running under the warranty if you can send it in to us. Shipping costs are not covered under warranty but I would like to help you out and have waived the cost of return shipping so you will only need to pay the Post Office’s fee to send the unit in.

    Below are the shipping instructions:

    – When getting your unit ready for shipping make sure to include the unit with battery inserted & charger, but please DO NOT send any accessories, glass parts, or broken glass fragments.

    – In the box please include a print-out with a description of the problem(s) with your unit and your name and shipping address so we can cross reference your information with the work order.

    – Do your best to clean up your unit, and pack it appropriately for shipping. Please use a corrugated shipping box and crumpled newspapers to prevent anything from moving around inside the box.

    – Once you have packed the box and sealed it with packing tape, bring the box to your local Canada Post location and ship it to the address below:

    DOCK #28, UNIT #216
    N2H 5Z2

    – If you are asked to describe the package contents, write “Power Heater”

    – Please let us know when you have shipped your parcel in to us so we are expecting your unit coming in.

    Once your parcel has been received your unit will be repaired or replaced as necessary within 1 – 3 business days and returned to…”

    Folks, do your research before shelling out your hard earned coin on an ArGo. Arizer has a big design flaw in this one…they know it…and their customer service is some of the worst I have personally encountered in quite some time.

    • Their warranty procedures are fairly standard followed by almost every company in the world. So their customer service is not lacking; they admitted the problem, provided normal, for the vast majority of businesses, contact and warranty instructions. Standard operating procedure.

      So it sounds like piling on as in Jesus walking across the water to give you a brand new vape divinely guaranteed to be unbreakable would be criticized by you for contaminating the fishy eco-system with the dirt from his sandals.

      • Yass!!!!

        I’m so happy I made it to the comments, thank you I needed that today.

        While I’m here I have an ArGO to which needed repair for a dislodged button, easy painless warranty experience for me, I will continue to support Arizer.

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