Atmos Vicod 5G (Kandypens Miva) Vaporizer Review


The Atmos Vicod 5G or the Kandypens Miva (these devices are clones of each other and are the same unit) is a portable herb vaporizer that offers conduction heating through the ceramic chamber, precise temperature control through an LED display and comes equipped with 2 mouthpieces to customize your vaporizer session. So let’s jump right in and see if the Vicod 5G (Kandypens Miva) is a real OG.

Review: Atmos Vicod 5G/Kandypens Miva

How it Works

To load the Vicod 5G snap off the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber, fill the chamber with your desired herbs, packing them down slightly and then snap the mouthpiece back into place. We recommend filling the chamber at least ¾ full for best results.

To turn the device on press the power button the front of the Vicod 5G five times quickly. The screen will illuminate, display your last set temperature and automatically heat up.

To change the temperature on the Vicod 5G simply press either the up or down arrow to adjust the temperature down to the individual degree.

Another five clicks on the power button turns the device off and as always we recommend emptying your chamber out after every session.  

Temperature Flexibility

The Vicod 5G, as previously mentioned, offers users precise temperature control which will allow you to set the temperature of the device down to the individual degree.

This is great for those who really want to tailor their vapor experience to their own needs. Those who prefer light flavorful vapor or thicker clouds have a full range of temperatures at their disposal.

The unit can be set anywhere between 300F to 435F. For best results, we recommend vaporizing between 375F to 410F.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality on the Vicod 5G is decent at lower temperatures but quickly diminishes when pushing the unit over 410F. With the shorter stainless steel mouthpiece, vapor can quickly become irritating on the throat due to the rather short vapor path.

Atmos tries to combat this by also providing a longer glass stem mouthpiece, which does an okay job at elongating the vapor path to allow more cooling time. However, when pushing the Vicod over 410F, the vapor is still rather harsh on your throat.

We found pairing the Vicod 5G with the glass stem to the Zeus Iceborn was the best way to diminish the irritating vapor produced at high temperatures. When attached to the Iceborn we were able to use the Vicod 5G at the highest temperature to produce some serious vapor without any irritation. So we definitely recommend checking out an Iceborn, even if you don’t get the Vicod, it is a worthwhile investment. 

Manufacturing Quality

Our biggest gripe with the Vicod 5G is the manufacturing quality of the device. The body is almost entirely enclosed in plastic and feels quite cheap when holding it in your hands. The glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet so we would advise going with the carbon fiber weave if anything.

With a plastic shell, we fear how well this device will hold up during daily use, especially when the device, in general, tends to heat up when the unit is in use.

Another thing we noticed was that the mouthpieces have a tendency to stick in the device after a few uses. Oils seem to get trapped in the seams of the mouthpiece and overtime will cause quite the sticky mess.

This ultimately means you have to be on top of keeping your Vicod 5G clean to try and avoid this issue. 

Battery Life

The Vicod 5G features an internal 2200mah battery, which is actually quite impressive for a unit this small. From our tests, you can get about an hour and a half of vaping without the need for a charge.

The Vicod 5G also features a micro USB charging slot, making it easy to find a power source if you ever need to top up a charge on your device.

The battery life is probably the best thing about the Vicod 5G, however, it still does not hold a candle to the Zeus Smite+ which will get you at least 2 hours of vaping.


The Vicod 5G is a fairly portable unit, especially when paired with the shorter stainless steel mouthpiece. It can easily be slipped into a pocket or bag for easy transportation.

We really don’t recommend using the glass mouthpiece if you are taking the Vicod 5G out with you for the night. If you try and put the unit in your pocket or bag without some sort of protective case like the Zeus Armor, it is very likely the stem is going to end up snapping.

The battery life also helps the Vicod 5G in the portability department, with an hour and a half of battery life, this device will easily last for a night out.

Ease of Use

As is the case with most precise temperature control units, the Vicod 5G is very user-friendly. 5 clicks on the power button will turn the device on and off and the up and down arrows to set your desired temperature.

As mentioned the device does tend to build up oils rather quickly so we really suggest keeping on top of cleaning the unit regularly. Even something as simple as a pack of Zeus Grime Wipes can help wipe away oils from around the mouthpiece and keep all parts moving smoothly.

Overall Experience

The Atomos Vicod 5G (Kandypens Miva) is a decent portable vaporizer, but the plastic exterior and irritating vapor leaves a lot to be desired. There is a lot of potential for this device, but Atmos (or Kandypens) needs to work on a way to do a better job at cooling vapor. As we mentioned, an Iceborn works wonders with this device, but you should not always have to purchase a separate accessory to get the best possible vapor.

We really recommend taking a look at a unit the Zeus Smite Plus. It has a longer vapor path the Vicod 5G and also has the option of a glass mouthpiece. We found vapor from the Smite Plus far less harsh than the Vicod, while maintaining flavor throughout your session.

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  1. We purchased 2 Vicod 5G’s and are extremely disappointed in the mouth pieces. Within 2 months we went through 2 of the glass and 2 of the plastic mouth pieces. The glass pipe falls out resulting in no seal and the screens fall out rendering the others useless. Also the little rubber gaskets fall off and get lost, and they are not sold separately. I ordered another set and again problems. Upon speaking with customer service they were willing to send out two more but the shipping costs were absolutely ridiculous. As I paid $185 each, this has become a very expensive proposition. As such, we are moving on are in search of a better quality product.

  2. I have the Miva. Direct from KandyPens. I have the exact same issues. The mouth pieces crack then disintegrate within a month or so. Yes, they sell replacements, but I’m not paying for the pieces and then shipping.

  3. I have had my Vicod 5g for about a month and 1/2 and everything made of plastic is literally falling apart. The mouthpiece with the glass tube has already come apart, the smaller mouthpiece gets so ******* hot. THe rubber O rings used to hold the mouthpieces in place keep falling off. This is not a good dry vape. I am really unhappy with this vape.

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