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The KandyPens K-Box is a variable voltage concentrate vaporizer that comes with a triple quartz rod atomizer. The atomizer connects via 510 threading, meaning the K-Box can also be used with pre-filled oil cartridges. The battery has a 900mAh capacity. And if this is your first wax vaporizer be sure to check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for helpful info and tips.

Review: KandyPens K-Box

KandyPens K-Box Review

Kandypens K-Box Coil

How it Works

The basic functionality of the KandyPens K-Box is pretty much identical to the majority of concentrate vaporizers on the market. You’ve got a base that contains the battery, an atomizer that attaches on top, and a mouthpiece.

This is essentially a small box mod, and unlike most wax pens, it features true variable voltage. There is only one button on the device, and you click it three times to cycle through the different voltage settings. Five clicks turns the K-Box on and off, while pressing and holding the button will engage the coils.

Kandypens K-Box Colors

The included atomizer has a ceramic dish with three quartz coils inside – that’s right, three. I couldn’t find any details on the coil material, but I would assume it is titanium. There is a glass mouthpiece that sits on top of the atomizer that also acts as a splatter guard.

The 510 threading means you can put other atomizers on top of this, or you can even use pre-filled oil cartridges if you have access to them. If you use something other than the included atomizer, just make sure you are using a voltage it can handle.

Kandypens K-Box Temp FlexTemperature Flexibility

There are four voltage options. The levels are labeled right on the front of the unit with LED lights beside them to indicate the chosen voltage.

They are:

  • 2.8v
  • 3.2v
  • 3.6v
  • 4.0v

This is a nice range to have access to for concentrate vaping.

Kandypens K-Box Glass Mouthpiece

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is good, although it seems to be designed mostly for people who want hard-hitting vapor. The triple quartz rod atomizer combined with the top two power settings is beastly, although I personally found it too harsh to be enjoyable.

I prefer cooler draws with better flavor, but the K-Box doesn’t really come designed to do that well. It’s not that the flavor is bad, it just feels like the lower voltage draws on the triple coil are simply underpowered – not actually optimized for flavor and smoothness, if that makes sense.

The airflow adjustment is nice in theory, but I preferred leaving it wide open so I didn’t make any use of it in practice. You may enjoy it if you like a more restricted draw.Kandypens K-Box Exploded View

Kandypens K-Box Profile

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality of the KandyPens K-Box is average, in my opinion. I don’t really care about how my vaporizer looks, but I have to say that this is one of the most boring-looking vaporizers that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

The button also seems very cheap. It has a plasticy feel and a noticeable rattle if you shake it.

The biggest problem I had though is with the atomizer. I’m not sure if this is just a fluke with the one I used for the review, but the coils don’t seem to get equal power. When I press the button and look inside, the middle coil gets bright red along the entire length while the outer two only get a small glow in the middle.

Kandypens K-Box Charging CableBattery Life

The battery life is good. The 900mAh capacity will last light users and people who use lower voltages through a couple days.

If you vape frequently throughout the day at higher voltages, you’ll probably be charging it at least once a day.

Kandypens K-Box with Vaporizer Case


The portability of this is good. It’s small enough that you should have no problem slipping it into your pocket to carry with you.

The triple quartz rods vaporize any material you put inside the chamber very quickly though, so plan on needing to carry extra material with you.

If you are going out and don’t want to have to stop to reload, get an oil cartridge.

Kandypens K-Box in hand

Ease of Use

Like I established above, using this is pretty much identical to using any other concentrate device.

You simply load your material, turn on the device with 5 clicks, choose your voltage level with three clicks, then take a draw while holding the button.

That’s literally all there is to using this, and you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting strong vapor.

Kandypens K Box in a hand


The small size of this makes it pretty discreet to begin with, but the boxy design may help it blend in with box mods for e-liquids.

The only problem will be how often you have to stop and load in new wax.

This is potentially another area where an oil cartridge would come in handy.

Kandypens KBox Full KitOverall Experience

The KandyPens K-Box is a decent concentrate vaporizer.

I’m personally not the biggest fan, but I can see why other people would be. This thing can rip hard, and I know that’s what a lot of people are looking for.

When I look at it, I have a hard time seeing anything more than a Pulsar APX Wax with slightly better features. With most vaporizers I would consider the airflow and voltage control to be major features, but I don’t think they will really be used that much – at least not with the included triple rod atomizer. This is designed for people who like big hits, and I imagine most people will leave it on the highest voltage with wide-open airflow.

If that sounds like you, then I’d check out the APX Wax. It doesn’t have airflow or voltage control, but it does have a triple quartz rod atomizer that delivers hard-hitting vapor, plus a bigger battery (1100mAh). The price is also lower.

If you’re more interested in flavor, look for a vaporizer with a coilless atomizer like the Thunder 2.

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7.2 Good
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