Loto Labs Legend Review – Second bite at the apple


We’ve checked out the Loto Labs Lux and can’t say we’re impressed by the 5+ years for that Crowdfunded device to end up fizzling out slowly. Loto Labs is back with the Legend, an electric dab station using induction heating rather. At $500, it’s by no means a cheap piece and we’re hesitant given the track record of Loto Labs – check out what we have to say about the Loto Labs Legend in our review!

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Review: Loto Labs Legend

Loto Labs Legend Review

Loto Labs Legend coils

How it Works

Slightly confusing at first, it’s actually quite straightforward to use. Install all the required glass pieces and make sure the vapor path is airtight. Your best bet to putting the device together is by watching the Loto Labs Legend setup video. Why it doesn’t come fully assembled before it arrives is beyond us. Perhaps they’re afraid the glass pieces may break in transit?

When ready to go, slide a susceptor in, choose your heat setting with the dial and wait a few seconds. Touch your concentrates to the hot steel susceptor and inhale strongly! You may also connect the Loto Labs Legend via Bluetooth and tune into the app to unlock a few more features and even firmware updates, which we like to see.

Loto Labs Legend power controlTemperature Flexibility

The Legend has 6 temperature settings to rotate between, though we’re not actually advised as to what these are! A bit of an oversight we say, as the people buying this device likely aren’t your ordinary consumers.

Supposedly, left on at the highest temperature, the susceptor will climb all the way to 900°F/482°C, though we’re not able to confirm that. Still, it’s a good bit of versatility and we’ve achieved different vapor traits from each step in the temp range.

Loto Labs Legend tank

Loto Labs Legend mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The all glass vapor path is a big up. You get a very clean flavor, not tainted or seasoned by any metals, plastics, or rubbers.

The bubbler lets the hits cool down sufficiently before reaching your lungs and leads to a nice and smooth experience.

The Legends can milk up and get pretty thick hits quite well. We wouldn’t say quite as well as a really well done hit from your traditional torch and banger setup, but it’s pretty great if we’re honest! Great flavor, nice and smooth, and you really get to taste your concentrates properly.Loto Labs Legend back view

Loto Labs Legend front display

Manufacturing Quality

The Legend is beautiful in every right. We’re really impressed by the aesthetic and finish and completely love how it looks. Other manufacturers should take note of these design cues! It is surprisingly light compared to what you’d expect, I guess since there’s no built-in battery. The carrying case is overkill as well, but great to have nonetheless.

We’re so glad it uses an 18mm male glass adapter too meaning you can fasten a bunch of different bubblers with bottom insertion points onto it. Versatility is always fun.

Included in the box is a standard kit including the device itself, bubbler top, two susceptors, two silicone holders, susceptor holder, carb cap, dab tool, cleaning brush, and power adapter. Fairly average without really going the extra mile, however. We would’ve liked to see a few more spare parts included at such a steep price point.

Loto Labs Legend power sourceBattery Life

Though the Legend doesn’t use batteries, we still felt the need to comment here. The power brick is large and a bit chunky for our liking. With the amount of unused space in the Legend, they couldn’t have figured out a way to have a power transformer inside the device and/or removable batteries?

The Focusvape Carta, Puffco Peak, and Dr. Dabber Switch all managed to do the same, how come the most expensive of the bunch with plenty of room to spare couldn’t pull it off? That also damaged the portability and function of being tethered down. That’s such a shame too as we’re sure battery life could’ve been awesome considering how efficient induction heating is. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here.

Loto Labs Legend with armor case


Being tethered down for this device is a bit of a shame. While it’s great to have group sessions and revel in your space-age device, the requirement of that barrel plug makes passing it around for sessions and bringing it around the house a hindrance.

Loto Labs Legend heating chamber

Ease of Use

Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy to use and pass to friends to use. It seems like a foreign concept at first but you quickly discover it’s quite intuitive.

Cleaning is a bit a process but very easy once you know how to take your device apart. As it’s almost all glass for a vapor path, everything is easily serviced and can just be tossed into a container of isopropyl alcohol to sit for half an hour. After the time has elapsed, take the pieces off and give em a quick rinse and dry. 

Loto Labs Legend detached


It’s gorgeous but not stealthy in the slightest. This is a beautiful centerpiece made to be an electronic dab station, and there’s no way you’re convincing most people it’s just a fancy vase.

Loto Labs Legend full kitOverall Experience

We have mixed feelings about it! It’s simply beautiful, has great function, and overall really brings that wow factor. On the other hand, dropping half a grand for an electric dab rig is a big chunk.

We can’t help but feel like they could’ve integrated the power brick/batteries to cut down the size and chunkiness in group sessions.

No precise numbers when it comes to temperature control is also a big oversight and the few accessories included make us wonder if we’re not overpaying a little here. Still, it’s a really boutique device and if you’re looking for a top class device to wow your friends, this might be your next piece.

If you are looking for an e-rig that is much more portable and can also handle dry herbs, we suggest checking out the Focusvape Tourist.

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