Kandypens Crystal Black Review – Overpriced and underwhelming.


We’ve checked out a slew of Kandypens products before and they’ve been pretty hit and miss, like the Kandypens Rubi and Kandypens Prism. This time, the limited run of the Crystal Black is reserved to only 100 units max. We check out how it performs, and if it’s worth the steep price tag. Find out what we say about the Kandypens Crystal Black in our review here!

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Review: Kandypens Crystal Black

Kandypens Crystal Black Review

Kandypens Crystal Black heating chamber

How it Works

Like most single-button wax pens, the Crystal Black turns on with 5 rapid clicks of the button. Removing the mouthpiece allows you to load in your wax with the dabbing tool. Three clicks of the same button cycles between the temperature settings, which leads us to the last step.

Now you have the option of entering session mode by double-clicking. That’ll heat up the atomizer for 10 seconds continuously, or instead simply hold down the button for as long as you intend to draw from it.Kandypens Crystal Black detached

Kandypens Crystal Black power controlTemperature Flexibility

You’re given four voltage settings to play around with here. 2.6V, 3.0V, 3.6V, and 4.2V. This is plenty of versatility; however, we’re really disappointed we don’t get complete control for the price we paid. We do say however the settings are well chosen.

Kandypens Crystal Black mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The quartz bowl coupled with the glass mouthpiece gives a very pure and tasty flavor. Depending on the voltage setting you use, flavor and cloud production will vary.

The highest setting produces very mediocre flavor, however, whips out pretty significant plumes of vapor. The opposite is true for the lowest setting.

The vapor path is much too short for our liking and the amount of lung and throat irritation is significant, especially at higher voltage settings. Overall, the vapor quality is below what we expected from this pretty pricey device.

Kandypens Crystal Black flat display

Kandypens Crystal Black front display

Manufacturing Quality

We’re not really impressed by any means. It feels nice in the hand and it’s well built, but we can’t help but feel like it’s missing ‘something’. An integrated stir tool, or wax compartment, anything to separate this from the competition. It doesn’t look and feel quite premium, even if the price tag is.

Included in the box is a fairly basic kit that really disappointed us too. It has the device itself, one atomizer, a dab tool, USB charger, velvet pouch, and a basic user manual. No cleaning kit, no replacement atomizers, and the carry pouch are very run of the mill basic. Not too impressed here.

Kandypens Crystal Black usb slotBattery Life

900mAh. That’s all you get with this device, unfortunately. Not to say that’s a tiny number, but c’mon, they definitely could’ve stuff even double the capacity here. It’s clear they’ve cut costs here in manufacturing and you’ve got to wonder where else they’ve cut costs.

You’ll definitely get a lot of sessions off a single charge and it does have pass-through charging, though we really expected more at this price point.

Kandypens Crystal Black with armor case


Beefier and heavier than most wax pens, it still fits quite well in most pockets and bags. If you don’t mind a bit more bulge than normal in tighter pants and the added weight, then it’s alright.

We really don’t have much problem with vaporizers this size.

Kandypens Crystal Black detached

Ease of Use

One-button vaporizers are all pretty easy to get a hang of. Getting quality results with no experience is not an issue and passing it to a friend or stranger for a quick hit on session mode is pretty simple. Not much complexity to this device.

Cleaning is also pretty simple as its all quartz and glass. A cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol should clean off most of the grime and residue with ease. Just ensure to clean is regularly to keep it running in tip top shape.

Kandypens Crystal Black in hand


Looking no different than most e-juice vaporizers, it’s won’t gather much attention at all.

It’s not ultra-stealthy by any means and the smell put out will definitely pique the curiosity of some, though the device itself won’t really raise any eyebrows.

Kandypens Crystal Black full kitOverall Experience

We have to say, we’re pretty disappointed with the “100 units only” Crystal Black. An underwhelming 900mAh battery, barebones accessories, no replacement atomizer, and hot vapor makes this a pass for us. We’ve found similar performance with a better kit from units a fraction of the cost like the Linx Hypnos Zero, or Yocan Evolve Plus.

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