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In 2013 Hopper Labs launched a crowd sourced funding campaign via Indie-Go-Go to start production of the Grasshopper vaporizer. Since then the Grasshopper has exploded onto the vaporizer scene because of it’s discreet pen shape and decent vapor production from such a small unit. Almost 4 years removed from the initial campaign and Hopper Labs is still having issues keeping up with demand and the unit is in a constant state of pre-order. So let’s dive right into this hard to get vaporizer and see if it really is worth all the hype.

Review: Grasshopper

How It Works

To use the Grasshopper first unscrew the mouthpiece near the bottom of the pen to reveal the heating chamber, pack it with your choice of herb and screw the mouthpiece back into place.

Next set the temperature by rotating the dial at the top of the device, there are 5 notches that indicate the set temperature, the temperature range from 130 – 210 Celsius and each notch increase the temperature by 20 degrees Celsius. It is possible to set the dial between notches for a more fine-tuned temperature.

Once the temperature is set click the top of the “pen” to turn the unit on. The LED’s around the middle of the device will turn red to indicate it is heating and then will turn blue when it’s ready to go. Heat up time is really quick reaching temperature in 15 – 30 seconds depending on your setting.  Once the device is heating you can begin to take draws from the device.

The device does have an auto-shutoff that turns off the device after about 18 seconds of not drawing from the unit.


Temperature Flexibility

As we briefly touched upon the Grasshopper has a pretty impressive temperature range which starts at 130 Celsius and goes all the way up to 210 Celsius.

The temperature is adjusted by twisting the dial at the top of the unit and there are 5 notches to indicate a 20 degree Celsius change in temperature. You can also set the dial in between temperature setting for a more refined temperature setting.

The one gripe we have with the dial is it is rather small for such a wide range of temperature which makes it really hard to set the unit in between the notches and have an idea where you are at.

The other issue we have with it is the temperature range offered, it starts at 130  degrees Celsius, the next step would be 150 degrees celsius and the 3rd step would be 170 degrees Celsius. All 3 of these  temperature are far too low to efficiently vaporize your dry herbs. Therefore realistically you want to use the device somewhere between the 3rd notch and 5th notch.

We would have liked to see the unit start at 180 as the first notch and maybe more up 5 – 10 degrees between each notch which would give you a much more fine-tuned temperature setting. Especially for such a small dial.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality from the Grasshopper is pretty impressive for such a small device and at higher temperatures you can get pretty decent visible vapor.

The only issue with the Grasshopper vaporizer is the vapor path is extremely short which means the mouthpiece and vapor gets warm very quickly. And while we were able to achieve decent vapor at higher temperatures, the inhale was hot and uncomfortable to say the least.

This device functions much better around 180 – 200 degrees without causing too much discomfort when inhaling but vapor is still warmer than most other units, which is to be expected with such a short vapor path.

Manufacturing Quality

This unit is really sleek and feels great in your hands. We especially love that it looks exactly like a pen and even shares similar functionality such as the top button which turns the device on and off.

For such a small unit we are impressed that it can hold up to .3 grams of herbs but can also work with smaller packs.

The unit comes with two 750mah batteries that can be easily swapped by unscrewing the top of the unit to expose the battery bay. We really like that Grasshopper vaporizer provides you with 2 batteries to start with the ability to purchase more.

The mouthpiece of the Grasshopper gets extremely hot on your lips when you are using it which forces you to use the included silicone sleeve. The silicone sleeve is probably our least favorite thing about the Grasshopper, it looks ugly, gets dirty easily, and is impossible to clean. We understand why they had to include it in the package but perhaps they should have made it black so it would not show dirt as easily.

Battery Life

Similar to units like the Firefly 2, two 750mah batteries are provided to you in the box. From our tests we found each battery gets you roughly 2 – 4 draws and takes about 70 minutes to charge in the device.

To be honest this is a little disappointing, especially for a portable unit. It is great for getting quick sessions in, just don’t expect this unit to last the whole day.

Now because this unit does feature removable batteries you can purchase additional to extend the life of your unit, however, all the batteries would have to be charged in the device which can also get annoying.

If you are looking for unit that has much better battery life but still has great vapor quality be sure to check out the Zeus Arc.


The Grasshopper is definitely the most portable vaporizer currently available, in fact it puts the Pax 3 to shame, standing only 5.6” tall and .5” in diameter and is about the size of a pen.

The unit is also only a mere 67g in weight which means chances are you won’t even notice it when you are carrying it in your pocket.

Ease of Use

This device is extremely straight forward and designed with ease of use in mind.

Just fill the chamber with herbs, set your temperature via the dial and click the button at the top as if it were a pen to start your session.

It really is that easy. Drawing from the unit is also very easy meaning you will be enjoying your vapor in no time!


Because this unit is shaped like a pen it is really discrete when not in use. You could even have it sitting in your pocket protector along with your other pens and no one would ever be any the wiser.

