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The Dr. Dabber Switch is definitely one of the more expensive vaporizers available on the market today. With their name being well established through products like the Dr. Dabber Boost and the Dr. Dabber Aurora, plenty of eyes are keen on seeing what technology has been packed into the Dr. Dabber Switch. Boasting induction heating, a massive battery life, and a futuristic design, the Switch is looking to be a top of the line unit.

If this is your first concentrates vaporizer, make sure to check out the handy Wax Pen Buyers Guide for an effective rundown on how they work!

Review: Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch Review

Dr. Dabber Switch coil

How it Works

There are two different ways to use the Switch – in concentrates or dry herb mode. There’s not much difference in the operation between the two, but we’ll run through it anyways.

After switching it into oil mode, you’ll then want to adjust the temperature with the appropriate buttons. Before going any further, you’ll want to have the glass bubbler filled up and securely attached to the top.

After dropping the little cup in and setting the temperature, you’re ready to go. Use the included carb cap/dab tool to drop your concentrates into the cup, and away you go! Seal the top with the lid and inhale for some good results.

In dry herb mode it’s all a very similar process, however, you’ll want to pre-load the cup with herb before dropping it into the heating area. You’ll want to pack it similarly to a conduction vaporizer – with the herb finely ground and tamped down a decent amount.

After that, adjust your temperature, let it heat up and inhale!

Dr. Dabber Switch kit

Dr. Dabber Switch power controlTemperature Flexibility

You’re given a huge range to choose from with the Switch! From as low as 300°F/149°C, all the way up to 800°F/427°C, you have plenty of room to dial in your perfect temperature setting. While you don’t get precise temperature control down to the degree, the 25 presets are certainly more than enough to find the ideal setting, and it doesn’t leave me bothered at all.

Though you don’t have a digital display or sorts, the LEDs on the front do a fine job at letting you know which setting you’re at. Over time, you’ll become familiar with all the colors and the different temperatures associated with each one.

Dr. Dabber Switch mouth piece

Vapor Quality

With concentrates, the Dr. Dabber Switch is definitely top of the line! The incredibly quick heat-up time, terrific flavor and large cloud size will leave anyone impressed. The bubbler does a great job at filtering and cooling the hit by the time it makes it to your lungs, and overall the experience with wax is definitely among some of the best.

With dry herb, it’s a different story entirely. Either the flavor is there but without any visible vapor being expelled, or there’s a decent amount of vapor with powerful ashy flavor. On the flip side, the induction heater coil is compatible with a DynaVap Vapcap M or similar models, and it works extremely well for that!

The vapor with dry herb is different than any other vaporizer, and while it’s certainly not my favorite, I can understand how some people, particularly those who combust, may like it!

Dr. Dabber Switch detached

Dr. Dabber Switch front display

Manufacturing Quality

At a premium price point, you’ll be expecting premium build quality. The Switch doesn’t disappoint at all in this aspect, and each piece feels wonderfully made! The glass is high quality and relatively thick, the unit has a nice heft to it while being ergonomically viable, and aesthetically, it makes for a nice, high-tech centerpiece.

The light show and intricate glass piece add to the aesthetic appeal, making the overall experience just that much better. Still, with such an expensive device, you’d be expecting a quality OLED display or similar, rather than some standard LEDs.

Dr. Dabber includes a nice accessories list too, giving you the device itself, the bubbler, one white and one black ceramic heating dish, a wax container, reverse tweezers, and user manual. Each accessory is also well made, and suits the premium price tag.

Dr. Dabber Switch usb slotBattery Life

Dr. Dabber claims up to 150 hits from a single charge, and there’s no doubt in my mind that’s true! The benefit of induction heating is it’s extremely efficient, and it shows that here. To add to that, there’s pass-through charging as well, so you can theoretically vape for an endless amount of time. We wouldn’t exactly recommend that though!

While the battery is replaceable, it is proprietary. When the battery does inevitably start to fail, you won’t be stuck with an expensive centerpiece, which is reassuring.

Dr. Dabber Switch tank refill

Ease of Use

Despite its intimidating appearance, the switch is surprisingly simple to use once you understand how to load and use it. For use in group settings, the only instructions you need to give is “wait for red light to turn green, and then inhale”. No complex draw technique or feathering of a carb hole, just straightforward hits.

Cleaning and maintenance is also covered well, as there’s an integrated heating mode on the device itself. After holding the ‘go’ button for 5 seconds, the unit will automatically heat up to the max heat setting, burning off any residue from the little cups. For the glass piece, it’s best to use some isopropyl alcohol to get rid of build-up. 

Dr. Dabber Switch in hand


If someone can manage to discreetly use the Switch in a public setting, they deserve an award of some sort!

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a bit on the large size and is likely one of the most conspicuous vaporizers on the market, there’s about a 0% chance someone won’t look twice if they see you taking a hit from it.

Obviously, it wasn’t designed with stealthy hits in mind, so this category isn’t really anything to consider.

Dr. Dabber Switch full kitOverall Experience

As one of the most boutique vaporizers around, the Dr. Dabber Switch certainly does a stellar job at what it was made for!

Though I’m not particularly fond of using dry herb with it. It’s certainly worth it for the concentrates experience alone, though it’s definitely not the best for someone on a budget.

If you are looking to do both dry herb and dabs with one device, perhaps take a look at the Focusvape Tourist. For one of the most solid concentrates vaporizers on the market, the Dr. Dabber switch definitely will satisfy, but it comes at a hefty price.

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