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A relatively new manufacturer in the scene, Focusvape has put out a promising new unit, the Focusvape Pro with features such as a digital display, full temperature control, haptic feedback and a replaceable 18650 battery. Sounds like the perfect formula, right? And for the price, it seems like quite a bargain, so we check out what it’s all about!

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Review: Focusvape Pro

Focusvape Pro Review

Focusvape Pro coils

How it Works

Like the original Focusvape, the Focusvape Pro is pretty no-frills. Unscrewing the mouthpiece reveals the ceramic heating chamber, and loading your herb can be done without too much hassle. Reattach the mouthpiece, power it on and then choose your temperature.

After only around 20-30 seconds your bowl is ready to go! There’s also a small rotating part near the top of the unit, which allows you to adjust your airflow accordingly. Simple to use with no complex steps required.


Focusvape Pro detached

Focusvape Pro power control

Temperature Flexibility

With a nice built-in OLED display, you’re able to monitor and adjust your temperature on the fly! It has a range between 176-465°F, or 80-240°C, which is rather generous! Temperatures at the higher end of the spectrum start approaching combustion territory, especially with drier herb, so slowly increase your temperatures during a session in order to avoid that! Once your herb starts tasting ‘smoky’, you’ve gone too far!

To add to that, the Focusvape Pro will vibrate once it reaches your desired temperature, which is always really convenient! Since it is a conduction based unit though, I like to give it a few extra seconds to let your herb full heat soak for a bigger first hit.

Focusvape Pro mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Using a standard conduction ceramic oven, you get reasonably good vapor. The vapor path consists of a stainless steel screen, glass mouthpiece, and of course the ceramic oven itself. The flavor you get is pretty good, though not quite on the level of other units above its price point.

Cloud production is pretty good at the beginning, especially with airflow set to the highest, though it tapers off rather quickly – a trait commonly seen with conduction vaporizers. Towards the fourth and fifth draw you’re left with the typical ‘burnt popcorn’ flavor. Not bad by any means, but doesn’t really compare to convection units.

It’s definitely no slouch and performs well, though at this point in time, I’d consider it pretty average amongst others at its price point. Still, it’s far from bad and will satisfy the vast majority of people!

Focusvape Pro front profile

Manufacturing Quality

You’re not left out to dry with the Focusvape, and it feels like quite a nice device! I personally really like the texture and feel of it, though some may be inclined to disagree. All of the parts feel pretty well machined and seem reasonably reliable.

You’re given a standard accessories kit with charger, cleaning kit, some spare screens and a handy mouthpiece cap!

It’s worth another mention though that you do have adjustable airflow and haptic (vibration) feedback, which is never unwelcome! I’d love to see more vapes incorporate these features since it’s often forgotten, yet useful! You don’t see too many vapes packing in all the features that the Focusvape Pro does, especially at this price range.

Focusvape Pro flat display

Focusvape Pro usb slotBattery Life

Thankfully, there’s a 3200mAh 18650 included! You’re easily able to get 7-10 sessions off a single charge, depending on temperature settings. Being removable, you won’t be left with a pricy paperweight either when the battery eventually dies out after a few years.

For extended outings, having a spare battery is great too! You can also check out the battery life right from the OLED display, which also is really convenient.

Focusvape Pro with armor case


Just slightly bigger than your average Snickers bar, the Focusvape Pro is really portable! A self-contained chamber, compact form factor and durable design makes it easy to throw into any pocket or bag without any worry.

Some care should be taken when handling the glass mouthpiece, though it doesn’t feel fragile by any means and I’d trust it to maybe survive a fall. Don’t test that though!

The included mouthpiece cap will protect it better from falls and also prevent pocket lint from entering as well as keeping most smells from escaping.

Focusvape Pro in hand

Ease of Use

It’s about as easy as they come. Load your herb, turn it on and wait for it to vibrate! Cleaning it out is just as simple, and a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol would make quick work of any residue built up in the chamber.

For the mouthpiece, it’d be easier to just soak it in a small amount of iso too and allow any gunk to dissolve after a few minutes.

The Focusvape Pro is really easy to use and a beginner wouldn’t have an issue at all using it. No draw techniques, no convoluted smartphone app, and no learning curve. It’s as easy as they come!

Focusvape Pro in another hand


Being so small, it’s great for being discreet. Hardly looking any different than your average e-juice vape, it won’t generate many second looks and prying eyes won’t be a problem at all. Though not as tiny as something like the Zeus Arc, it still holds and hides pretty well.

Not to mention the pretty quick heat up time of around 25 seconds, you can have a quick session without hassle. Do keep in mind any residual smells though!

Focusvape Pro full kitOverall Experience

If you’re a beginner looking for a really portably entry level unit, the Focusvape Pro is a worthy contender. It takes an existing formula and really just nails it. Vapor quality isn’t anything to write home about, though it’ll satisfy the vast majority of people and does the trick! For what you pay, you get a really healthy amount of features.

To recap, you get an OLED display, full temperature control, adjustable airflow, removable 18650 battery, on-vibration, decent vapor quality and overall a solid unit. If you value portability and simplicity, then this is definitely the right choice for you. You can grab one directly from our shop.

For what it is though, I really like it and at the price, not many vaporizers even come close in terms of included features!

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