Once you start using the device you will probably get a few looks, I mean you are putting what people perceive as a pen up to your mouth. But if any situations arise you can easily palm the unit in your hand or slip it into a pocket to keep it out of site.

Overall Experience

We kind of have mixed feeling about the Grasshopper, sure its an amazingly small portable vaporizer that provides impressive vapor especially considering the size. But the battery life and hot vapor leaves a lot to be desired, especially for the cost of the unit. The fact that the 2 batteries only give you a maximum of 8 draws is really disappointing and will have you shelling out for spares in no time.

If you are looking for another unit that is pen–shaped and does dry herb you can check out the V2 series 3, you can purchase a separate herb attachment that does a decent job at producing vapor. However the chamber of the V2 series 3 is smaller, but when you compare the prices between the 2 units, if you just want something for a quick session out, the Series 3 is much more cost effective and has a much better battery life.

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6.5 Good
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  1. I noticed that in the review of the Grasshopper it wasn’t mentioned if the Grasshopper was OK to use with Iceborn? I really enjoy using the Iceborn a lot of the time when I’m on my own

    • Hey thanks for reading our review, the iceborn is indeed compatible with the Grasshopper, we suggest using the larger diameter tubes for a better fit.

  2. I bought 2 the SS and the TI each one of them came broken and had to ship them at least twice!!!

  3. DONT BUY! Exact same thing happened to me.

    First off their ship time says one day.. unless it’s Friday…lol. So it should say one day unless it’s Friday then 3 days… and no phone numbers anywhere. All communication is through email and sometimes takes days for an answer.

    It showed up, I took 3 hits and it was done. Wouldn’t turn back on. Emailed and a day later they said to fill out a warranty… so now because it’s a weekend I have to wait to hear back on monday…. horrible customer service and so far a horrible product…

  4. Yep complete POS. AVOID like the plague. Went through TEN of these disposable paperweights. Company sucks too!

  5. Melvin H Smalls on

    I bought a grasshopper vaporizor the 27th of July, it stopped working the 29th and I sent it back the next day. Its been in the their shop for over ten days. Caroline (customer service I guess) said the average turn around time is 3-4 days but could take up to a week. Bottom line, When it works, it’s wonderful, but based on my experience and a lot of reviews from people who actually used one, its not worth the gamble. Customer service sucks and I feel ripped off. The lifetime guarantee means nothing if you have to constantly send it back.

  6. At this time I don’t believe that this is a good buy, they need to work on it, I have had mine for about 5 mos. I have had to send it back twice and now it is not working again. I think the big clue on this is the fact their web page does not allow reviews. If you had a good item I would think that letting people leave reviews on your site would be a top priority, so nowhere to leave a review makes me wonder if they had so many bad reviews they removed that section. They do not fix these things quickly (so maybe to many need repairs). The first time I sent it back because it quite heating up, when they returned after 2 uses it actually caught the flower on fire, smoke was pouring out of it. Each time I sent it back it was at least 21 days before it came back. Poor service response, They really need to hold off selling these until they get the bugs worked out.

  7. DO NOT BUY! I’ve had similar problems as everybody above. My piece arrived defective after months of delays and B.S. (the case was uneven and the temp dial too tight). After returning it for repair–on my dime, no courtesies for a defective product–the piece worked for a few weeks before the battery reached “the end of its life,” per the elusive Caroline. I’ve gone through two batteries on a grand total of maybe four months of regular use. Responses from customer service routinely twist my words and show a lack of concern and attention. Even on a brand-new battery, I had to throw it on the charger after pretty much every use, so I basically couldn’t take it out of the house. Defeats the purpose of a portable stealth vape if you have to hunt for an outlet. It also can’t really be used effectively while charging like they say; just depletes the battery. Save yourself a big headache and get something else!

  8. All bad! The problems everyone else had plus:
    – they say next month for 9 months before you get it
    – if they ship you a defective battery, they won’t comp you!
    LAME! You guys are the worst. When mine craps out next, I will dispose of it

  9. The grasshopper has been a great performing vaporizer for me. I have two that have been going strong for well over a year. A battery should last 3-4 chambers.

  10. Definitely do not buy it. I used it not more than 30 times before it stopped working. It is unbelievable for such expensive vaporizer.

  11. YES, as they all say, avoid this thing. The company is flakey, the GH is like a prototype -it’s a good idea – but is plagued with reliability issues. The clicker end tends to start heating up which starts draining the battery making it useless for going out with. This is just a design flaw due to how the power is flowing through the steel shell. The life time guarantee is pointless as 2 of 3 times they have sent defective product back and if I’m paying to ship from the UK it’s not that cheap. Once it went there, wasn’t delivered and came back unopened. They got BS answers about what had happened. I spent £20 giving my faulty GH a 8000 mile journey for no reason. Avoid – I feel conned.

  12. Just bought this and it’s not holding a charge or vapor. Can’t even register product as it’s not accepting serial number or ID number. Therefore I paid 250.00 for a defective product.

