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If you managed to catch a glimpse of our review on the Eleaf iStick Pico and found yourself appreciating the tiny form factor of the device and its uncompromising feature set, but didn’t like the rather barebones design of the mod, then the Aspire Cygnet Revvo just might be the next device to pique your interest. Featuring an all-too-familiar aesthetic encasing the devices 80-watt capabilities, the Aspire Cygnet Revvo follows in the same vein as the Pico but now with much more refreshing look sure to catch every vapers attention.
Let’s dive down into the details of the kit down below and see if it’s worth vaping on. Be sure to check the vape ranking chart to learn out the best units on the market and other information to take into consideration before making your purchase.
Editors Note: For those who are looking for the easiest and most efficient way to make the switch, we suggest checking out the Jücee Slice, a pod-based vaping system that offers a hassle-free approach to vaping, no settings, no ohm law, just vapor.

Review: Aspire Cygnet Revvo kit

Aspire Cygnet Revvo Review

Aspire Cygnet Revvo front display

Manufacturing Quality

From the get-go, there’s absolutely no question that the Aspire Cygnet Revvo shares a striking resemblance to a long time favorite, the Eleaf iStick Pico. While both devices are from two totally different manufacturers, it’s not hard to assume that Aspire couldn’t help but capitalize on the popularity of the Pico by releasing their own take on it.

Granted, there are indeed a few differences such as the battery cap now being located at the bottom of the mod instead of the top, not to mention it also uses a recessed design that lays flush with the bottom of the mod, compared to the protruding battery cap found on the Pico.

This is where the differences end, however, and where the similarities begin. The Aspire Cygnet Revvo uses a very familiar although potentially controversial up/down button positioned directly underneath the device. While this button placement creates an overall less busy look, it makes reaching for those buttons potentially awkward especially for users with larger hands.

The display used on the Aspire Cygnet Revvo also shares a lot in common with the display found on the Pico in terms of pixel density, color (or rather lack of color), brightness, and finally the overall layout or user interface displayed on the screen.

It’s rather hard to fault Aspire for this as the Pico had a pretty decent screen and while it was small, it still managed to convey all important information effectively, something that can also be seen and felt when using the Aspire Cygnet Revvo. Aspire Cygnet Revvo available colors

The square firing button on the Aspire Cygnet Revvo is ergonomically placed for easy and convenient use and feels well built when pressed, giving off a satisfying and resounding click letting you know the exact moment you fire up the device.

The 510 connection located on top is spring loaded, offering decent compatibility with a variety of atomizers. As for the connection made to the included Revvo Mini tank, it’s been reliable enough and hasn’t given us any issues with proper resistance detection so far.

Aspire Cygnet Revvo mouth piece

Flavor Quality

While the performance of the bundled Revvo Mini tank isn’t exactly up to par with most of the high capacity, multi-coil monstrosities available in the market today, it’s important to bear in mind that this is a tank optimized for a single 18650 battery. To that end, the Revvo Mini performs admirably with above-average amounts of vapor and flavor delivered in each puff.

The kit comes packaged with two coils, a 0.23 ohm and one 0.28 ohm coil and while both perform similarly, we’re pretty satisfied with their performance as they haven’t given us any issues with wicking e-liquid or leaks.

The Revvo Mini tank, despite its short stature, managed to impress us with its top airflow design capable of delivering a surprising amount of airflow. The fully adjustable top airflow holds 3 airflow slots so even the most hardcore direct lung vapers should feel right at home with this tank, especially when paired with the semi-wide bore diameter of the tanks mouthpiece.

Aspire Cygnet Revvo power controlPower Flexibility

Due to the Aspire Cygnet Revvo’s use of a single 18650, its got an average amount of vaping headroom with a maximum wattage output of 80 watts which isn’t all that bad considering the sheer tininess of the mod. Despite its compact nature, the device has full support for variable wattage as well as the full gamut of temperature control modes such as nickel, stainless steel, and titanium.

Although the size and design of the Aspire Cygnet Revvo does limit your choice of aftermarket atomizers, there’s still a lot to choose from within the 24mm diameter range.

When it comes to temperature ramp up and firing speed, the Aspire Cygnet Revvo doesn’t disappoint with its quick heat up time and practically non-existent firing delay making the entire kit feel very responsive when used. There’s also a good selection of Revvo Arc coils that work with the Revvo Mini tank so you won’t feel too restrained when it comes to coil choices should you feel the need to switch things up every now and then.Aspire Cygnet Revvo flat display

Aspire Cygnet Revvo tank refillEase of Use

Probably one of the best innovations we’ve seen to date as far as tank designs go comes with the Revvo Mini tank. Unlike other tanks which use a typical sliding mechanism on the top of the tank to fill the tank with e-liquid, the fill port on the Revvo Mini can be directly accessed via the mouthpiece which means you can literally drip your e-liquids straight down into the tank as if you were using an RDA.

As for basic operation of the mod itself, the Aspire Cygnet Revvo doesn’t deviate from the norm and can be easily switched on with a simple 5 clicks on the firing button to turn on the device and throw it straight into its default variable wattage mode.

Aspire Cygnet Revvo with armor case


With dimensions measuring out to 72.5mm x 48mm x 24mm, the Aspire Cygnet Revvo easily rivals even the smallest of single 18650 battery mods out there, including the Eleaf iStick Pico. The device is easily palmed and concealed in your hand, making it a great choice for discreet vapers.

The small size allows the mod to be easily slipped in and out of pockets making for a great travel option when needing to vape on the go. Battery life is decent for a single 18650 device and conservative to moderate vapers can get by on a single battery per day although heavy users might find the need to recharge or swap out batteries.
Aspire Cygnet Revvo tank detached

Aspire Cygnet Revvo full kit

Overall Experience

If you always remained a fan of the Eleaf iStick Pico’s excellent portability, functionality, and reliability, but never appreciated the actual look of the device, the Aspire  Cygnet Revvo is a compelling alternative that gives you all the same pros as the Pico, but with a revamped aesthetic that’s bound to be more attractive to picky vapers.

The included Revvo Mini tank performs amiably and is a great travel option thanks to its ability for quick and easy refills. Making the entire kit incredibly easy to use when on the go.

If you are looking for the best pre-filled unit on the market we suggest checking out the Jücee Slice and if you are looking for the best mod-style unit we suggest checking out the Smok X-Priv.

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