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The KandyPens K-Stick is an extremely portable and affordable wax pen that is also very easy to use. With just one button and no settings other than on or off, the K-Stick is a vape that anyone could use. But how well does it actually perform? And if this is your first wax vaporizer be sure to check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for helpful info and tips.

Review: Kandypens K-Stick

Kandypens K Stick Review

How it Works

The K-Stick is as basic as a wax pen can get. The setup is just a battery with a single button for turning it on and off, an atomizer above the battery, and a mouthpiece above that. You charge the battery by removing the atomizer and screwing the charging cable in its place.

To turn the pen on, you just click the single button five times in rapid succession. Once it is on, all you have to do to take a draw is click and hold the same button. It heats up very quickly, and an automatic shut off engages after 10 seconds.

The atomizer has a single horizontal coil inside. To load your wax, you just remove the mouthpiece and use the supplied tool to put a piece in the chamber. Be careful not to damage the coil though.

According to KandyPens, this should also work with oil cartridges if they have a 510 threading. I didn’t try this out, but presumably you’d just screw the cartridge in place of the atomizer and use it the same way.

Temperature Flexibility

There is no temperature flexibility on this at all. It also heats up very quickly, so you can’t really adjust your draw length to manually achieve different temperature levels.

If you want something that you can control more to get better flavor, you’ll need to look at other options and spend a bit more as well.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is average. With something this cheap, you’re really just looking at something that get the job done.

In other words, it will turn your concentrate into inhalable vapor, but that vapor isn’t going to be particularly flavorful or dense.

This only has a single coil in it, so it’s not going to produce very big clouds. It also gets too hot for the flavor to be anything worth talking about.


Manufacturing Quality

This is an extremely cheap wax pen. The manufacturing quality reflects that. I’m not saying that it is a piece of junk, just that you have to lower your expectations a bit. There aren’t any power or temperature settings, and the atomizer/coil isn’t very nice. The battery is also extremely small.

On the plus side, the entire setup is tiny. And it works.

I wouldn’t expect this to last very long before it needs replaced though. There’s probably a reason I’ve seen these sold as a three pack.

Battery Life

The battery life is not good. The battery in this only has a 280mAh capacity. If you aren’t familiar with battery size, you should know that this may be the smallest one I’ve actually taken the time to review.

There are technically pen vapes out there with even smaller batteries, but not many. This will not last you through a full day if you vape even a moderate amount of it.


This is an extremely tiny vape, so the portability is good in the sense that you will have absolutely no trouble finding a place to carry it.

You could put it in your pocket and not even realize that it is there. The downside is that the small battery means you can’t take it on any length adventures.

Ease of Use

This is extremely easy to use. I’ve already described the functionality, but I’ll explain it again since it’s so simple. Load the chamber with your concentrate.

Put the mouthpiece back on top. Click the button five times to turn the unit on. Click and hold the button, then take a draw. Repeat if desired, but be careful not to overheat the battery.

That’s literally all there is to it.


The tiny size makes this a very discreet option for vaping concentrates. You’ll have no problem keeping this concealed, whether you are actively using it or not.

Almost all wax pens are fairly discreet though, so don’t let this factor into your decision to buy one too much.

Overall Experience

The KandyPens K-Stick is a small, portable way to turn concentrates into vapor.

That’s about all I have to say about it.

The experience isn’t very enjoyable when you compare it to the alternatives like the Thunder 2, but it gets the job done.

There is only one way I could see justifying this as a purchase: using this as a disposable way to vape concentrates while traveling.

In other words, you go somewhere for a weekend and need a wax pen but don’t want to spend too much because you can’t take it home with you.

Because if you are looking for something for regular use, you’re better off saving up a little more money and getting something more robust with a better atomizer and a bigger battery.

If you are looking for a portable e-nail that has actually has precise temperature control and the bonus of having a herb attachment as well, we would encourage you to check out the Focusvape Tourist

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