  13. I bought 2 of them. Took a year to arrive & both only lasted a couple months. They are great when they work but 1 has been sent back twice and now they are both down. The same issue. Lights flash red (instead of going from solid red to blue) and it won’t fire up. The first time I sent mine away it came back all scratched up. They are very discrete and the idea seemed good but they have too many issues.

  14. Received my brand new Grasshpopper in November, 2017. Device broke within a month. I sent it back (paid for the shipping), was told there is an internal component that broke. The company now has my device in their possession for over a month, and they telling me its still in “queue to be serviced”. Company is a joke, do not buy this product.

  15. Mine broke back in November 2017, so I sent it in for service. It’s now March 2018 and I still don’t have it back. When I ask about it they say they are implementing some new production processes and should be making progress within weeks. That was over 2 months ago!
    I liked the product when it worked, but I’m very unhappy with how they are handling warranty requests.

  16. I’ve had mine exactly one year and it has been sent back 3 times. The unit has been in their possession since 11/4/17 and I still have not received the repaired unit back. DO NOT PURCHASE!


  18. RondoBirchmere on

    The positive qualities of this vape aren’t enough to offset how often it breaks, how long it takes to get back from Hopper Labs, and the crappy customer service from the company itself.

    I sent mine in for repair 5 months ago. I’m starting to doubt I’ll ever get it back and even if/when I do, I’m not confident that it won’t break again.

  19. I have owned this piece of junk since January 2. It stopped working on January 15. It is in the shop with no idea when it will be returned (writing this on May 17). Only buy this if you plan to use it as a paperweight or wall art. The only thing nearly as bad as the product is their customer service. If you don’t believe the multiple reviews above, please read the company’s latest blog:

    Do yourself a favor and do not waste your time or money on this product.


    Dear all,

    I do not enjoy doing this but Hopper Labs has treated me so poorly as a customer, that I have no other choice than to share my very disappointing experience with both the Grasshopper and their ‘customer service’.

    I received my Hopper one year ago. Right from the start, I had the feeling something was off with the temp sensor. I had been having some trouble finding the right temp for several herbs. Sometimes they got burned really easily, as did my lips on some occasions. Then it broke down altogether, it wouldn’t heat anymore, temp sensor malfunction. This was not even 5 months after the purchase. At that point, I was sure this would be resolved easily because of the lifetime warranty. I thus spend $ 40 sending it back from Belgium for repair in the US. At this point the Grasshopper cost me $ 239 (purchase price of unit and two extra batteries) + $ 80 (import tax) + $ 40 (shipping costs for repair) = in total a whopping $ 369. This bought me not even 5 months of questionable use.

    My vape has been confirmed to arrive at Jan 18, 2018. Almost six months ago. In that time, I have not received any updates on the repair process nor an estimate on when my Hopper (or a replacement, for all I care) will be returned. This doesn’t feel at all as good service to me. I’m quite sure you understand my opinion.

    I’ve been working in customer service for a major European webshop for several years now. We are able to handle 90% of the returns for repair within 3 weeks, whether this means actual repair or replacement of the product. If the process exceeds that duration, we offer a full refund.

    The Grasshopper is pretty expensive and is described ‘industry leading in every way’. I must say I’ve experienced quite the opposite. To offer lifetime warranty is a bold statement. The fact that I’m already waiting SIX months for my expensive ‘high-end’ vape to be returned to me, tells me that I am not at all the only one returning his vape for repair. Or that repair is tedious. Both cases indicate errors in design and the inability to handle the subsequent demand for repair.

    I really feel duped and cheated upon. I’ve communicated this to Hopper Labs on several occasions in my customer account, but do not receive any answers. These people are frauds. I’ve completely lost my confidence in this company. All I want, is a full refund of $ 369, so that I can spend that money on a real high-end vape, that will not die on me in only five months.

    To be clear: I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!



  21. fter minimal use from my Grasshopper vape it stopped charging. I contacted the manufacturer and was told I should replace the battery. I purchased 2 batteries and before I ever received them I was told maybe I should send it back for analysis and repair. I sent it back on May 18, 2018 and they logged it in on June 1, 2018. It is now September 11, 2018 and I have not received my Grasshopper vape back. I emailed 4 times and was told they will do an update on the “My Account” page but have not. They will not tell me when I will get my Grasshopper vape back and it is now 3 ½ months later. Do yourself a favor and buy a Pax. Their service is fantastic. We now have a Pax 2 (mine) a Pax 3 (my wife’s, and 2 Pax ERA for travel. Any issues were dealt with and we received a new or repaired Pax within a week.

    I purchased their vape 6 months ago and NEVER received it. Their replies to my repeating emails are always stalling for more time, assuring everything is right, just a small delay.
    Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company.

  23. Same story. Sent it 3 times in a few months. Took two months to get it back last time. it’s almost a class action case.

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